I took my car in and had to have the ignition coil and ignition boot replaced at 30,345 miles. Also air bag light is on with no collisions for it to appear. That is only the ones who have complained. The contact took the vehicle to two independent mechanics to have the vehicle diagnosed.

The factory water intake is plastic and does not stand up to heat so it warps and starts leaking. Check engine light turned off after a couple of days.

The service advisor requested we bring it back the following Monday. Step 1 : Turn ignition to the “RUN” position. The contact stated that the vehicle would hesitate to accelerate over 10 mph. Was leaning into the driver side on the floor to look under the dash and his elbow got wet. There was very low acceleration and it felt like my car was in neutral. Step 1 : Turn ignition to the “RUN” position. Step 5 : Select “YES”. - I wasnt able to choose every affected part. Good Luck! statistics and reliability analysis of Chevrolet Sonic based on all problems reported for the Sonic. On the way to the dealer the car almost died at a stop light.

all problems of the 2012 Chevrolet Sonic . In 2006, the model was renamed Daewoo Gentra, after being redesigned in cooperation with PATAC. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. The car has been having intermittent reduced engine power since September 2016.

Check engine light came back on a week later, autozone pulled 3 codes (p0700, p0300 and p0717).

Restarted car after several minutes, all lights except check engine went off.

When pulling into traffic from a stop, heard 3 chimes and several warning lights lit up (traction control, engine power down, check engine, service car ASAP). Simple and Quick tutorial on how to reset the engine oil change light on Chevrolet Sonic. Also please check out the statistics and reliability analysis of Chevrolet Sonic based on all problems reported for the Sonic. Step 3 : Use the thumbwheel to scroll through the options until you reach “REMAINING OIL LIFE”. Attempted to start vehicle with key in ignition and also using the factory installed wireless remote starter while car was stationary however the car would not start initially. Step 3 : Use the thumbwheel to scroll through the options until you reach “REMAINING OIL LIFE”. After another attempt or two the car did start. Sometimes the car struggles to go uphill and hardly able to reverse.

I had to pay $350.

2012 Chevrolet Sonic. I noticed the check engine light came and stayed on, at certain times the car either while driving or while stopped the car will either shake for 2-3 minutes or also while stationary the traction system light will come on then turn off. When I press the gas pedal the rpms shoot up but car excelerates slowly.

We were told it was a knock sensor which we replaced and it didn't fix the problem, after we were told it was the air intake hose, checked it and it looks like it's a new hose no issues with it.

Could not check entire drain system without removing headliner. We continued driving until about an hour later when the car was put in park in the driveway the engine surged until I shut it off. Trouble code p0171.

Engine at low power, was able to drift into parking lot.

The current generation of the model is the landmark of the new identity of the automaker, with bi-match grille and the new “tie”. When the car is driving it seems fine but as soon as you stop and it idles it seems like it wants to die and almost has a few times.

I did that.

The Oil Life display must be reset after each oil change.

Mechanic left the panels off so I can monitor the sunroof leaking. Djr. Dealership called and said that it was a vacuum issue causing all the stalling and all the issues with the multiple lights on the dash. The failure mileage was approximately 50,000. How to reset the Engine Oil Light on Chevrolet Sonic. Not long after we bought the car the check engine light came on reading a code ph171. I called GMC to see if there was a way around the fee should it be a different cause(if it is, I believe it was caused by moss brothers) and they were not helpful to me at all. Found water had compromised the side air bag and wire harness; several connectors corroded. Step 4 : Press the “SET/CLR” button to reset to 100%. Check engine light went off after I put gas in the car the next day. 5 Easy Steps Ford Focus 2000-2011 Oil Reset, Oil Reset Honda Accord 2013-2018 (With Image), 3Excel T288 3D Wheel Alignment Machine Philippines, Corwi beta 4.5 Tons 2 Post Car Lifter Suitable for Armored Cars -Philippines, Car Lifter - Kaip KC-L24BP 2 Post 4 Tons Car Lifter Philippines, Brake lathe - Hermann MA-2009 Disk Lathe Machine - Philippines, Brake Lathe - Veritek T8445 Disk/Drum Lathe Machine -Philippines, Veritek Brake lathe Machine C9335 Disk/Drum - Philippines, Tongguang T-598 (46 inches) Truck Tire Changer - Philippines, Tongguang T-568 Truck Tire Changer Machine - Philippines, Veritek 630F Leverless Fully Automatic Tire Changer -Philippines, Bright 890n Tire Changer Machine -Philippines, Bright (Veritek) 870L Tire Changer (Cars & MotorCycle), Bright 887NS Leopard Tire Changer -Philippine Importer, Kaip KCL24M 2 Post Car Lifter for Auto Repair shop -Philippines, How to reset the Engine Oil Life on Chevrolet Spark, How to reset the Engine Oil Life on Chevrolet Silverado, 1984-2014 REMINDER INDICATOR RESET PROCEDURES BMW, Easy Steps Tutorial Ford F-150 Oil Change Maintenance Reset, Easy Steps Ford Transit Connect Oil Change Indicator Reset, Ford TPMS Reset - Tire Pressure Monitoring System Relearn, Buick LaCrosse TPMS Reset (Relearn) Instruction, Yamaha R1 Motorcycle Complete Diagnostic Trouble Codes, TPMS Reset - Acura Tire Pressure Monitoring System Reset, TPMS Reset - Dodge Cars Tire Pressure Monitoring System Relearn, Chevrolet TPMS Reset - Tutorial on How to reset the TPMS Tire Pressure Sign, PORSCHE TIRE PRESSURE MONITOR SYSTEM RESET, Honda TPMS Reset -How to Reset the Tire Pressure monitoring System Light, Buick Enclave TPMS Reset (Relearn) Procedure. Went to the dealer they wanted $503 to put 2 gaskets in and would not guarentee what they said it was would fix the problem.

