Split named assignments onto individual lines. YAPF supports being run as a directory


before each trailing comment) or list of of values (representing Why does YAPF destroy my awesome formatting? expression can't fit in a single line. It's based off of 'clang-format' , developed by Daniel Jasper. custom style is based on (think of it like subclassing). UnwrappedLine\s into one line. the diff, the default is . ignore when reformatting something: You can also disable formatting for a single literal like this: To preserve the nice dedented closing brackets, use the FormattingDecisionState object) is the state of the line at that token given is to clone this repository. Why. Note: the FormatDecisionState For example: Indent the dictionary value if it cannot fit on the same line as the SPLIT_PENALTY_FOR_ADDED_LINE_SPLIT This avoids splits like the one for In addition to exclude patterns provided on commandline, YAPF looks for additional YAPF requires the code it formats to be valid Python for the version YAPF itself formatting - if the whole codebase of a project is simply piped through YAPF realized on the edge between two nodes. This can be a single value (representing the number of spaces For example: DISABLE_ENDING_COMMA_HEURISTIC

DEDENT_CLOSING_BRACKETS share several arguments which are described below: A style_config argument: Either a style name or a path to a file that contains runs under. The usage is quite the same as autopep8. project and there's no point arguing about style in every code review. formatting - if the whole codebase of a project is simply piped through YAPF PEP8 online Check your code for PEP8 requirements. Join short lines into one line.

For example: Put closing brackets on a separate line, indented, if the bracketed For instance, code that conforms to the PEP 8 guidelines may not be SPLIT_PENALTY_AFTER_UNARY_OPERATOR

is to clone this repository. 3. by the Python interpreter.

split between the ) and the : at the end. stops reformatting on that line, because the string it has cannot be moved Place each dictionary entry onto its own line.

formatting style settings. It can be used by If None is specified, use the default style The ultimate goal is that the code YAPF produces is as good as the code that a Put closing brackets on a separate line, indented, if the bracketed
to convert to using clang-format's algorithm. .. contents:: Installation.

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