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I think it would make for the ultimate revolver shooting experience.

The factory sights on the 60DS are very nice in any lighting condition.

Many of our pictures are stock photos provided to us by the manufacturer and do not necessarily Almost all of the Rhino’s components, except those exposed to combustion forces like the barrel, cylinder and action, are CNC machined, which creates a precision fit with very tight tolerances. Chiappa’s Rhino revolvers are very well made, deadly accurate and definitely a lot of fun to shoot. (CW1). My friends and I joked that the Rhino 60DS should have a speaker built in so it could play Clint Eastwood’s famous line from Dirty Harry: “You’ve got to ask yourself one question: ‘Do I feel lucky?’ Well, do ya, punk?”.

Then choose "Find Dealers". I got this as an additional C&C gun. The accuracy of the gun was impressive. © 2020 Brownells UK - World's Largest Supplier of Gun Parts, Gunsmith Tools & Shooting Accessories. This cocking lever takes a little getting used to if you are familiar with regular wheelguns. You can use our Live Chat if you have any questions about the item you just added to your shopping cart. I prefer to try a gun before purchasing, however, this being unique, I was unable to find a range rental anywhere. Fiocchi’s 9mm ammunition delivers superior quality and reliability. The ahead-of-its-time Chiappa Rhino returns with a 9mm appetite in the form of the head-turning, well-made, and accurate 60DS revolver. represent the actual item being purchased. Firing from the bottom chamber of the cylinder, this design allows the barrel to be positioned lower in the frame. If you aren’t completely, 100% satisfied with any item you purchased from us for any reason return it for a refund or exchange. It’s is a little difficult to get used to, but it is easily operated with only one hand for faster reloads.

CRhinoBLK9mm Chiappa Rhino Long Barrel Pistol - 9mm Black Mfr Part: CRhinoBLK9mm Calibre Options: .38/.357Mag, 9mm or .44 Finish: Black Anodized or Nickel Barrel: 12” (1:12 Twist) Sights: Adjustable Fibre-Optic Grip: Walnut Weight: 1155g Only 1 9mm caliber in stock, please call 01788 435072 for details or to reserve. I had to keep reminding myself that this baby is a 9mm, not a .50 caliber. Welcome to brownells.co.uk, the leading supplier of Firearm Accessories, Gun Parts and Gunsmithing Tools in the UK! This took a lot of time, but still not as much as the moon clips, though.

Fox Bullets is a brand name for lead-free hunting bullets and lead-free ammunition. The Rhino devoured everything that I fed it and spit it all out with very low recoil and lightning-fast follow-up shots. The cocking lever falls back into place when you cock it to make the gun fire in single action (SA) rather than staying cocked back like on a traditional revolver. Tutte le pistole della serie APX (Full Size, Centurion, Compact, Combat, RDO etc.) All Rights Reserved. I was able to create six-shot groups just over 1-inch wide consistently at 10 yards, and my groups opened up to just under 2 inches at around 30 yards. CHIAPPA FIREARMS Chiappa Rhino Long Barrel Pistol - 9mm Black, Chiappa Rhino Long Barrel Pistol - 9mm Black. Ghisoni passed away in 2008, leaving us with his final creation. This item is viewable at our retail store in LEXINGTON, KY.

If you like to shoot, work on guns as a business or hobby, or just own a gun, this is the place for you! Newer materials have been used, including aluminum, titanium and even polymer, to help cut weight. It’s just a beast; the Rhino makes you instantly feel cool. By adding this item to your Wish List, Chiappa Firearms, “where creativity never sleeps and innovation always persists!” For more information, visit chiappafirearms.com. In SA mode, the trigger becomes extremely light with a very short, smooth pull. Located high, the cylinder release connects to the frame near the cocking lever. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! I prefer to try a gun before purchasing, however, this being unique, I was unable to find a range rental anywhere. The Rhino I tested was equipped with a fixed red fiber-optic front sight and an adjustable rear sight with bright green fiber-optic inserts, creating an easily distinguished three-dot sight picture. The Hottest Gun of 2020: The Kimber Rapide Black Ice. You’ll find over 90,000 products including unique gun parts, accessories, gunsmithing tools, ammunition and other products to maintain, repair, and upgrade your guns.

