So when you say added content to DDLC, do you know if we are talking about a game update, dlc, or something else? Sayori knows everything Monika did, everything you did, and, likely, about Natsuki's and Yuri's issues. Monika might have spent too much time alone and broke, still believing she's the real Monika and desperate to go back into her body, and eventually desperate to just maintain a connection to the real world, explaining how she would have self-awareness before any other character in the game. Reply. Act 2 Natsuki is poor, and maybe is meant to represent poverty. 2018 is passed ,wheres the game is it delayed and cancelled? Two years ago, there was a hidden teaser for Project Libitina, what happ. Now, it may be assumed that it is the last activity that snapped her thought processes. What happened with Project Libitina? Jan 16, 2018. The scene where the protagonist cuts himself on Yuri's knife likely originally had her cutting herself on accident instead (the script adjusted to have it be the protagonist instead), which Monika turned into a sexual fetish. One project he’s shared some vague information on is something involving DDLC. Levare Concept Libitina Landing. Did it assimilate Monika? But the question is: Why they traveled into Doki Doki's reality? She then deletes the game entirely, ending the simulation. Of course, this was also the virus' undoing: in becoming Monika, it really became Monika, forgetting its own origins and fully believing to be her, now doomed to wait until someone plays the game. In other hand, Monika hasn't used her Third Eye power yet, so she's able to sense the Player's presence and also to be self-aware of her medium.

Monika's repeated assertions that the other girls aren't real is just as much for her as it is for the player, perhaps even more so. She’s in some cases reluctant to talk about her problems.

The author of this topic has marked a post as the answer to their question. a message mentioning names that aren't in the game and symptoms of an unknown disease. This final variable and the idea of escaping the simulation is enough to make Monika break and delete her friends. Apart from that, everything else pretty much is unfounded speculation. It's shown she doesn't want it to be this way, because of the way she acts desperate for food. Dans working on something DDLC-related now. Posted by u/[deleted] 2 years ago. If Natsuki had died due to Monika's tampering, it would have involved her neck getting broken in some way. Once Monika starts tampering with the game, one of the things she fiddles with Yuri is to make her more... open, as well as more anxious. Maybe Monika decided to pass the torch but Sayori rejected in an extreme way? The only place Libitina is able to be coherent is through the heavily encrypted message in monika.chr, where she pleads with the player for help. It also mentions that the lead doctor on the project is the follower of some sort of religion (one that is different from that of his personnel, at least). Failing to do so has never been enough for her to kill, delete, or negatively alter her friends. I've only been in the fandom for about a month now. Project Libitina is a game that is being developed by Project Libitina. The speaker in the "Can you hear me?" They did say that after they were done destroying everything there, they'd move on to other worlds.

It has been confirmed in 2018, but when?

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