"We ask people to tell a story that's in their heart, not already in their head. A Community for Radical Faeries.

"I honor men's space," she replied serenely. | Home About Us Join Us Portland Circle Men Cuddling Men PDX provides queer men with an opportunity to increase the amount of touch and intimacy in our lives. I like that a faerie can be a Buddhist and a business consultant and a BDSM aficionado all at the same time. Takedown Policy, Queer Week Comic: “This is Not Our First Pandemic”, Looking Out for Each Other: Scenes from the Juneteenth "Celebration of Black Lives" March. "Heart circles are the foundation that allows the rest of faerie magick to occur," continued Starfucker Sunshine, explaining that groups of faeries meet up monthly for these discussion groups in Portland and stage them at retreats like Breitenbush or on a faerie commune called Wolf Creek in Southern Oregon. He's queen registrar of the Breitenbush gathering this year, trying to remain fabulous while figuring out the logistics of inviting 180 men to spend four days at a hot springs where they're not supposed to drink or do drugs. Now more than ever, The Portland Mercury depends on your support to help fund our coverage. The Radical Faeries are a loosely affiliated worldwide network and countercultural movement seeking to redefine queer consciousness through secular spirituality. Your email address will not be published. Learn how your comment data is processed. Intersex and Genderqueer Recognition Project, The Faeries of Greater St. Louis on Facebook, Hudson Valley Radical Faeries on Facebook, OroBoroCorn, White River Junction on Facebook, Metro Vancouver Radical Faeries on Facebook, Midlands Radical Faeries & Queer Spirits on Facebook, Southwest ‘n’ Wales Faeries & Queer Folks on Facebook. As if you’d never learned to look down on anyone or bend to someone who looks down on you. It’s not arrogance, like the rich people. "I had learned about faeries in queer studies class," said the relative youngster, who goes by Mama J. Thank you and we are truly grateful for your support. Rejecting hetero-imitation, the Radical … So how did she feel about being barred, as a female, from Breitenbush? Required fields are marked *. We're anchoring our community in the sacred," said Stella Maris. The Radical Faeries were founded far away—in Arizona in the 1970s—but the appeal of the lifestyle in Portland is clearly strong. If you would like to provide updated information for this page, please add a comment below. I was too uptight," says a faerie who goes by Keystone. Privacy Policy But I don’t. When I look at you, I feel so jealous I could cry, or hate you. De Faeries proberen deze …

PO Box 86208, Portland, OR 97286, Contact Where faeries gather by location. "A lot of us believe that Portland has the biggest and most vibrant faerie scene in the world," said Sunshine Starfucker, pinning the responsibility for the strong community on the weekly coffee meet-ups, the popular national faeries gatherings so nearby, and the fact that Portland is home to a lot of proud pagan Keep-it-Weirders, queer or not. The Radical Faeries were founded far away—in Arizona in the 1970s—but the appeal of the lifestyle in Portland is clearly strong. I sat down next to a guy with a handlebar 'stache near the door and extended my hand. After that, "Starfucker" just kind of stuck. For everyone! Terms of Use | | Die Radical Faeries (auch Faeries) (englisch für „Radikale Tunten“, wörtlich „Radikale Feen“) sind eine weltweite lose durch ein soziales Netzwerk miteinander verbundene Gemeinschaft, welche die … Radical Faeries erkennen daarnaast de isolatie en onverbondenheid waarmee homo’s opgroeien als een spirituele wond die behoefte heeft om spiritueel genezen te worden. "The gatherings are highlights of my year. It was a heavily bearded thicket. They just want love, really. Lots of love! I’ve been watching you all night. he replied enthusiastically. These days, Keystone is reformed.

"Hello!" "When I was in my 20s, the faeries were too scary for me. Sure. ", Sign up for the latest news and to win free tickets to events, Comprehensive calendar of Portland events, All contents © Index Newspapers LLC

You move like someone who’s never questioned their right to have a body. Please consider supporting local, independent, progressive media with a small monthly recurring contribution. | Stella Maris was busily adding beads to the feather of a great blue heron, to be used for wafting burning sage in some ceremony at some point. To exist, to breathe, to take up space. I would like, just once in my life, to be in a place where everybody stood and moved and walked like you. If you don’t see anything listed for your area, join the, , a collective of Burning Man faeries who also organize many SF Bay Area faerie events, Eastside Faerie Coffee on Saturdays 11am-1pm at Laughing Bean at the corner of Slocan and Hastings. Terms of Use

Mr. Starfucker Sunshine explained that one day he was telling the guys in heart circle about the wonderful time a ray of sunshine gave him an erection. You can laugh at them because they often wear funny clothes and have funny names and talk about spirits with alarming frequency. [1] Sometimes deemed a form of modern Paganism, the movement also adopts elements from anarchism and environmentalism. Portland Faeries has 1,554 members. It's been the most important place I've ever experienced to process my grief.". Queer men rewilding our bodies and our place in the natural world. A clean-cut guy sat next to Stella, who stood out from the mostly older and heavily bearded crowed. "I'm Leo Starfucker Sunshine!"

Your email address will not be published. Oregon, Portland: Portland Faeries on Facebook Oregon, Portland: Three Souls, Nurturing Queer Spirit Oregon, Salem: Salem OR Radical Faeries on Facebook Oregon, Salem: Faerie Coffee Thursdays at … … Two of the few female-identified faeries in the bunch reclined in the huge sofa chairs in the corner of Three Friends. But if you're going to throw yourself into a ridiculous subculture, the faeries are a good one to get mixed up in.

Privacy Policy | This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The faeries are a crunchy granola bunch of queers who stage a male-only annual at Breitenbush Hot Springs—that's just outside Detroit, Oregon, surrounded by the Willamette National Forest—to have deep conversations and practice their magick (with a k).

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