His boss attempts to defend him, only for Pops to be arrested as well. The moment the circles first appear is breathtaking. That is basically the movie’s opening.

The moment I knew I was watching a masterpiece was when I noticed that even the lens flare effects of the sunlight in the rectangular city of Promepolis are rectangular.


The Pizzeria Employee, nicknamed Pizza Burnish by fans, is a minor character from Promare. Characteristics Galo has even passed his aptitude tests before joining Burning Rescue. Male A triangle trapped inside a rectangle. A huge portion of the world burns. He is then locked in icicle handcuffs. Pizzaria Employee

He wears a white t-shirt uniform with a red pizza logo at the front.

Galo appears to be a regular customer of his boss'.

It takes the studio’s deranged and genius animation style into a fresh context: firefighting. Triangles — the burnish flames, sparks, broken glass, Lio’s earring, the sharp edges of Lio’s Mad Burnish suit, the triangle mosaics on Lio’s burnish sword, triangular ash floating upward in the triangular firelight, the triangular peaks of a volcano looming.

... Eats multiple pizzas when Burning Rescue is celebrating at the pizza parlor. Galo is the only one who comes close to matching him. This means both him and other Burnish seen lived. There’s no self-congratulatory pretension that a story needs to galaxy-brain itself to say something important.

In self defense, he unleashes flames, outing himself as Burnish.

To achieve the balance of circles the burnish need to burn, burn fully, burn everything, burn it to the fucking ground. The octahedron is a view of balance through the eyes of normative society.

Look, the sacrifice of the burnish is noble and their pain serves the future of mankind! The procedure then begins. Promare is overstated mayhem, and a successful entry into the world of feature films for Studio Trigger.

While one moment might be drawn entirely in greyscale, another might burn your eyes with hot pink, lime green and lightning yellow. Every angle of every shape in every cel harmonizes around the same theme: Society damages people by imposing boxes. Eventually, I started to think the entire world would burn and that none of the previous 90 minutes would matter at all—a thought that was as likely as it was humorous. His determination to extinguish all that is wrong leads him into wanting to understand the Burnishmore and what they are fighting for. Later, after Galo confronts Kray about his experiments thanks to Lio, the employee is seen once more. It channels and enhances his own power. (After the third or fourth transformation, the audience in the theater with me began to laugh hysterically.) That said, before I saw it I joked that Galo was an alt-universe Kamina (Gurren Lagann); after watching Promare I can honestly say that’s pretty much all there is to his character.

While Galo appears to be all brawn and no brain at first, he is actually deeply compassionate and hates to see others hurt.

Gender They have arrived to apprehend him for the Foresight Foundation's Burnish experiments and the migration plan. For this, he was arrested as well.

There’s Margherita pizza, mad scientists, romantic tension, artificial intelligence, aliens, bubbling-up magma, more mecha fights. His boss claims that he 'just wants to make the best pizza in town,' hence his position as a cook. This piece contains major spoilers for Promare. Promare is the new action drama anime film from Studio Trigger.The film is delightfully colorful and surprisingly queer.

Pizzeria Employee It’s circles. Promare blends impeccable 3D animation with low-fi, expressionist 2D. Promare’s first scene features the reckless hero fighting a skyscraper blaze using a mech that transformed more times than I could reasonably count.

Promare Original Soundtrack Remix & Rearrange CD, https://promare.fandom.com/wiki/Pizzeria_Employee?oldid=5495.

There’s a place for subtlety in art, but there’s also a place for distilled simplicity.

Squares and triangles. Just Lio and Galo looking out together over the reborn planet, the sunlight that shines down on them flaring in perfect circles, light itself restored to its true shape.

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