A post shared by ЖЖ - Журнал Житомир (@zhitomir) on Jul 10, 2018 at 9:51am PDT. "You call it a jet ski. In London, that great sea, whose ebb and flow, At once is deaf and loud, and on the shore, Vomits its wrecks, and still howls on for more, -Percy Bysshe Shelley, You are now / In London, that great sea. Dirty old river, must you keep rolling, rolling into the night Cry a river build a bridge and get over it. Provokes a broil, and stabs you for a jest. Stopping abruptly in central London is a heinous crime, and immediately gives the people around you permission to kick you. Here are the best Insta captions about the river. • As long as you can find the river, you can find your way home. I can’t be Thamed. These photos tend to evoke feelings of inspiration and serenity, so your captions should play along to that tune. -William Wordsworth, Composed upon Westminster Bridge, September 3, 1802. Prepare for death, if here at night you roam Flowed up the hill and down King William Street, There’s only one London. — Unknown, 34. Three hundred years ago a prisoner condemned to the Tower of London carved on the wall of his cell this sentiment to keep up his spirits during his long imprisonment: ‘It is not adversity that kills, but the impatience with which we bear adversity. • Even though the river has a bed, it won't stop running. Try these popular search terms: “We are of the ocean. Twenty Bridges or twenty-two, When it comes time to document your adventures, these witty lake puns won't let you down. It would be borderline blasphemous not to put a visual note of this on Instagram, and a cool caption goes hand-in-hand with it. No, the last thing she cared about was whether people were staring at the boy and girl kissing by the river, as London, it’s cities and towers and churches and bridges and streets, circled all about them like the memory of a dream. It ' s coming up with just the right caption that ' ll get you. but when I get to sit in the middle of a beautiful river while doing it, I very much enjoyed it. — Unknown, 23. Rivers know there isn’t any hurry. 250 Inspirational Travel Quotes & Travel Instagram Captions, 50 Quotes About Paris Celebrating Its Triumphant Beauty, 50 Eternally Beautiful Rome Quotes from Literature, History, & Travel, 50 Gorgeous Quotes about Venice & Instagram Caption Inspiration, 30 Quotes about Iceland Celebrating Its Mysterious Beauty. One of the the things she most liked about the city -apart from all its obvious attractions, the theatre, the galleries, the exhilarating walks by the river- was that so few people ever asked you personal questions. — Unknown, 27. It encourages defiance. • There's no place like home except the river. May 22, 2018 . "It's campfire time. As long as you can find the river, you can find your way home.”, “There is nothing more humbling than watching the river flow from up high.”, “And to think that we take water for granted…”, “Watching [insert river name] meander is truly a piece of art.”, “A friendly reminder that every city owes its life to its river.”, “You don’t have to take a dip in a river to feel refreshed by it.”, “Did you know that it’s called a “shoal” of fish? This is how water loves. As the river surrenders itself to the ocean, What is inside me moves inside you. Whether you're ready for some adventure or you just want to get out there on the river, we know that you'll want to share these captions and quotes with your followers. This is just a tributary. Bear with me." The ocean cleanses the body and frees the mind. London has the trick of making its past, its long indelible past, always a part of its present. London’s like a forest… we shall be lost in it. Shall be eternized in all age to come. Blue sky, Denim shorts , and fresh waves. Your email address will not be published. A post shared by Ocean Conservancy (@oceanconservancy) on Sep 18, 2018 at 4:49am PDT. When he walked through the gutted wreck of old Saint Paul’s, he tripped and fell over a piece of rubble — a tombstone. As long as I gaze on Waterloo Sunset, I am in paradise London and Fog! — Unknown, 17. — Unknown, 33. Sphincter of Hades. Now it is the other way around. London calling to the faraway towns Cool River Instagram Captions • Floatin' on the river is killing my liver. Be fluid, Be like water, flow around the obstacle. We take stones and turn them into the Taj Mahal or St. Paul’s Cathedral. So I’ll seek for my bailiwick elsewhere, Here are my favorite quotes about London from literature, history, travel, and beyond, broken up into categories (otherwise this list might be a tad overwhelming). Human beings, for some reason or another, like symmetry. That’s when it hit me what an international city this is. Although Hagrid seemed to know where he was going, he was obviously not used to getting there in an ordinary way. ... Pin these London Puns & London Instagram Captions for Your Trip! A sight so touching in its majesty "Catching a movie at the dive-in." Get a little creative with your lake pics this year and pair them with a punny caption for your followers. A calm ocean never afraid of raging of river. Because nothing says relaxation like a photo of the water in the summer. Smell the river and feel the sky, let your soul and spirit fly. Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment, Until it becomes a memory. the weather conditions bring tears to my eyes. For they were young, and the Thames was old A post shared by Patrick Thun (@patrickthunphoto) on Jul 10, 2018 at 12:58pm PDT, A post shared by kokanchi mansa sadhi bholi (@kokanchi_mansa_sadhi_bholi) on Jul 10, 2018 at 8:04am PDT. -Abraham Cowley, On the Queen’s repairing Somerset House 1668. Captions That are Best for all Your Pictures. That the crows are departed the Tower. When it’s three o’clock in New York, it’s still 1938 in London. To celebrate it, we created an awesome list of white water rafting Instagram captions!. As to London we must console ourselves with the thought that if life outside is less poetic than it was in the days of old, inwardly its poetry is much deeper. Wide-shot captions should evoke feelings of love and belonging, as well as send a message that reminds everyone of how important the nature that surrounds us is. We return to each other in waves. • This is not the greatest river in the world. Chilly chilly is the evening time, Waterloo sunset’s fine. The Hogwarts Express will leave from King’s Cross station, platform nine and three-quarters, at eleven o’clock. When two rivers meet, they are unseparable like two bodies with one soul. Read a thousand books and your words flow like river. 2. Ark of the Soot God. My other fair and more majestic face A little humor goes a long way, and it can be a nice change of pace on a platform that tends to be overused for vanity and perfection. Everybody loves quotes on Instagram. If it is cloudy and raining, there are clouds and rain in my soul. Millions of people swarming like flies ’round Waterloo underground Once on a dark winter’s day, when the yellow fog hung so thick and heavy in the streets of London that the lamps were lighted and the shop windows blazed with gas as they do at night, an odd-looking little girl sat in a cab with her father and was driven rather slowly through the big thoroughfares. Temple of the Rat King. Love is like a river never ending as it flows , but gets greater with time.

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