It will strip conifer cones for the seeds inside, and sometimes strips tree bark to get to the sap. both. ( Log Out / 

They may mate in early spring between March and May and then for a second time between August and early September. When collecting food during fall, red squirrels sometimes get covered gum oozing from pine trees. Before the introduction of grey squirrels into Britain, there were millions of red squirrels.

), of which up to 20cm (8 in.)

Instead of large caches, squirrels are scatter-hoarders, which means they store each item separately. Find us at 3025 Comox Road, Courtenay BC. Tags. 1.

during the year Eastern Grey Squirrels are present (seasonal or year-round) o Report presence of . Cowan (1945:164) reported that Red Squirrels taken on Vancouver Island and the mainland coast north of Figure 3. Red squirrels have a fixed breeding season which lasts for 105 days, either once or twice each year. Change ), Create a website or blog at

Its fur color can be very different, depending on the season and where it lives.

Before the introduction of grey squirrels into Britain, there were millions of red squirrels.

Males compete with other male squirrels for females who are ready to mate.

Red squirrels hang fungi such as mushrooms out to dry on tree branches to make it keep better over winter. I am an artist, writer, amateur entomologist and wilderness guide. There are no major threats to this species.

Its nest is called a drey and can be made in different places, such as tree hollows or crotches, or hollows in the ground or in logs.

They will sometimes tap sugar maple trees so that they can eat the sugar in the sap.

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( Log Out /  Its a site my boys (Robert and Forrest) and I are building to showcase the wonders of the pacific northwest.

Predators of the red squirrel are raccoons, foxes, weasels, bobcats, coyotes, minks, fishers, owls, hawks, and martens.

If you’re a KS2 Primary School teacher or Headteacher, come and say hello. I am the owner of It also eats mice and young rabbits. The gestation period lasts 33-35 days, and the female gives birth in her drey to a litter of between one and eight young, usually between two and five. BC Photo They can also make their homes in suburban and urban areas, as long as there are cool, coniferous forests nearby.

Nowadays there are thought to be around 120,000 left in Scotland, which is 75% of the UK population. It is very vocal animal, making sounds of chattering, growling and screeching.

I love hearing them telling each other that we are in their forest! Do come and see us, we’re at stand K81. Red squirrel, Pine squirrel, North American red squirrel, Boomer, Chickaree. While I’ve seen plenty of adults, my next challenge is to spot some red squirrel babies, which are called kits.

- Credit: Marc Baldwin The Red squirrel at a glance.

For 70 days the mother provides milk for the young, and then they are cast out of the drey to seek their own territory.

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