The cars are much heavier in the 1:8 category compared to those in the 1:10 category and thus it’s important to have the right amount of damping in these cars. Use thinner oil when the track is rough and low traction conditions. = 5 hole pistons - Use pistons with fewer holes in smooth, high traction conditions, large jumps. While plastic units are light, they wear out fast due to the friction of the Shaft and Piston moving up and down. Same as the Standard Shaft, but coated to produce a much smoother shock action. But they also have pickup points where they might drop your package off so you can pick it up when it suits you. As you move from high to low traction conditions or smooth to rough conditions everything has an effect on each another. Too stiff, and they can cause harshness and a bumpy ride. After we receive the merchandise and verify its re-sellable condition, we will refund the money or give you a giftcard. Front: 350–450cstDepending on the traction, for slippery tracks, 350 cst, and for high-traction tracks, 450 cst. We ship a lot of orders each day and rarely there are errors. Shock Oil Weight Guide for Various Conditions, Rally VXL, Ford Fiesta & Ford Mustang 302, If this is your first visit, be sure to There are a number of good videos on YouTube on how to change the shock oil.

Here you can find collected statistics about average delivery times. All payments are made in Euros. Softer Springs are better on slippery or bumpy tracks. RC Car Shock Pistons Setup Guide Tech Tips, (The secrets that most champions will not tell you!). Its very important that we can tell you how to mark the parcel so it will be processed in a timely fashion. Unfortunately, I was always trying to find that "perfect" setup and the tire and shock oil manufactures loved me for it $$$$. Thicker shock oil will help the car to navigate larger jumps and bumps since the oil will slow the reaction of the shock. We accept Paypal, credit card payments, BitCoin and IBAN/BIC (SEPA) bank transfers. Believe it or not, because of the of the sidewall surface area of the holes, the 5 hole and the 8 hole have almost the same (slow speed compression) for the same hole size. Also, thicker oil may help some. I have seen racers put front springs on the rear of the car on high traction tracks to get more of a progressive feeling spring on the rear.

Landing after jumps and bumps require good damping, so you might have to choose stiffer damping at the expense of grip.

Below are the shock wt values converted to cSt as well as the conversion of Arrma-RC models for easy reference. Since this is for that buggy, see if you can get a shock rebuild kit with tool (little thing to help seat the O-Rings in the base), rebuild the shocks and just put some 40wt in there. For some reason, I seem to like the feel of oil in my car from 25w to 50w range. 3) MIP’s Gold Nitrade. The shock pistons main function is dampening. An international GLS parcel is delivered to neighbouring states of Finland like Sweden or the Baltic countries in a standard delivery time of 24 to 72 hours. = 8 hole pistons - Use pistons with more holes in rough, low traction conditions. Most people refer to "Pack" as the initial resistance of movement in the stroke. The thickness of the oil is stated in cst or WT. They also affect handling conditions during cornering. Springs come in many different Spring rates (or pound ratings) that are usually designated by their color. Believe it or not, because of the of the sidewall surface area of the holes, the 5 hole and the 8 hole have almost the same (slow speed compression) for the same hole size. I believe this is the best approach for beginners to intermediate drivers or those who just what to have fun driving and do not want to chase setups. 1/8th power on 3s with 2.8 Trenchers.

Finland, We're using cookies to serve you better -, Delivery terms, payment methods and refund policy, Senton, Granite, Big Rock & Typhon 4x4 (Mega & BLX), FTX Outback 2 Build Topic - Giveaway build Part 2, FTX Outback 2 Build Topic - Giveaway build Pt. If I cannot get the front end to settle down with adjustments, I will go to 45wt in the front. Second, select a piston with the right pack for your race conditions. Submarine Qualified, Chief Inducted, Navy Retired, Its alright son I'll fix it when you break it. You can change the destination from top of the homepage and Checkout pages before you order. Use higher 8 hole (lower high speed compression resistance) shock pistons on rough, low traction tracks. Shock Oil Weight Guide for Various Conditions; If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. Most racers would agree that the tires have the biggest effect on traction, second, the shocks, then all … We try to return the money with the same payment method that was used to pay for the order, if its not possible we make a wiretransfer. oil limiters angle pump rebound oil guide absorbers oil chart covers dyno with pistons guide position RC car pack RC car pliers RC car parts or mounting positions tower positions. 044-3397420 [email protected] FI23527868. Stand the shocks more up straight when the track is smother and in high traction conditions. That is why there are several manufactures offering directional valve pistons. There is only compromise and balance. Because they have seen how tracks develop during a race with hundreds of laps, they can predict what the conditions will be and preset their car to be optimal for those conditions. Also, there are many shock pistons designed to let oil flow easier one direction vs the other. = lay-down for rough, low traction conditions. The rougher or bumpier, the larger (or more) holes in the Piston. Strictly a basher. without disabling the warranty. 2) Unobtanium Shock Shaft (Associated Upgrade Unit). RC Car Shock Pistons Setup Guide Tech Tips (The secrets that most champions will not tell you!) -  Multi-color Led rc car lighting kit: 2pcs larger white LEDs + 2pcs red LEDs   1, Choosing the right rim and tire size: Monsters, How To: Shock absorber basics and oil change, How To: Seal FTX Carnage/Bugsta Gear Cover, Review Hobbywing Xerun AXE Crawling Combo, Team Driver tips: How to paint without masks, How To Paint an RC car body with liquid mask, Choosing the right rim & tire size: 1:10 to 1:8th scale, The basic tools every hobbyist should have, The Markings and meanings on LiPo Batteries, Upgrading The Radio Equipment of your RC car, FTX Vantage Reversing Direction of Drive Train, How To Change a steering servo on an RC Car, Team Driver Tips: Preparing For a Raceday, Differences Between NiMH and LiPo Batteries, How to buy a battery pack for your Traxxas vehicle, Traxxas: How to use spare parts & exploded view sheets, Traxxas iD high-current connectors explained, How to choose the right fan for your Hobbywing ESC, Choosing ESC and motor for Short Course -2018 Edit*, GLS Shipping time Statistics October 2020. And remember if you run in to a problem or you feel that there is a problem with arrived products do not hesitate to contact us. There are three main tuning components to an RC car shock: the spring, piston, and oil. - ... Mobil Differential Oil /Grease  for RC differentials gears / bearings / motor gears, This is 2 fl. Larger holes (or more holes) allow Oil though quicker, making for responsive Shock damping. When you are checking out your order you can see a more precise estimate of each shipping option to your country. The higher the number, the heavier (or thicker) the Oil. You can however browse the shop in other currency but the price then is not final. Exceptions to this are pre-orders and possible, but unlikely, errors in stock numbers. The oil provides a consistent dampening resistance force.

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