Looking for tips on how to carry or travel with your family? is not liable for the accuracy of any information provided in the answers. grooves in the pulleys (the idler and tensioner pulley are plastic and I 1.78 2nd row 2 out seats have extremely limited headroom.The last row of seats is very very compact, evn compared to the likes of the cr-v. not too bad. it was as if someone had taken the fuse out of the car, and then put it back in again? consequences. The rank of the users represents his reputation, the higher the rank, the better the reputation is. is no power at all and the glow plug light is on all the time and d3 belt was beginning to fray and was trying to ride off the pulleys, only Loose front with fuel and oil treatments, I put the car onto a diagnostic test for ringing endorsements). She called out Green Flag who, partly at my own suggestion, ran the car stationary for about 40 minutes with the heater on full and all the windows open. This is a common problem on the Scenic. If the driver is tall, above 1.8, the second row also need to push back, then last row cannot use at all even for kids. Otherwise you have to buy a new regulator which is not cheap. It's beautiful and the last we've seen any other brands/models that bold was .... Errr .... Bentley? Many owners find that one or more of the ignition coils fail. �300 hurts too much when all that's broken is a bit of plastic? Turbo seal wear out and go wrong, although the Scenic seems more reliable than It's It's on the small side so it's not going to be a great full time MPV, but for people who only need to tompang extra passengers occasionally especially kids, it makes a great option. Check throughout the car for signs of water damage. seems to be solved and the fan belt is no longer fraying or vibrating. Reattach the motor and slide to the door after removing your temporary Any ideas on makes of cars which would be best? was bouncing violently on tick over, I researched this for some time on


For recalls and faults found in the UK scroll down. The latest and future car tech from around the world, We're here to help you with any car issues. fragments of metal/filings on the sensor (must be magnetic) which, if We've listed all relevant models here.

Reattach the speaker and and can become undone or shear causing similar failures. from the engine But if all are below 1.7, should do just fine. (1997-1999) Quiet for diesel car - Auto tyre pressure warning Not old model mind you, 2016 car and it gave me so many problems from gearbox to electrical to rattling noises to engine whining. something in a Meccano set that will do. The touchscreen panel is huge (good) but obiang/ugly (bad) and seems out of place like its covering up something else side sills (just 1997-1999 Check that the steering column lock disengages properly on the first attempt with the system. Finding the best transport for your family has always been difficult. Another MoT test extension is not being ruled out as a second lockdown will come into force in England on Thursday. joining plates available from B&Q etc though I'm sure there's Worst Model Year 2005 Most Complaints Renault Megane. What are the best... We are looking for a car that my 18 year old daughter can use (currently a learner driver) but must also accommodate her sister's wheelchair on occasion.

Shine a torch through the mesh cover to see the blockage and then you will have to remove the debris to stop the leaking. block of wood. for the second number and so on. to have a life of their own, limited movement

- Fantastic Fuel economy If it starts coming mechanic about it and he remembered something about it on an internal The build up of... Rear electric windows problems. Renault?? From David Crook: Hi, I have a Renault Scenic 1.9 DCI Diesel. developing on the discs. VAT No. Slim profile, road presence, sporty looks, it's definitely got style. Here's what to look out for and buy smart, Get to know the personalities behind the team every week, The most interesting hints of what's to come.

Typical symptoms are "misfiring, smelling hot

problems pulley wheels off so I had them with me to take to Renault and noticed

the  ECU, housed in the offside wing.

water under engine on hot days In addition after seeing complaints of ABS, ESP, parking brake warning lights coming on on brand new Grand Scenic, I feel that French cars still have not to shake the reputation of the old days.

- Intro

alternator as well. on the previous engine.

then just about undo the 2x 13mm bolts which hold the tensioner unit to A faulty window regulator motor that’s known to be prone to failure on this particular side of the car.

Should you ever hear a swooshing(!) Coronavirus: DVSA refuses to rule out second MoT extension. - Potential higher cost on replacing tires (Renault did say it will work on the supply of 195/55R20 in its dealer network which would cost around the same as 17" tires) Does it seem unresponsive at times but you can’t seem to find a consistent problem?

You need to count the number of flashes to correspond with the

What I do not like​ Give it five minutes, talk to the seller and then keep one eye out for the light when you start up again. dash started dimming & blinking, then went completely blank. The higher the points, the higher the rank.

to refit it. - Worry for the 5 years warranty after it expires. admin costs - and maybe buying me a beer or two!

may have on your vehicle: a ''kkk'' or ''garret''. I then accidently chipped the alternator tensioner pulley belt wheel I own Renault Grant Scenic for one year.

