Unless you've been living under a rock you've heard of Nat'l Liquidators (yachtauctions.com). You can find a few Government boat auctions in their Florida branch but most of their 300-400 boat inventory consists of Florida repos from banks and dealers. The banks in this area, especially the smaller ones, are overwhelmed. You will find that the pre-owned boats offered by Marine Connection come with a free boat history report so that you can track the maintenance of your boat with previous owner(s). Salvage title and clean title used boats for sale in Florida. All rights reserved. Namely, it can make an already dirty job get bad nasty. Marine Connection offers all you need to know about the boat you are intending to purchase without you stepping a single foot into our air-conditioned showroom. They liquidate fishing boats, bass boats, yachts, RV's, trailers, outboard motors, equipment and all kinds of other marine related repos. First, my Florida auction "honey holes" (I save the best for last)... 5. ---------------------------------------------------------------, If you want to find a good deal you have to look at a lot of boats. They're considered the largest in the U.S. And have a branch in South Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Most of their inventory is yachts so you're not going to find a lot of cheap bass or fishing boat auctions unless they're higher end vessels. The banks too are in a difficult position, and they want to liquidate boats. BoatAuctionsInfo. These guys are located in North Florida just off Beach Blvd in Jacksonville. Marine Connection also conducts a full inspection offers you detailed results on findings, boat specifications, features, options, and all other imperative details that may assist in you making an educated purchasing decision. Trailer serial number: 45JA2CN13E100031. (Sale is for boat only. Bank Owned Boats for Sale in South Florida An unfortunate truth of the current economy is that bank owned property — a nice way of saying repossessed — is everywhere you look. But, at the same time who has the time to spend onsifting hours on end for that diamond in the rough? 2021. If you don't find what you're looking for just setup an alert and get notified asap. You can find their used boat saleson Boat Trader as well. Unlike car auctions, the Government or the U.S. Coast Guard doesn't seize and confiscate boats every day so you're not going to find much inventory worth your time. They do have a decent amount of affordable boats that come in the form of bank repossession, consignment inventory. As a result, Marine Connection is now in a position to offer high quality top-of-the-line boats at the most reasonable prices. Repo Boats for Sale. Repo boats for sale in Florida listed on RepoDirect.com, including repo boats and used boats for sale. What I don'tlike is the time and effort that it can take to get to that moment. Many of our repo used boats also include a buy it now feature, making the process quicker than bidding. BoatandRVLiquidators.com What Boat and RV Liquidators is in between Tallahassee, Florida and Mobile, Alabama on the West side of Mary Esther, Florida. Most Expensive Megayacht and Yacht Auctions - Highest Priced Listed First; South Florida Boat Auctions: $100,000 and Up South Florida Boat Auctions: $30,000 to $99,999 South Florida Boat Auctions: $10,000 to $29,999 South Florida Boat Auctions: $2500 to $9999 South Florida Boat Auctions: $100 to $2499 Rest assured that all boats that are inventoried by Marine Connection have been through rigorous inspection so that the consumer can be fully confident that when acquiring a boat from Marine Connection, you are getting the best out there. View and Bid on Yachts and Boats for Sale at Boat Auctions. 2503 SE 19th Cir. Be sure to contact Marine Connection for specific pricing though there are quotes currently available on the site. That would make any wife proud! Ocean Alexander took the industry by surprise with the launch of the Divergence line. The banks too are in a difficult position, and they want to liquidate boats. Anyway, IAA offers well over 500 damaged boats and up for auction online. There are currently 15,761 boats for sale in Florida listed on Boat Trader. So, instead of looking at one site at a time spending hours of work -- let these guys do all the heavy lifting for you. And not retail but the kind thatgo up for auction. You can't expect to find a great deal just spending a half hour on boat traderand your local classified section. Boat and motor weigh a combined total of 1,200 pounds. We offer a large selection of repo boats for sale at a significant cost reduction over new boats. Updated 2 days ago, 2001 Boston Whaler Tender 12 Foot Boat Impact 12, Mercury 40 Four Stroke EFI motor, with 150 hours, estimated year of motor is 2003, seats 4, AM/FM radio, CD player, white exterior, white interior, vinyl. a Florida boat auctions sale or bank repo) that I can actually use, and later sell for a potential profit. (Sale is for boat only. In many cases, the bank is actually taking a substantial loss on the boat, and the banks use Marine Connection to liquidate these boats! An unfortunate truth of the current economy is that bank owned property — a nice way of saying repossessed — is everywhere you look. I really don't like to mess with salvaged Florida boat auctions for a few choice reasons. At least thats how it used to be until I found my new "honey hole" for quickly find bank repo boat auctions in Florida. For more information be sure to visit Marine Connections today. If you have the right tools you can get'r done a lot easier, faster, and better..but, more on that later. This includes 7,747 new vessels and 8,014 used boats, available from both individual owners selling their own boats and professional boat dealers who can often offer boat financing and extended boat warranties.

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