This illustration shows the location of the front roll center on my car (looking from the front of the car). First, a line was drawn through the marks for the center of the front tires. The instantaneous center can be located almost anywhere and its location is defined by the geometry of the suspension. But with a little effort all the necessary information can be collected. In my case it is a 1/4” above the ground. In my case the RF wheel will gain only 1/4° of negative camber per inch of wheel travel. When would you try raising the RF A-arm pivot which results in a lower Roll Center? AFCO, Speedway Motors, (and probably other manufacturers) makes an upper and lower ball joint with an extended stud. I clamped a piece of peg board to a piece of tubing and positioned it over the upper suspension pivot points parallel to the floor. AFCO offers extended stud ball joints to raise the front roll center. Lowering the RF A-Arm inner pivot raises the Front Roll Center and moves it to the right. Typically this requires changing the attachment points of the suspension links. Slotted A-plates and slugs work great. Where these two imaginary lines cross is the Roll Center. Dialing in your Front Roll Center could be the magic difference that makes your car prevail in the center of the turn. I also marked two more spots on the board that had an un-obstructed view of the floor.

Rear Roll Center is the average of the inner and outer mounting point heights at the center of the left and right mounting locations. Knowing the location of the roll centers is an important piece of the puzzle that we need in order to really understand the handling of our race cars on the track. However, understanding where the roll centers are is still advantageous. All rights reserved.

It is one of many puzzle pieces that influence the handling characteristics of the car: spring and wheel rates, shock dampening, CG location, track width, wheel base, and many others. The illustrations above show how the location of the instantaneous center can vary significantly with suspension geometry. The lower control arm line is extended out until it meets the upper control arm line. I think that many times we over analyze Roll Center when really it is just another adjustment. We move the Rear Roll Center up and down and really do it without over thinking. Understanding where a car’s roll centers are located helps in predicting how the car reacts while cornering. The LF Instant Center is found in the same way. The location of the instantaneous center can tell what the wheel does as it moves through it suspension travel. We will safeguard your e-mail and only send content you request.

If the instantaneous center is to the inside of the wheel (suspension side) then the wheel will gain negative camber as the suspension compresses (e.g. Terms & Conditions, Address: 1410 80th St SW Unit F,Everett, Washington 98203, Hours: 7AM to 6PM Monday-Thursday7AM to 4PM Friday, Pfeifer 20 Tooth 20mm Wide Front Jackshaft Pulley, Pfeifer 30 Tooth 20mm Wide Rear Jackshaft Pulley, SPAL 7.5" Low Profile Push Style Electric Cooling Fan. Really, Front Roll Center adjustments at the track are easy if performed with a little thought and reasonability.

At the beginning, there are just a bunch of pieces and it is impossible to see the picture. Increasing/decreasing the ride height of the car will move the roll center up or down slightly. There is a mark on the floor representing the location of each attachment point on the chassis. © 2020 Power Automedia. To this end, the suspension calculators include a visible indication of the static roll center location and the dynamic roll center … At the track – just give it a try!

The rest of the front suspension points were obstructed in some fashion so that I couldn’t make a mark directly on the floor. These kinds of modification are not allowed in the Street Stock class which therefore makes roll center adjustments very limited. About Us Where these two lines crossed was my origin. The process of locating and measuring the suspension points had to be repeated at the rear of the car. Car designers spend a ton of time figuring out mounting points and control arm lengths to come up with their idea of the optimal Roll Center. The upper and lower control arms are nearly parallel to each other on my car’s front suspension. The roll center is located where these two lines cross. In the end – your decision making is just like the rear roll center process. Become A Dealer Your options need to consider camber change curves, static settings and bump steer effects. The virtual swing arm lengths are approximately 182” for the LF wheel and approximately 229” for the RF wheel. Unlike the store bought puzzle where all the pieces are included, with vehicle handling, we have to find all the pieces first and then attempt to fit them together if we have any hopes of figuring out what the picture looks like. I did this so I knew the relative position of the points on the board to the points on the floor.

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