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Overall, Unsolved Mysteries "13 Minutes" underlines the unresolved conflict between Pistol and Rob. We’ve partnered with a terrific new immersive game experience for True Crime fans like us. Another compared Rob to Tiger King star Carole Baskin, whose husband Don Lewis mysteriously vanished and was later pronounced dead. The Unsolved Mysteries episode "13 Minutes" has sparked theories that Rob Endres killed his wife, Patrice Endres. She didn’t make enemies.”, Unsolved Mysteries executive producer Terry Meurer said that she came across Endres’ case as she was doing research on Jeremy Jones for another short series she was developing.

She said that reading about what happened left them questioning, “who abducted and murdered Patrice?”. Posey also reveals in Unsolved Mysteries that Rob hasn't been entirely "eliminated" as a suspect. From time to time we’ll recommend products, books or services that we find valuable as an affiliate. Subscribe here, A special deal for our readers. Like many in Forsyth County and across the world who watched the episode, Cox was upset mainly by the show’s interview with Rob Endres. The Unsolved Mysteries episode "13 Minutes" has sparked theories that Rob Endres killed his wife, Patrice Endres. “It’s just rehashing old wounds, you know,” Cox said. Police are still investigating her death and disappearance 16 years later.

She had been working as a hair stylist at Tamber’s Trim ‘N Tan in Cumming, Georgia, and met with clients between 8:50 a.m. and 11:10 a.m. Unsolved Mysteries locks into a 13-minute timeframe between 11-12 a.m., as Patrice was unusually "short" during a phone call at 11:35 a.m. and didn't answer a call 15 minutes later. We don’t know who it was that has done this to her, and there’s no closure for Pistol.”. It's possible that Rob could've been inside the car, but the vehicle itself hasn't been linked to him. Slept with her ashes?? By allowing ads to appear on this site, you support the local businesses who, in turn, support great local journalism. Popular Crime pulls in news of current and historical true crime cases from all over the world. Thanks for visiting Popular Crime. ‘EPISODE 2 OF UNSOLVED MYSTERIES IS THE NEXT CAROL BASKIN,’ the fan wrote. We recommend to all of our readers.
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If you are kind enough to subscribe to using the link below, you will buy us a new case notebook. “It’s critical that we understand what happened in that 13 minutes,” Posey said.

The Rob-Is-Guilty theory begins with a clear motivation for murder. A second plausible theory is that Rob hired someone to kidnap Patrice and then drove 45 minutes away to secure an alibi. When Will Boba Fett Return To The Mandalorian?

That “And I have her” line at the end??

In Unsolved Mysteries, Inspector Mitchell Posey of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation states that Rob's involvement doesn't seem probable. Even Pistol told Unsolved Mysteries that he believes Rob was somehow involved with his mother’s death despite Rob’s proof that he was in Woodstock during the day of her disappearance. “I think it’s good for — like this is being broadcast on a worldwide platform. Give her son the ashes!!’. He’s a criminology graduate (would potentially know how to hide a crime). I have NEVER shouted "what the fuck" so many times in under 5 minutes than I did for the last bit of the Patrice Endres episode of Unsolved Mysteries. This theory aligns with Inspector Posey's belief that Patrice's killer knew her schedule, and also Pistol's speculation that Rob had something to hide by changing the house locks. Two witnesses spotted a blue car in front of Tamber’s Trim ‘N Tan, however authorities aren't sure if it's a 1992 Blue Chevrolet Lumina with a Georgia Wildlife tag, a '99 to '02 Ford Taurus, or a Chevrolet Malibu four-door. Want the latest updates on current cases? Related: Unsolved Mysteries Theory: Rey Rivera Was Acting Out The Game. However, the actual case evidence suggests that someone else is responsible for Patrice's death. For more information about our site, click here. They said even convicted serial killer Jeremy Jones confessed to murdering Endres, but the confession was later discredited.

And maybe somebody that watched the episode saw something that day, and they will come forward. WTF,’ one person tweeted. Cox lived with her family on Sexton Road, right across from Endres’ salon, and she went in to visit often, finding Endres usually swaying to upbeat music. If Rob did kill Patrice, he either visited her workplace first or had someone else kidnap her. They said they saw a car just outside of the door of the salon that day — one witness said that it was a blue Chevy Lumina, and the other witness believes that it was a Ford Torus. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers.

Unsolved Mysteries first started airing in 1987 and the series used re-enactments to illustrate unsolved cases and paranormal events. ‘Somebody knows something’ — Netflix’s Unsolved Mysteries shines a light on 16-year-old cold case in Forsyth County, Buford couple charged in death of 5-year-old daughter, Sheriff apologizes after mistaken identity leads to wrong woman in handcuffs, Gainesville man arrested for alleged armed burglary, The Forsyth County Courthouse closed for cleaning after positive COVID-19 test, United Way Community Help and Resources List, Cumming-Forsyth County Chamber of Commerce, Search the FCN print archive from 2006-present. She left her son, Pistol Black, and husband Rob Endres behind, and her two family members feature in the episode.

Netflix viewers have cited Rob's awkward on-camera demeanor as a major red flag, along with suspicious statements that imply he possesses "guilty knowledge information." He said: “I picked up her skeleton, I mean her head, and carried it around for a while. That’s why it’s so hard to believe that something happened to her because she made friends everywhere she went. One of the cases explored is the death of Patrice Endres, who was married to Rob Endres. A second witness reported seeing a male with shoulder-length hair.

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