Because of Dyrdek’s skills and unique talent, he was able to land numerous sponsorships, gaining connections around the globe, leading to TV opportunities. When he was aged 12 he received sponsorship from a company but he quit this sponsorship and company within a year. Using his proven method for predictable success, Dyrdek works personally with his partners to help them realize their true passion and voice and turn it into a profitable, sustainable brand. [30] At the grand-opening, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa rode with Dyrdek on the world's largest skateboard. Dyrdek’s co-star on Rob & Big, Christopher ‘Big Black’ Boykin had been close, sharing a strong bond, being virtually inseparable, even after the show finished its final run. However, Rob is also an actor, entrepreneur, producer, and reality TV star. Dyrdek skateboarding career kicked off during his high school years, and he got sponsorship from the same sponsorship company that sponsored Neil Blender. Fantasy Factory is Dyrdek’s converte… Following his life plan for happiness, balance and love while still achieving greatness in his career, Dyrdek now enjoys a fulfilling life with his family in Beverly Hills and continues to build his dream as he had not only envisioned, but designed it. [38], Dyrdek made a movie entitled Street Dreams in 2009. Global", "MTV Confirms 'Amazingness' Talent Competition Show With Rob Dyrdek", "Rob and Big Ep. They didn’t stay for long in the company, and they quit forming an independent American Skateboarding Alien Workshop. Dyrdek also founded many businesses related to skateboarding.

Robert Stanley popularly known as Rob Dyrdek is a professional American skateboarder, entrepreneur, reality TV star and actor. He is best known for his roles in the reality shows Rob and Big, Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory and Ridiculousness. This led him to meet the influencers within the sport and, at the same time, acquire sponsorships from many popular brands, such as Silver Trucks, EA Skate, and Monster Energy. Dyrdek has been sponsored by Silver Trucks (a company that he helped establish in 2003[19]), EA Skate,[20] and Monster Energy. [70] The ceremony, which was featured in an episode of Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory, took place at the Fantasy Factory in Los Angeles. "[12], At the age of 12, Dyrdek acquired sponsorship from the same company that Blender was a team member of and began his skateboarding career. [40] Later that year, on August 29, 2011, Dyrdek started another show with the MTV network, called Ridiculousness, where he comments on internet videos that are mainly mishaps. We may not be able to hit the local farmers market for camel rides on Sundays for awhile, so I had to step in and become the camel for these kids of mine. [29] During the course of the first season, he also opened his first SafeSpot SkateSpot. [32] Episodes included seeing Dyrdek bitten by a shark,[33] and being attacked by a trained tiger. Rob Dyrdek is married to Filipino-American model Bryiana Noelle Flores. [42], In 2012, Dyrdek was on the TV show Punk'd—Justin Bieber tried to execute a prank on Dyrdek and failed.

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Dyrdek is also an investor in the UFC,[60] Beach Whiskey (where he also serves on the Advisory Board),[61] Beatbox Beverages,[62] and Stance. We know hard work makes things happen. Rob & Big was the first work of Dyrdek on TV in 2006. [37] In 2008 Dyrdek appeared in the film Righteous Kill, playing the character of Rambo alongside Robert de Niro and Al Pacino.

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