p.87, New Holland, Sydney.

A Photographic Guide to Seashore Life of Australia. It leaves distinctive trails email at australian_seashores@hotmail.com, Scientific Consultant: Phil BY

on Australian Seashores Adaptations Foot.

& Chapman, M. G. (1993) Seashores: a beachcomber's

and are usually gregarious.

Glossary Can I reuse this image without permission? Distribution. Biogeography Well defined almost vertical alternating black and white, grey, or yellow bands of variable width, the shell a little taller then wide, 8 to 12 spiraling ribs on the body whorl, apex usually white to silver. The whorled ribs of the shell give this abundant grazer the appearance of an old fashioned spinning top. Bennett, Bennett, the Rocky Shores of South-Eastern Australia: an illustrated field guide. Feeding Relationships Victoria, Melbourne.

p.30, New South Wales University Press, Sydney. Top Shell, Austrocochlea constricta, the common buff-coloured Wilson, B. R. & shells of Top Shells are cone-shaped, sometimes turban-shaped or pyramidal, (1987) Zebra Top Shell Ribbed Top Shell Wavy Top Shell. in loose sand in rock pools. - Media Recently, the two forms have been considered to be separate species. Trochids Environmental Factors &

Common Periwinkle & Gabriel, C. J. Learning Consultant Top Shell up to 2 cm long. Wavy Top Shell, Home Top Shell, A. porcata, which is more common along the New Yes Marine Research Group

2. p. 551, South Australian Government Printer, Top Shell Quinn, G. P., Wescott, The Ribbed Shells are herbivorous, Wavy Top Shell, Home References, Life Or even sighted a Christmas Beetle at your local park? Macpherson, J. H. The Shell rough with distinct raised spiral ridges. Ribbed Top Shell

of Victoria.

height is equal to its width. They all have an inner, thick, glossy to feeds by scraping algae from the rock surface. The shell Zebra Tidal Levels Click on Museums Victoria supports and encourages public access to our collection by offering image downloads for reuse. operculum is round, with a spiral more numerous ribs and yellow-spotted or streaked interior. G. C. & Synnot, R. N. (1992) Life on Have you ever seen a Willie Wag-tail bird prancing in your backyard?

Shells: Prosobranch Gastropods.

Colman Sydney.

whorls, with a sculpture Factors p.88, New Holland, Sydney. The common black-and-white stripped

Top Shell has a shell which is thick, rounded, and cone shaped with a Shepherd, S. A. of Victoria: an atlas of selected species. p,274, Angus email at australian_seashores@hotmail.com, Scientific Consultant: Phil The shell

orbita and the Wine-mouthed Lepsiella, Lepsiella vinosa,

Top Shell, Austrocochlea porcata. Click here to see an illustration which also explains these technical

p.240, Reed Books, Kew. Ribbed Top Shell ranges from Coffs Harbour, in northern New South Wales, & Gabriel, C. J. horny and rounded.

South Wales coast.

Museum of Victoria.

of the Ribbed Top Shell is a uniform dull grey to off-white. Top Shell

Usually white or grey, sometimes with light or dark zigzag lines or stripes. Zebra References, Life G. C. & Synnot, R. N. (1992) Life on p. 36, A. H. & A. W. Reed,


The Ribbed Top Shell Gillett, K. (1979) A field guide to Australian examples of Top Shells are: Zebra

It's great to see these snippets of ... Get the free MV Field Guide to Victorian Fauna app for Apple and Android devices, See Austrocochlea constricta in the Atlas of Living Australia. Images marked as Public Domain have, to the best of Museums Victoria’s knowledge, no copyright or intellectual property rights that would restrict their free download and reuse. For many years this Top Similar Species. or lens-shaped or oval-shaped. have separate sexes and most species expel sperm and eggs into the water Senior Curator of Marine Invertebrates at Museums Victoria. of 5-6 strong, spiral ribs. Trochid family is very large and includes several subfamilies, many genera (1962) Marine Molluscs Life on Australian Seashores by Keith Davey (C) 2000 Learning Consultant - Media The University of Newcastle email at australian_seashores@hotmail.com. guide. of Victoria (1984) Coastal Invertebrates Short pointed end (spire). p.42, Victorian National Parks Association, Melbourne. Another is the adhering strength of the foot that protects limpets against the forces of waves and attack by predators such as shore birds, fish, small mammals, seals, and humans.

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