After a while, the tiger chief shows the guy into his tent and gives him this wine (that is an aphrodisiac) and pear shaped fruit that has the power to make males grow a womb for child birth. Onigari no Mori de by Miyamoto Kano So he visits an old shrine to gather some ideas and ends up getting far more than that! What if you can upgrade your status and gain more levels? A miracle is about to happen to an unattractive loner guy. You did eat the fruit correct? Later the salary man wakes up encircled by a sleeping tiger keeping him warm (the tiger is the chief), after realizing what happened the night before, the salary man freaks out and runs off. Rabbit Run Capitulo 1, Rabbit Run Capitulo 1 Page 3 (Load image 10), Rabbit Run Manga, Read Capitulo4 online Tyra Clark ART Manga Boy Anime Kunst Manhwa Kenma Kozume Niedlichen Anime Jungs Anime Jungs Ungewöhnliche Tiere Handy Hintergrundbilder Together, armed with Jiwoo’s super powers and Kayden’s uber-smarts, they’re out to fight those forces who would let evil rule this world. So you get hot guys with fox ears/tails wearing old Japanese clothing in Kuku Hayate’s style.. nice. ♥ Oyaji Romance Manga Selections Also, I was going to wait a day to publish it on this blog’s 2 year anniversary, but I’m afraid I’ll keep editing it.

Lady-in-waiting, Lucia believes getting through the royal wedding will be the toughest part of her new life. See, although she lives in a castle and her father is the King, Gwendolyn isn’t like a movie princess, or even a fairly-tale princess. He meets an angel whose own faith is damaged. Do you have what it takes? Tsumasaki ni Kourozu by Aoi Aki Stylish and immersive, this is one of mythology’s greatest stories -- The Taking of Persephone -- as it’s never been told before. What changed was that I actually felt like reading some new fantasy BL manga. Meet Gwendolyn – living proof that princesses don’t always have it all. When both reject the course set for them, it leads to a raucous adventure as big and unpredictable as the ocean itself – and a romance that nobody could have predicted. Sweet and a bit smutty. "What can I do to get closer to you?" Ryuu no Yuigon by Kitasato Senju ( Log Out /  It’s a one-shot i believe, com. But what high schooler Camilla lacks in ability, she makes up for in passion – especially when it comes to Victor, the handsome musician who’s caught her eye. Is Avery destined to live a loveless life, or can she tailor her own romance? For Clove, the last princess of a near-extinct Dragon clan, the answer is the unthinkable: MARRY your greatest sworn enemy in an effort to bring peace to your land. If it also helps, i remember reading this manga on manga go . The title oneshot is about the guardians at the gate which separates the worlds of the living and the dead.

Even the nastiest delinquent becomes a honest person after one hit. They both meet a fated person and experience a bit of life and love. 11 mins ago. Gakkou no Sensei by Matsumoto Kazura With her newfound interest, she is quickly awakened to the mysteries of the kingdom when she learns Modeus is in fact an enchanted suit of armor without a soul. The manga has a horror feel to it, with dark, violent encounters with supernatural beings that possess people. But after following some advice from a mysterious NewTube channel, Hobin is soon knocking out guys stronger than him and raking in more money than he could have ever dreamed of. Although things are getting bumped with me wanting more fantasy BL~. Have a story to tell? The best “deflowering” scene involved a hairy minotaur: bull head, speed lines with lightning strike background, some weird bleating/bellowing, and all. When she has the opportunity to earn a great deal of money, 50 million dollars to be exact, she would be a fool to refuse. The young king (not used to being told anything remotely resembling “no”) claims him and doesn’t give him a choice or chance to escape. Follow Fishball as she navigates the Malaysian life with her 6'5" geeky boyfriend.

By opening up his home, will this other worldly girl inadvertently open up his heart? But will her elite status be short-lived? Jinno is the vaguely threatening, strong, self-appointed boyfriend Midori never asked for but gets stalked by anyway. It’s a short story with gorgeous characters and costumes. Despite the odd conditions she takes a chance with Shuu, the handsome, irritating billionare who can change her life. Hexed and cast out, the ladies of the club are just the people Gwendolyn needs to show her that just because she doesn’t “fit the mold” does not mean she’s any less of a princess. Inu mo Arukeba Fallin’ Love by Takashima Kazusa When vampires destroy her chance to have the normal life she’s always wanted, Hayan is forced to draw on her darkest secret to rid the world of the merciless hunters that took it over 10 years ago. Nobody paid much attention to John – just a normal teenager at a high school where the social elite happen to possess unthinkable powers and abilities. Salary Man and chief have lots of sex, then afterwards, man wakes up and realizes what happened, runs off,,chief finds him and comforts him and then and ends with a happily ever after. Jesse was born like every citizen in the Fluidum universe, spending their first 20 years shifting seamlessly between a male and female body. Such is the story of two young sea creatures. There’s lots of strife and power struggles from other characters enforcing both heaven and hell’s laws.

Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Stunning art, solid story. Yuuichi has unusually tasty blood and attracts a strong vampire, Keito. What is this hot mess?! He’s an upbeat independent thinker, proud fashionista, and like the rest of us, is just looking for a few friends to call his own. Mori Jin, a Taekwondo specialist and a high school student, soon learns that there is something much greater beneath the stage of the tournament. But just how did everything unfold? Asagi is a rare and noble dragon promised to serve a great demon king. Where he’s in a forest village with a people that can go from animal to humanoid (animal ears and tail) form. Now the school's toughest bullies have to scramble to take down this new and unusual hero. Coming out to your parents. A story where paintings come to life at night. The sorcerer initially has a hard time sealing the deal because the businessman seemingly doesn’t want anything in return.. until they get all attached to each other.

If I remember correctly, it’s a oyaji with a demon. For starters, it's a pretty unhealthy work environment - what with God's ginormous, fragile ego and heavy drinking problem. A young man who should have died in a plane crash appears in front of his distraught boyfriend. Gotta love Naono Bohra. It’s not enough to form a solid impression, unless it’s particularly bad. But being animals means there’s special problems.. like mating season. Cutlass by Higuri Yuu Chapter 1. This is all about enjoying Asato Eiri’s beautiful, delicate artwork: a rare treat in full manga form. At this school usual students study with vampires from wealthy families. However, he’s already been claimed by president Lion. Marlo is a half-werewolf, half-vampire who turns into a hot girl during the full moon.

That is, until her husband brought home a mistress and demanded a divorce. Scrawny high school student Hobin Yoo is probably the last guy you’d expect to star in a NewTube channel that revolves around fighting. But lucky for her, the Grim Reaper's her number one fan! Update new comics every day! I remember reading Flowering since it had such a high rating, and even though all the sex scenes are cringe worthy, I’m oddly curious to know what happens next. ( Log Out /  Sexy est em men. This manga focuses more on the fantasy aspect versus BL. You will receive a link to create a new password via email.

Number one on the pop charts and in the hearts of fans world-wide, Sophie Lim is at the top of her game -- until she takes a tumble from the top of the stairs.

But do you have the heart? Jiwoo is a kind-hearted young man who harnesses the lightning quick reflexes of a cat to secretly make the world a better place – one saved little child or foster pet at a time. That was pretty fun to revisit. Turns out, the others are people who exist in real life and share these dreams–so does he have the guts to meet the cute boy in person?

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