This seems to have been what happened with one strange murder case I read … He was questioned by various magistrates and government figures there, as his account was so strange that no one quite knew what to make of it.

It is a stately meditation on mortality and glory, themes that appear frequently in Stoic writings. The man who found Nickerson was amazed at the young man’s strange story. He is uninspired by his current job, feels restless, and wants to fight against the injustices he sees around him. Adams was able to demonstrate that the evidence against him was insufficient to support a conviction. This podcast is a reading of Thomas Gray’s poem Elegy Written In A Country Churchyard. That case had outraged local opinion in Massachusetts, and probably swayed the minds of the jurors in the case. This seems to have been what happened with one strange murder case I read about recently. ( Log Out /  The Abigail had been flying a distress flag, a fact that compelled other mariners to come to its aid. George Washington was keenly aware of the psychological pressures of being in debt. © Quintus Curtius and Fortress of the Mind Publications,™ 2013-2020. Justice, as we all know, does not always win out in the end. It was simply buried by the silt of history. Albert Einstein’s general theory of relativity, first published in 1915, proved to be a revolutionary way of looking at the universe. Without this discipline, he never learns to sublimate his ego to a higher purpose; he begins to think of himself as an emperor, a man beyond the reach of the rules and obligations that apply to everyone else. Governor Hutchinson decided to appoint a special admiralty court of inquiry consisting of the governors of New Hampshire and Rhode Island, along with various other colonial officials.

The possibility that British seamen had murdered four Americans might cause severe civil disturbances; no one wanted to fan the flames of public discord that had been stewing for a long time already.

This to me seems the most likely explanation. What he meant by this was that one’s own conscience should guide the performance of good works.

Selfishness, arrogance, and close-mindedness creep into the subconscious, eventually to dominate every waking impulse. Politics now injected itself into the picture.

Sidonius Apollinaris, who died in 489 A.D., was a diplomat, literary figure, and ecclesiastical official of fifth-century Gaul.

Post was not sent - check your email addresses! ( Log Out /  But will we ever know what happened aboard the Abigail? Anti-British “patriot” factions in Boston were insisting on using the Nickerson case as proof of the perfidy and murderous inclinations of the mother-country. This is unconvincing, and Adams must have known it.

Like the Prussian naturalist Alexander Von Humboldt, there was nothing in the heavens or on the earth that escaped his attention; and his exhaustive botanical treatise, the Historia Plantarum (Study of Plants) remained an authority in the field until well beyond the medieval period.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Hutchinson was not quite sure what to do with the case; for a time he even thought of shipping Nickerson off to England for trial.

But four men were apparently dead, and something had to be done. ( Log Out / 

In November 1772, a twenty-three-year-old Massachusetts man named Ansell Nickerson was discovered alone aboard the schooner Abigail near Cape Cod. I offer some thoughts on his decision. Learn how your comment data is processed. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.
And yet it seemed clear that Nickerson’s story was fishy from the beginning. But the American Revolution came a few years later, and the trial was swallowed up in larger geopolitical events. September 22, 2016 September 23, 2016 Quintus Curtius History Ansell Nickerson, John Adams, murder trial. One or more disputants could have been killed by Nickerson; and, in order to leave no witnesses, he could have killed the remaining passengers and thrown their bodies overboard. The case immediately caused officials in Boston to become nervous. He said he heard the men debate whether they should then burn the ship. By this I mean he was economical with his words, careful in doling out both praise and recriminations, and mindful that his actions would resound more loudly with subordinates than his statements. Sometimes the wicked escape unpunished for their crimes, for a variety of reasons.

In this podcast, I answer some recent questions on a variety of subjects: family, relationships, homelessness, and school choices. He was expressing his disapproval of those who did things for the purpose of gaining public favor, instead of following that inner voice which represents man’s instinctive sense of justice. Almost certainly not.

Adams, whose rising star would eventually carry him to the White House, had a nose for controversy and was probably the best criminal defense lawyer of his day. He understood the principle that, when leading men, sometimes a leader had to turn his back on them; he did not strive for back-slapping familiarity, but instead the calm and steady application of discipline and objective. All rights reserved.

( Log Out /  I know not to this day what judgment to form of his Guilt or innocence.”.

After being confronted with the problems in his “hiding” story, he then quickly changed his account of what happened. Quints on the High Seas . Impressment was a contentious issue for the American colonists; stories abounded of the British Navy boarding random ships to carry off men for service on the crown’s vessels.

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Nickerson then made the brilliant move of hiring John Adams to represent him. Exact figures are hard to come by, but I’ve long suspected that the practice was not as common as American historians have often suggested.

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He once advised a nephew on the subject: A reader asks if he’s making the right decision by leaving his corporate job and going to law school. But I have my own opinion, backed up by nothing but speculation. But it did happen, and stories about it added to the incendiary anti-British atmosphere that was rife in Boston in the 1770s. He was also a letter-writer of impressive fecundity and erudition; and his powers of memory were so great, we are told, that he was able to recite long liturgies from memory and deliver orations without notes or preparation. All rights reserved. He stated that he had actually hid in another part of the ship. It is through moral philosophy that a man’s passions are bridled, directed, and channeled for positive use.

Added to Watchlist. Problems with Nickerson’s story immediately emerged from the fog. It is notable for the involvement of the future president John Adams in the affair, as well as for the role that politics can play in criminal trials. The ship and Nickerson were brought back to Boston. The three dimensions of space were combined with time to create a unified whole; and this space-time grid, instead of being fixed and static, could be … After being discharged by the court, he said only, “I thank the honorable Court, and God, for my deliverance.” Nickerson then vanished to history; I have not been able to find anything about him after this time.

Reproduction by written permission from Quintus Curtius only. It just didn’t seem to make sense. The total number of panel members was eight. Add to Watchlist.

Justice, as we all know, does not always win out in the end. One can imagine a scenario where Nickerson and his relatives got into a ferocious argument; tempers may have flared past the point of no return. What should be paramount in one’s mind are not specious public displays, or a craving for shameless notoriety; what should be controlling are the dictates of one’s own conscience.

One of his letters (II.10), written to a friend named Hesperius, contains the following noteworthy sentence: George Washington generally preferred a restrained style of leadership. There were some grumblings around Boston regarding the final outcome once tempers had cooled and it began to appear that a vicious murderer had escaped justice. The case eventually was heard in July 1773. [1]. If you enjoyed this little story, you may also enjoy my book Pathways, which contains a wealth of information on topics in history, biography, language, health, motivation, and thought. He stated that his fellow passengers had all been murdered and thrown overboard by either British marines or pirates (Nickerson was not entirely sure which), and that he had witnesses as much while hiding at various places on the schooner.

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