For example: serious, smile, tongue-in-cheek, sexy. [Calls]. • Up to 30 words in length. [Calls]... You Can Too! [Calls], number one for today's hit music. Yup, Imaging FX From 12 Libraries For Only €20 @StickyFX. Save and bookmark this page to updated and fresh audio files regularly. Thousands of happy customers. [Calls]. (11-03-20), The Whoopee Cushion Of [City] Radio... [Calls]. Get free FX and Elements for Radio Imaging, Jingles and Production. The 90's. 1 radio stations. (Ideal as a starter package to get you up and running) It's a Block Party Weekend on [Calls]. Hi, Jack Josey with you -- playing your favorites from today and yesterday. In other words, use voice-only liners for your voice tracking (VT). From The Top of the Empire State Bldg Stars Are Closer Artist ID. [Calls]. Industry Directory RADIO ONLINE's web resource guide -- categorized and indexed for quick navigation to radio-related sites on the Internet. KFMG Radio, "These are great! Well done. And Users who like Free Radio Jingles - Various Radio IDs FX, Sweepers, Ramps, Music Imager; Users who reposted Free Radio Jingles - Various Radio IDs FX, Sweepers, Ramps, Music Imager Specific sounds can evoke powerful emotions and can stay with us for decades, take the “Holidays Are Coming” Coca-Cola ad. [City]'s best [Calls] Advertisement, More Than Enough Time For Tailgating. Signature Jingle: A strong and unique audio clip encapsulates what your station represents. 1..... 2; Search for: Create Custom Audio. More Music ID's. We're On The Loose In Your Neighborhood. Terms and Conditions. Thank You You Can Stay Right Here! We will definitely have more work to send your way shortly. If Bubba Can Listen To [Calls]. Copyright © Hi, Jack Josey with you -- playing your favorites from today and yesterday. We are Specialists in Radio Jingles, Sung Jingles, DJ Drops, and Podcast Intros. Easy online ordering & 24 hour delivery. "Shelter Kwaramba You can have up to 30 words in a sweeper. Hits Just Keep on Coming. Just click here to download 30 more laser Effects. [Calls]. The only radio station that gives you 50-minute music hours. Fill out the form with your script, music choice, voice talent choice, and any instructions for us. Jiselle Halfmoon We will definitely have more work to send your way shortly." Combine our precision-mastered audio with one of our 100+ exceptional voice talents – or your own established voice – and the result is crystal clear imaging that is right at home within your format. To get, right click or long tap the screen on an item and save. ID's & Sweepers Tons of liner copy for any format. (11-03-20), Ready, Aim, Fire. Use on TV, radio and online. We believe you know your station better than anyone, so we leave the writing of the script up to you. Produced to the same high standard as the paid-for effects. "Thanks for the work. When we complete your audio, we'll post it on a special download web page for you to hear and download, and we'll send you an email informing you it's ready. Mix 106.5! ; Signature Voiceovers: Distinctive voice overs that can be … ", "These are great! It's the weekend, and that means blocks... blocks of great classic rock in Advertisement, We'd Like To Apologize For What Might Offend You Later. Listen to our online demo and see how we sound. Get Now. The elements are free for non-commercial usage. (11-03-20), Today's Best Music And Hits From The Reagan Era. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});
[Pause] The Number Is [Frequency], Job Listings All Listings New Listings East South Midwest West Submit Opening. Whether it is for a radio station, podcast channel, bedroom radio, college radio, these radio imaging and production elements will surely help. Here's a currency converter just in case you need it). Radio sweepers and Liners Give your Internet or broadcast radio station a fresh new image with fully-produced station imaging (known as sweepers, liners, stingers, stings, station IDs, DJ drops, teasers, shotguns, and idents). (11-03-20), If Someone Asks You What Radio Station You Listen To, Don't Say It. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. You have permission from me to use on any radio station that you wish. Keep it Big... a big set of music in progress. [Calls]. We'll give you an incredible variety of song. I know it's hard to keep up. I appreciate it.". See the details of our guarantee. The elements are free for non-commercial usage. Audio like your logo, functional sounds, music, and voice overs can be branded to fit your station’s image and tone. (11-03-20), Today's Best Music Means You Don't Have To Punch Around The Radio To Hear If you let us know you're using it for VT, we'll use less compression on the voice to make it sound like a live announcer. Not from the U.S.? [Area] loves its country. This is the One Radio IDs. ---------------------------------------------------. For unique and no. [Calls]. Production Toolbox: New ‘Trash’ Plugin Version To Be Released, Miskaudio Radio Jingles and Sonic Branding, Contact Us for Submission of Demo, News or Request to be added to Directory, JOE's AC Jingle Package 2020 - Sonic Branding at its very best @BrandyJingles, Broken Air X-Mas FX Package will change your station's Holiday sound @StickyFX, Sweet 'n Spooky: ASX Halloween Vol. [Calls]. • Professional Voice Talent. Buy radio sweeper music and sounds from $1. 0. Voice, music and sound effects and/or voice effects: (11-03-20), If Your Mailman Doesn't Listen To Us, Sic The Dog On Him! Choose either Jack or Cathy.

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