However, he adds a twist to the mix and reveals that the members of the winning team have a chance to take away 3 of those immunities.

The Roadies fight against a battle ground winner in their first money task. Who will bite the dust this time?

The Roadies compete with each other in a MMA task to win immunity. After Samiksha gets eliminated in an unusual vote out, the gang leaders must give it their all in the Rang Dheela task. Geetika and Mohit defeat Jahid and Diyali in the elimination challenge.

Balraj's appeal to Prince for the 'Second chance' fails and he is eliminated, while Divya is safe. All of them choose money. VJ Sophie, Roadies Journey - Take A Cross-Dresser Out, Roadies Journey - Challenged By School Girls, Roadies Journey - Washing Dishes In Chandigarh, Roadies Journey - Reunion Feat. The most challenging task of the season, One Two Ka Four, comes with an enticing opportunity.

After Mehakdeep Singh is voted in for the Roadies Xtreme journey, Sharan feels not just disappointed but also betrayed. Due to cancellation of Ahmedabad Auditions, 31,000+ aspirants tried applying via the Online Auditions Procedure, and a few were shortlisted and made it to the Mumbai Auditions. In the money task the boys have to wear flamboyant outfits and perform on the Las Vegas Strip as showgirls.

Aanchal, the winner of Roadies Season, 8 flags off the journey. Later, they enjoy their stay in a hotel and also get pampered with some free services.

Raghu is unhappy with their poor performance and brings a punishment for them.

From tricking someone into committing blasphemy to objectifying women, Kawalpreet Singh has done it all. Having promised the Xtreme, the season is off to an exciting start because the battle for immunity has already begun. From tents to five star hotels, the Roadies experience living on a shoestring as they survive on a budget of five hundred rupees per day.

Supriya Gauniyal is yet another victim of physical harassment. With multiple brilliant displays of physical abilities, which aspirant will get the lucky key? The contestants fight each other with a wooden barbell in the mud.

Catch up on the heart-wrenching story of Vidit's sister that managed to tear up the tough Gang Leaders.

The contestants are given a task which is more like a quiz and the liar would be slapped.

The Roadies team arrive in Lucknow for the auditions, and the judges select a total of seven participants on the first day.

The hunger for perks and privileges is evident on the field.

The Roadies leave for Kannur where Rannvijay brings about a major twist.

In the money task, the Roadies fail against a high school baseball player and disappoint Rannvijay.

However, she receives a ray of hope when Rannvijay Singha announces that the leaders have an opportunity to save one of them. From chopping woods to monkey crawling, the newest task has got it all.

The only way to win it? It is an Indian version of the show, Road Rules(1995). The Roadies are startled to learn that they have to defend themselves against Vijender Singh in their next money task. Later, the crew gets a hostile call from a contestant's parent.

The Roadies have to consume the strong drink of the Maasai warriors' strong drink before the money task. Vikas emerges as a clear winner. As the battle to determine the ultimate warrior gets intense, the rap icon, Badshah joins our warriors and makes them groove to his vibrant tracks.

Of these, only 7 will become roadies. It first aired in 2003.

The male gang members have to rescue the female gang members and they can use one of the three options: Intelligence, Strength and Luck.

The Roadies compete in a shooting challenge. The Roadies introduce themselves to each other at Jaipur. It turns out hilarious. Later, they gear up for the next survival task, where they will find out what happened to their missing gang members. MTV Roadies is an youth based reality show that airs on MTV India. With the shocking announcement about Karan leaving the show, the culling process begins. Pune promises us with some interesting contestants on this season of MTV Hero Roadies X1. Mind games and manipulative tactics are in full swing, but it's the on-field execution that counts. Warrior Queen, Neha Dhupia is left in tears after Rakhi talks about her abusive father and a heartbreak that left her stronger than before. Did he really eat Rhino poop for this task? Extreme intensity is about to be unleashed in this second segment of the Delhi auditions. Later, Neha loses her cool and raises her voice against the next vote-out task and its problematic clause. Let others know what they should also watch ... No suggestions yet. The immune Roadies go through a fire task followed by a water task. They realize that that location is actually a vote out ground. Their next task involves cooking for school children and effect a change to inspire the youth. The boys have to perform a task while lying on a bed of nails. Politics and persuasion are very common inside the Roadies camp as both play pivotal roles in the warriors' struggle for survival. The Ruling Gang's throne is back on the line and all eyes are on the coveted position. The battle lines are drawn, the stakes are high, and the gladiators of Gang Neha, Prince and Nikhil face off! They also meet their parents.

Eventually Navdeesh, Gaurav, Shivangi and Satish are selected from which Satish wins the judges hearts.

The two warriors contest against each other in an election as their respective alliances reach out to the villagers and persuade them for votes. It's an emotional roller coaster ride at the Pune auditions.

Next day, they are off on a task to gulp down 'Puchkas'. Don't miss this exciting episode as the political campaign to determine the next Ruling Gang kicks off. Do not miss the brave Ankita Mehra receive a Roadies Salute by the Gang Leaders for coming out of the closet and facing her demons.

