. ", At this point I became very interested and I told him again that I'd sure like to know first hand what they were like. A light green Rambler station wagon was coming slowly west on Elm Street. But it appears there are those still attempting to smear Roger Craig's name and discount what he reported seeing on November 22, 1963...) Tippit had been instructed to patrol the Oak Cliff area along with Dallas Police Unit 87 at 12:45 p.m. by the dispatcher. a variety of "interesting" stories about what he had seen in the wake of the assassination — stories that undermined his credibility as a law enforcement officer.

David Belin: About how far were these noises apart? Thereafter he spoke of a consciousness of being followed, and was fired at by an unknown assailant. The Shaw trial was scheduled for February and Decker sent Buddy and his partner, Alvin Maddox (who was about as efficient as a nutty professor), to a motel on Samuell Boulevard in Dallas to question a Walter Cherry about the killings. Roger Craig: Directly across that little side street that runs in front of it, He was on the south side of it... David Belin: And where was he with relation to the west side of the School Book Depository Building? Needless to say I did not hear from him after the incident that followed! There is no corroboration for Whaley's story. He put the 32 back in the drawer and went around to the side of the closet which was not visible when you went into the kitchen. By now his story has been told many times by many different writers. I remarked that you don't see many 32's with a barrel like that. Earlier in the evening he had implied he was going to give me more information. After a few days I felt better and began exploring our new surroundings. For the first time since Decker's reign, the Republicans nominated someone to oppose a Democrat for the office. Bankston, the flamboyant Oldsmobile dealer in Dallas who furnished Decker with a new Fire Engine Red Olds every year and who was arrested several times for Driving while Intoxicated but never served any jail time. X-rays were also made. A white man walked down the grassy incline from the building, got into the Nash, and the car moved off in the direction of Oak Cliff. Roger Craig: Yes ; directly down the grassy portion of the park. I told him that I was from out of town and that I was interested in facts that hadn't been printed and in persons that had known Jack Ruby and Lee Oswald. Roger Craig was found dead from on 15th May, 1975. I wanted to talk to both of them. And I attempted to cross the street. From these elite troops came the most bitter verbal attacks on President Kennedy. The Physician's Desk Reference states that in depressed patients taking diazepam, "If it wasn't Oswald," Mrs. Forrest has declared, "it was his identical twin." A photograph turned up a few years after the assassination showing the TSBD about ten minutes after the shooting. Yet Dallas police homicide investigator Robert Garza said the gunshot and his wife left him (Video: "Two Men In Dallas" Alpa Productions, Inc., 1992). Living in the bigger house was much easier and it was about this time that Penn decided to try toraise Holstein calves. From the pay phone I called my wife and gave her the man's name and address and told her of the situation. Craig had recently appeared on radio talk shows expressing his views on assassination and his testimony appears in the Waren Report. That photograph shows what appears to be a Rambler station wagon in the traffic on Elm - lending support Craig's story. I jumped out of the car and raised the hood. We went into the kitchen, he opened the cabinet and said, "Oh well, I guess I'm out of coffee." I turned and saw a white male in his twenties running down the grassy knoll from the direction of the Texas School Book Depository Building. for Dallas. Oswald was the lone assassin.

On Wednesday, October 27, 1970 I went to downtown Dallas to Jack Revel's campaign headquarters to pick up some campaign signs. Like Decker, he was unopposed when his lease came up for renewal. It was April when the larger house on the land in Boyce becamevacant and Penn said that we could move into it. I then learned that this man's name was Edgar Eugene Bradley. The bullet only grazed his head. The furnishings were bare. At the back door was none other than William F. Alexander, Assistant D.A., and several Dallas Police officers with guns drawn. I thought the incident concerning the two men and the Rambler Station Wagon important enough to bring it to the attention of the authorities at the command post at Elm and Houston.

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