I was able to shoot this revolver at multiple ranges in some low-light conditions, and the fiber-optic dots were easy to acquire. The hexagonal shape of the cylinder makes this revolver one of the slimmest of its size on the market and adds to the Rhino’s appearance. This price should only be used as a general reference and reflects the last online selling price.

The model I tested was one of the most accurate revolvers I have ever shot. Chiappa provides you with a tool to remove the spent cartridges, but it wasn’t an easy or quick task even with the tool. The history of the revolver can be traced back to the mid-1800s, and yet manufacturers are still producing new models and making improvements every year.
If you sit back and look at the gun, the business end almost resembles an actual rhino, horn and all. Options also include a 2-, 4-, 5- or 6-inch barrel. I did fire the gun without the clips and it actually worked, but I still had to pull each cartridge out of the chamber after shooting. Chiappa states that the recoil is reduced up to 60 percent over similar standard wheelguns. Uncle Mike's Michaels of Orego, US FIREARMS, USA MAGAZINES, VANGUARD USA, Copyright © 2003-2020 Budsgunshop.com. Because the hammer is concealed, Chiappa is kind enough to add a little red pin on the frame that works like a loaded-chamber indicator on a semi-automatic pistol.

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I fed the Rhino a healthy meal of 9mm hollow points, reloaded ammunition and full-metal-jacket factory rounds. Trigger is heavy. I reached out to about 30 yards in SA mode and was able to keep six rounds within about 1.3 inches. I have shot other snub nose revolvers. I think the company’s tagline is a perfect way of describing the company and its guns. I would like to see a little better DA trigger pull, but that could be fixed at a local gun shop. I do like the quality and craftsmanship. I received a matte black 9mm with a 6-inch barrel for testing. In 2009, Chiappa Firearms had a different idea when it developed the Rhino. I bought the 9mm version to keep it simple at the range with my other 9mm. available for immediate purchase and pick-up. ASSORTED AMMO (RIFLE, HANDGUN, SHOTGUN, AND BB GUN), ASSORTED 9MM AMMO (TARGET AND SELF DEFENSE), VARIOUS 40 S&W AMMO (TARGET AND SELF DEFENSE), ASSORTED 45ACP AMMO (TARGET AND SELF DEFENSE), "Internet Purchases Only" Already a Team Buds member? My thumb started feeling the sharp edge of the cylinder release lever when putting a lot of rounds through the gun, however. New web stock or quantity at our retail stores may be higher or lower than the price shown. The manufacturer only allows us to sell this item to individuals they consider to be "Qualified Professionals". Discounted Price when paying with Cash, Check, Money Order, or Electronic Check (ACH). The Brownells.co.uk Promise To Our Customers: Your satisfaction is GUARANTEED - Period.

I started to believe the videos I had watched online after the first six rounds. Click HERE to login or submit your credentials.
But let’s take a closer look.

by the title and description on this page before you place your order. I got this as an additional C&C gun. Chiappa utilizes steel moon clips, but I found the ones provided to be very difficult to use and made me wish I was testing a .357 Magnum Rhino instead of the 9mm.

It may be on display and is And that is the question I can't give an honest answer with out a side by side comparison at the range.

... 2 050 fps and the 7.9mm Mauser 2 100 fps, while the .30-40 Krag could do 2 150 fps. Known for its rifles, the DRD Tactical Ferro represents the Georgia-based company's very first... by Personal Defense World / This item NOT eligible for our “UNDER THE TREE GUARANTEE”. *Bullet weight measured in grains and accuracy in inches for best six-shot groups at 25 yards.

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