The immunity task is a football match. Mohit saves himself while Rahul has to give up.

In the money task they have to design a raft to cross the river.

Ever imagined getting your nipple pierced without anesthesia? The belly dancing task makes them commit the sin, lust.

And just when they all seem to settle, Rannvijay Singha re-introduces Roadies Revolution in its raw form and throws them the first task of the season that requires solving complex puzzles, brute strength and all of the senses!

Taranjeet is eliminated in the vote out. The gang leaders are so troubled by her tragic story that they plan to take an active step. Bihu Dance. The next task is an advantage plus immunity task. The Roadies head to their next location, Devangere where they face the money task. The episode starts with the Roadies getting ready and heading to Barmer where they do the Kamalasana task to earn money followed by a dinner where they are welcomed with Rajasthani folk music and Kalbelia dancers. The other Roadies dress as Superman, Super Girl, Batman, and Cat Woman to rescue him. From cosplay to traditional dance performances, the Roadies have a great day. Irfan appears to punish them again for committing the sin, envy. 2018-02-25T13:30:00Z — 50 mins; 48. Watch out for the pre-finale 'Aar ya Paar' task which lives up to the show's tagline ' Your Gang.

When one of Nikhil's Gang Members pushes the barricade while performing a task despite Gaelyn's warnings, Neha loses it.

Later, the Roadies are called for a vote out.

The task demanded the guys to get their nude portraits done. Neha gets riled up due to Prince's remarks that turns the atmosphere downright hostile.

Now it is up to Nikhil and Neha to level up and push harder towards victory.

The process is as intense as it gets.

Vikas proves his eligibility to stay in the game.

Sorry, no streaming providers are yet available for this show from your country.

Which pair will hoist and wave the flags of victory? It gained mainstream popularity amongst the Indian youth from the 3rd season, inspiring thousands of youngsters to take part in the popular show.

Who will claim victory in this crucial stage of the journey? Watch one of the coolest Gang Leaders unleash his wrath when he comes across such a traitor in his gang. The world of weightlifting and powerlifting might be dominated by the males, but Sehej Maini is here to change the game, and she does it in some awe-inspiring fashion.

One of the amazing things about the show is that this time they added two more, so the contestants count increased to ten. Upon getting called to the interview with a fellow interviewee, Akanksha Singh, the competition between them turns out to be cut-throat.

OMG! While Prince loses his cool and takes on Abeer for writing 'do not mess with me' in his application form, Rannvijay censures Jagriti, a law student, for lying about her weight loss results. The girls have to dress the guys like women and take them to a pub. Its bungee jumping and boat party time to bond with the top Vjs of MTV.

Who is the best cook in the house? Have the brothers just turned against one another over a task? Raghu and Rajiv are angry with the contestants. The immunity task was filled with Xtreme fun much to the audience's delight. Which TV Series would you suggest to people who enjoy MTV Roadies?

Would you let a stranger hit your sister to win a task? The Roadies head to Bhutan on the next leg of their journey, where they are given the 'Bhutanese pillow fighting' task. The Chandigarh guys express their opinions very forcefully. Bihu Dance. It's not about who makes more dough, it's about which gang leader believes the most in his/her team. Who will join Mandeep as the second semifinalist?

The girls have to run around the track carrying rucksacks filled with rocks. After all the tears, joys and arguments at the Pune auditions, the audition gang, move to Kolkata and Delhi. The ex-Roadies have to take on the current Roadies to secure their place in the show. Later, they even give out condoms.

To learn who crumbled to the pressure.

This Singh's got it all: guts, glory and swag!

Shaving off eyebrows and cutting his hair at the drop of a hat clearly shows Pratik's obsession with Roadies.

Each episode features a vote-out at the end in which the roadies eliminate one of their fellow roadie, thereby decreasing the number of roadies carrying on with the journey. However, when it comes to the vote out, there is a small twist. A broiling situation arises when Avtar decides to quit, proving his loyalty to Palak. Watch as she spreads her inspiration and zeal in the audition and more.

Finally, the wait is over!

With pressure building up, the contestants and their friendships are beginning to take a hit.

The Roadies are headed towards Rebeirao Preto. Some issues are pricked.

Gujarat packs up a lot of surprises and fun for the Roadies as they are burdened with a task which is only meant to mess with them.

Supriya Gauniyal is yet another victim of physical harassment.

Will the gangs' alliances and presumably foolproof plans bear fruit in this strange vote out? Aanchal wins the Roadies Crown.

Meghna's team wins the trip to Finale.

The two gangs get adventurous with the Dusters and try to rescue their team member and bail out their gang leader. The Roadies receive a warm welcome by the natives. Roadies Journey - What is Roadies feat. They get a scroll that asks them to get ready for a party.

Arun Sharma won the MTV Roadies in 2019 and started to concentrate on the film industry. The Roadies move on to perform the street play task and plant trees. Raghu kidnaps Vinay.

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