They shouldn’t be criticized. You and I both know that our world is a hot mess. Sandy told HG she spent a lot of time organizing her and Bob’s busy life. He has controlled a majority of the entertainment that Hollywood has pumped out over the past three decades. Fashion America was launched in April 1986 as a daily show on both the ESPN sports and Lifetime cable networks. “She made eighteen different varieties of mushrooms.”. Others say MTV was conceived by John Lack, who hired Pittman. “There is a difference between what we were told and reality.” Quantum’s executives seemed indecisive. Find out how Hollywood and the government are closely connected. When their flight was diverted to San Francisco, they spent the night at her parents’, who were out of town. Pittman was the founder of MTV, the former COO of AOL Time Warner, chairman of Clear Channel Media and creator of iHeartMedia. and program director, had just moved from WNBC to the new Warner Amex Satellite Entertainment Company as program director for the Movie Channel. [6][7] Hill then served until 1986 as president of a division of RJR Nabisco called "In Fashion" where she produced television shows about fashion and style. What she did was get her husband interested in Details. Backed by MCA, Inc., he formed Quantum Media, Inc., with a mandate to build and buy companies across the entertainment board. “We’re dealing with a culture of teenage babies, they can watch TV, do their homework, and listen to music all at the same time. Your warnings are necessary, and are more likely to be heeded coming from a mother who used to earn a living in the entertainment “industry” that claims to entertain and amuse but really shapes minds and seduces hearts, and claims to be all about turning a profit but really turns people away from God and captures them for the enemy of their souls to hold them captive. The couple has two kids, Andrew and Lucy, and Pittman also has a son with Sandy named Bo. “You know what? People like her because she’s full of good ideas. Keep fighting the good fight! And who isn’t a social climber in New York except some homeless people?”. Pittman called Page after the separation was a fact. In doing all this, the pair have generated newspaper articles, and profiles in magazines like Esquire, GQ, and HG, and enough party-page photos and mentions in gossip columns to line the walls of their Central Park West apartment, their 9,000 square-foot converted barn in Connecticut, and maybe, soon, Sandy’s compact but impressive two-seat helicopter. “We were macrobiotic, so Sandy cooked a vegetable dinner herself,” Blond says. Find out who are the CEOs of the different networks and. ", "Everest Takes Worst Toll, Refusing to Become Stylish", "New Everest Doc Goes Beyond 'Into Thin Air,, Sportspeople from Santa Clara County, California, University of California, Los Angeles alumni, Columbia Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation alumni, BLP articles lacking sources from December 2017, Articles with unsourced statements from September 2015, Wikipedia articles with SNAC-ID identifiers, Wikipedia articles with WORLDCATID identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 4 October 2020, at 14:50. At MTV, we don’t shoot for the 14 year olds – WE OWN THEM,” boasted Robert (Bob) Pittman in the Philadelphia Inquirer way back in 1982. Hill is the main author of the book Fandango: Recipes, Parties, and License to Make Magic (2007), which talks about Sandy Hill's lifestyle and includes various recipes co-authored by Stephanie Valentine and advice on how to decorate and host, using 18 parties that Hill designed and hosted as examples. For more than two decades, I’ve studied, researched, had countless conversations with and interviewed many celebrities. “I can get you a job with Quincy Jones,” he said. One of my all time favorite quotes is from John 8:32 ~ “Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”. Bob is the son of a Methodist minister who moved around the state before finally settling in Brookhaven, Mississippi, when Bob was in junior high. “I’m in the press too much. Hollywood has shaped our society into exactly what they want us to become. She began making regular men’s-, women’s-, and swimwear fashion reports for ESPN and developing a daily fashion show. The entertainment industry, in cahoots with government, has a much larger agenda than just selling products. “It didn’t last very long.”