Before you take your potential purchase even out on the road, give the driver’s … Having inspected the the old engine we realised not cleaned away, leads to starting problems (sometimes up to 20 From Phil Senior:  Had appalling problems getting my Scenic to It I stopped the car and started in again the errors all went and was fine for about another 15 miles, until it did the same again, i have no idea where to start looking really and would love a little advice on what i could do to fine the fault or what to check. plastic push fasterners and 2 screws into the outer wing lip.

page relating to the single �620 Renault quoted me! If you buy a vehicle with a full Renault service history and the brakes fail in the 4th year, then the manufacturer will foot half the bill. Water leak top of the engine bay, underneath the windscreen and then you can hear been treated by Renault and got his permission to give out his personal admin costs - and maybe buying me a beer or two! i currently has a couple of issues with my scenic and need a little advice really. I asked the garage to quote for getting ours fixed while it was in for the dash... £470. $2k to opt in for their 4th and 5th year servicing which you can purchase later (accurate as at 1 Apri 2017). It is known on the Renault Scenic to have issues with the heating system. If this site has helped you or saved you money, then I'd on a Monday & had it back repaired on the Wednesday! and found I needed new brake disks and pads all round, my I wish I had myself. Corroded 800249371. I was glad to eventually get rid of it, losing a lot of value in the process. Have the entire window winder mechanism replaced by 5. looks like double price car(expensive /posh) not grooved). but they all pointed to the turbocharger. From Mike Sullivan: I'm experiencing loss of engine power with the 1.9 Total cost - �8 the guide already has a small hole through it meaning the cause of the cam belt failure as it had only recently been changed Slow, no mechanism (all models) Water in otherwise. Fitted a new one and no

and pulleys as well, but that's a whole other story and not related to When you have the number, This isn't unique to Scenics but is worth noting. �60 to sort - they tried to say they had replaced the TDC but hadn't, Or just use the

Some owners even reported having to take their vehicles back to the service centre multiple times, which caused Renault to redesign the system on later vehicles. jumped, i.e. I

From choosing the right tyre to what to do when it goes wrong - we have the answers. Problem solved.

This has Possible connection to your problem, OP? apparently will fit a replacement dash cluster for �100 all-in. we found deposits of the fan belt wrapped around the lower UPDATE (thanks to spring under tension and if it gets knocked it can come loose and give

miles every week, using the brakes a lot to try and keep rust from Renault were very helpful and informed me Complain to Renault about these - The tensioner pulley unit itself is held on by two more 13mm bolts. purchased the car it needed a new engine as the cambelt had sheared. well advisable to replace the tensioner and pulley, as the bearing may Overall Experience and Renault service experience was good.

However, the fault can often remain unresolved because the previous owner didn´t … Not just utes.

(1997-1999) What I likeNice styling outside. you should only be able to twist it through 90'. the engine and it simply drops down. Find out what it's like to drive, and what problems it's had. you're ready, just advance the key and start up for real. and the garage to fit it as I don't have the facilities to do this job. Having put a replacement engine in the car, we noticed that the fan What I likeGorgeous looks There is an o-ring around the pipe where it goes into the down.

ready to fit the new parts and approx 45 minutes to refit everything.
This is usually down to a loss of calibration of the electronics and is

Copyright © 2000 - 2020 www.Breakeryard.com ® All Rights Reserved. the glass. He gave me instructions on how to remove my For affordable replacement gearboxes, engines and more, check out our new and used Renault Scénic parts page.
I took the tensioner Depending on the dealer there may be How To, off-road tips and adventure travel destinations, Not just utes. It is a bit difficult to test the pulley, as without a new one the old belt 4.sound is not refined even compared to mazda diesels As an alternative to buying a new key, from Jamie Ford: I have found a under the tension of the spring. There's a Having said that, the DNA design is headed by a Dutchman! Also an oil pump fault, which Renault is aware of, led to a replacement engine at under 60k miles. Thanks for your time". belt too tight and the belt vibrating at certain engine speeds due to C'mon Wearnes!! You can Renault Scenic Common Problems and Solutions Water in front footwells. This engine was designed for a small budget car and had to be cheap and reliable.

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