This is Lyla Sadler. Cruel I know but it's the only way. Most of the original rules still work with Sims 4. The game is designed to simulate real weather conditions, time of day, seasons, position of real life constellations, and temperature, all of which impact the world you play in. I keep this and everything else I've made on my master index at In a world where a zombie virus has spread, transforming people into voracious sex-hungry shemales, you play as a young woman searching for supplies to survive. I'm posting to my patreon page instead of directly to mega in case you'd like to download an upgrade pack instead of the full game. Infected Ending: Eat the infected food in the convenience store. I love pc gaming, haven't really blogged about them. - New title screen and scenario selection menu. - The engine has been rebuilt from the ground up. Otherwise, it's short but sweet; a great little game for girls growing dicks, if that's your thing. I thought of buying a flamingo each time you traveled but they now cost $160 simoleans! This does mean older saves are not compatible.- New CSS, thank you to Stiggy752.- Scenario specific info in sidebar.- Scenario-specific galleries.- Added an author information section with important info.V1.0My older changelog was deleted, but this was basically where scenario 1 was finished up. I think with a bit of fleshing out and padding out the extrenuous bits it could be a really good short, standalone game! Your rent is late. Thank you for sharing!

Hunter's Chase 1: While wounded and at no stamina, try to travel through the forest with a weapon. Weather conditions are server-controlled and synced across all clients such that all players on the same server experience the same weather conditions.

This will not effect traits. This is Rainy DayZ, an HTML game created by me, Noodle Jacuzzi. With this latest update I've added more to Spread Island, no longer a demo it is now Scenario 3! I consider only the 10x10 area the home area. Although the weather in Chernarus can be unpredictable at times, rarely does it change abruptly, and it generally stays consistent throughout the course of a day as it would in real life. You cannot have any electronics or appliances or cell phone access (put it on silent) until you have a home. So I had to buy a shower and toilet so that Lyla could stay around the lot. There are no sleeping bags so I bought her the cheapest bed. I may come back and add more someday though. Everything is very open with a clear explanation of the challenges.It was truly informative. Her aspiration is Angling Ace. Blog Archive. I've got that in the updated rules on my new blog.

Rules adapted from StardustX's original rules: Please note: I have updated these rules on my wordpress blog as there hasn't been an update since I originally wrote them over 2 years ago. Luckily, short bursts of exposure (such as running from building-to-building) have little effect on the humidity level of the player. Total Pageviews . You have no food at home. As a result, player temperature may drop, resulting in adverse effects to their health. At night, the moon will provide a natural light source, and real-life star constellations will be visible in the night sky. There is no way to make a 10x10 lot.
You can shower and use the bathroom at any public place like the gym. I wish games like this wouldn't use the term 'zombie', as it brings to mind images of shambling, decaying creatures and the infected here are just brain-dead dickgirls.

You cannot cook/shower/ect on other peoples lots or interact with adults until you are a young adult. Exhibition 2: While infected, smell the flower in the city, then try to fight the zombie in town. You can fish, garden and dig all you want and sell them. Hunter's Chase 2: While wounded and without a weapon, try to travel through the forest. Lyla gets to fishing right away since it's her aspiration. Precipitation can make it hard to start a fire when building a Fireplace, and also serves to muffle firearm shots to some degree.

Whenever it rains, ambient temperatures drop (because clouds hide the sun), and players exposed to the rain will get their clothing and gear progressively more wet (usually at a fairly rapid pace). The passcode is 828, if you can't find it.- Additional emails and worldbuilding can be found in The Facility- You can now save & load from .noodle files in the settings menu, V2.0- Finished Scenario 2- Added a demo for Scarlet Mansion- Added a demo for Typhoid Mary- Implemented a new quicksave system, V1.4- Several critical bugs fixed- Four files on the infection and process in The Facility- Five new scenes in The Facility- You can name your wife in Spread Island, V1.3- You can now wander around The Facility, nothing's there yet though.- 1 New scene for a demo of a potential future scenario.- New cheat code: oowoo (completely shatters immersion). Notice Lyla has huge muscles now from all the digging? I consider the actual challenge start when the guardian dies and the teen is alone. Interact with everything in the labs to get all the available scenes. **This blog is no longer being updated. I do occasionally play other games but haven't really blogged about them. I hate that bug. So the DayZ night cycle is about the same time as your time in real life.

You cannot build any kind of shelter for yourself until you have earned the simoleans to do so. The smallest lot I found was a 20x15 in Oasis Springs.

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