. Now, in the nineties, friends are describing Bob, 36, and Sandy, 35, as avatars of the new altruism. Co-workers have even formed a loose network over the years. In the August 1997 issue of Vogue, Hill wrote about the whole experience, and went into detail about her long history as a climber and her passion for mountain climbing that developed when she was young. She sends presents, notes. For anybody to criticize that is repugnant when you have page-one stories in the New York Times talking about apathy on the rise. “Sandy’s not for sale,” she says. He quickly became a vice president in charge of programming for the Movie Channel as well as developing various other programs. [19], David Breashears interviewed Hill in the documentary film Storm Over Everest (2008), which was aired on PBS Frontline on May 13, 2008.[17][15]. There was a point when she could have gone in a different direction. On August 1, 1981, MTV, the all-music cable network, became a reality if not an overnight success. “The next thing you knew, Ohlmeyer opened a fashion-video division.” After Sandy co-produced a swimsuit video with Ohlmeyer, she shut down her company to become president of In Fashion, an Ohlmeyer division, in July 1985. They ask me for contributions all the time. Friends say she objected to the way the event was being run. Hill had attempted Everest twice before her successful ascent in 1996. Then in 1994 she raised corporate sponsorship for an attempt climbing the difficult Kangshung Face, personally guided by Alex Lowe, but the expedition was turned back by avalanche danger on the mountain. Glad we see eye to eye on this! Meanwhile, the Pittmans were acting like couple-of-the-minute contenders. People involved with the evening are still furious, claiming Sandy did little after the initial meetings. When Sandy was a cochairwoman of a benefit for Gay Men’s Health Crisis to celebrate Arista Records’ fifteenth anniversary, there were many disagreements and hard feelings. Sandy offered to produce an American event simultaneously with one he’d planned for London. Meanwhile, it looked like Bob had another winner on his hands. ever walked out of Mississippi. Hollywood can try to control us, but guess what, in the end, WE have the choice of allowing them to or not. "[16] Highly visible in the media before the climb, she believed she was "pigeonholed as a rich New Yorker", which "painted such an easy picture of a villain right there."[17]. $100 million 1953 1953-12-28 Andrew Pittman CEO of iHeartMedia Cinematographer December 28 Jackson Lucy pittman Millsaps College Mississippi Robert Pittman Robert Pittman Net Worth Robert T. "Bo" Pittman Sandy Hill m. 1979–1997 Steve Case Steve Ross United States Veronique Choa m. 1997 But they are also symbols of the new defensiveness, refusing, for instance, to be interviewed for this article. “She gives him a lot of drive,” says an ex-friend. My major concern is that if Pittman’s main role in the entertainment industry is to oversee all of the global media properties including broadcast, digital and mobile, syndication, media representation and Outdoor, according to his Wikipedia biography, we are in deep trouble. Sandy Hill grew up in Los Gatos, California. Violent, unaccountable, purposeless pleasure seekers who, instead of thinking for ourselves, simply parrot what they tell us to believe, what they want us to talk about and participate in addictive and destructive behaviors that cultivate more of the same. [5] She talked about the difficulties she experienced during her climbs of the Seven Summits and about the real dangers she experienced during her final climb of Everest. '”, At 5:45, just before the Quayles were due to arrive, a note, supposedly from the vice-president, was delivered to the house begging off but inviting Pittman and Rosenman to the White House. She thought he was attractive. “He’s a player, too,” says a journalist who covers the tennis scene. He was the chief executive of … Do the research above and share with every single person you know. And Totally Hidden Video, which did make it onto Fox-TV, inspired accusations of plagiarism from Candid Camera creator Allen Funt, who had previously pitched a movie about himself to Quantum’s film division. I’m the luckiest S.O.B. Robert T. “Bo” Pittman. It looks awful. “I didn’t want to turn 60 and still be known as Mr. MTV,” he said in 1987. By May 1986, he’d announced that he was going to resign. The alluring entertainment is just bait that conceals a hook. And hold court they should, for Bob, now head of a Time Warner business-development unit, and Sandy, a former fashion stylist turned outdoors entrepreneur, are the couple of the minute, the latest prince and princess of the city. She summitted Aconcagua (1992), Denali (1992), Vinson Massif (1993), Mount Elbrus (1993), Mount Kilimanjaro (1993), Mount Kosciuszko (1994), and Puncak Jaya (1995).

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