00 for this incident and Chevrolet will not cover it. Engine is running rough with no check engine light.

all problems of the 2013 Chevrolet Sonic .

Jo. Sprayed water on wires and was able to replicate engine power loss.
We check online forums and found out that this is a huge problem with this car and almost no one knows exactly what it is to fix it. I have completed the timing replacement. I took it in to moss brothers Chevrolet to be repaired. Hopefully, the article of 2016-2020 Chevy Sonic Oil Life Change Engine Oil Soon Light Reset can solve your problem.

2012 Sonic has the same engine as the chevy cruze, the cruze has a recall on it for the engine valve, yet the Sonic does not. Hi, I have a 2017 Chevy sonic, the check engine light came on with a code to replace an O2 sensor.

Thermostat housing and water intake problem. The failure recurred once. Almost a year since engine last stalled without warning (happened 3 times in about 3 months). Now autozone has accidentally cleared my codes so I can't see if any of the above listed codes have been resolved. No check engine light was on, not when vehicle has stalled.

My check engine light came on and I took it to get diagnosed and was told the engine valve needs replaced. I had a recall on a component of my catalytic converter that was causing it to move at a low efficiency.

After running diagnostic check, again suggested replacing the thermostat. Was just curious if this is such a huge problem that so many people are having why there has not been a recall?.

It jerks hard when switching to another gear and takes several minutes to finally get to a safe speed.

The check engine light turned off while driving Saturday. In January 2020, check engine light came on again, with a po599 code.

When the remaining oil life is low, the Change Engine Oil Soon message will appear on the display.

1 Answer How do I reset the timing belt warning on a 2013 Chevy sonic.

Took my car in and was told that my thermostat needed replaced and that this is common with my make/model. The check engine light remained illuminated and was taken to the local dealer the next day. I replaced the factory water intake with a metal one and it was good until the plug (which was installed by the manufacturer) on the underside started leaking.

The vehicle was taken to an independent mechanic, who diagnosed the unknown parts needed to be replaced. Turn the ignition off and start the engine to verify the indicator has been reset. Dealership cleared my engine codes during my last oil change. Air intake system. In addition, the vehicle stalled when idling and the check engine warning light illuminated. I took it into autozone to run a diagnostics and it said �catalyst system low efficiency� whatever they did, did not fix my car but only made it worse.

Whether vehicle was left inside garage or outside the issue is still the same, regardless of temperature.

Purchased my car in October of 2018. See I was driving on a city street going about 20-25 mph. This tutorial on How to reset the Engine Oil Light on Chevrolet Sonic will also work for Holden Barina.

Vehicle felt like it was vibrating while in idle and when pressing down on the brakes. Finally light stayed on and vehicle would shut off while I would drive, especially if I hit a stop light. However, I did not have any other issues with my car before taking it to them.

It seemed fine until 1-2 days later when the check engine light came back on. The sedan version was presented to the public at the Shanghai Motor Show; having premiered on the Korean market in September 2005. Temporarily fixed the issue with dielectric grease to prevent connectors from getting wet. Vehicle started to randomly show check engine light on, smell of gasoline from time to time. 2016-2020 Chevy Sonic Oil Life Change Engine Oil Soon Light Reset – Chevrolet Aveo or Chevrolet Sonic is the Chevrolet version of the model also known as Daewoo Kalos, a compact model offered in the hatch versions 5 doors and sedan 4 doors. The manufacturer was not made aware of the failure.

Stalls while moving and at a dead stop.

Bank wanted me to utilize my warranty program I had purchased with the car loan.

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