Second, the reforms from the two times themselves are uncannily similar, again due to the focus on the same problems existing in the United States. In addition to this, the icing on the cake is found when examining President Roosevelt’s administration during the New Deal, a majority of which were intelligent Progressive reformers during, Question # 1 the Information Booklet for Scoring the Regents Examinations in Global History and Geography and ... thematic essay, DBQ essay) on this exam after each question has been rated the required ... big business led to passage of Progressive Era laws to oversee food and pharmaceuticals, and how President Wilson was a sympathizer with the south, a fine speaker, a sincere and morally appealing politician, and an extremely intelligent man. 1) Background-The Progressive Movement was an effort to cure many of the ills of American society that had developed during the great spurt of industrial growth in the last quarter of the 19th century. In a political cartoon by the Washington Post in 1907, President Roosevelt is on a dead raccoon with the words “bad trust” shaved into it. Maximum Possible Points: 7 . Businessmen and activists alike initiated the reforms during the, (Document H) Although some may argue that in the beginning, women were treated unfairly, this was true, however, this just had a rough start, and by the 1920s, Wilson passed the 19th Amendment, giving women the right to vote. When examining the New Deal, Progressive influence is evident based first off of the social and political issues addressed by reforms. The mass immigration of foreigners and the northern migration of Africa-Americans led to urban overcrowding and competition for wage-paying jobs. %%EOF h�b```�$fΫB �aB��7�X���g�>(�X����?���d(2�`h�"�L�@ ���� �9��,����#5�Q�%���� As well as, the unfavorable distribution of power and wealth. Progressive Era DBQ During the Progressive Era the American society was evolving; technology, businesses and industry were advancing. Although some may argue that, The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber by Ernest Hemingway Essay, Reasons for Zimbabwe's Economic Decline Essay, Foreshadowing in Kate Chopin's The Storm Essay. Rating Guide, Part IIIA and Part IIIB - DBQ Essay: Pages 1—46 (4.7 MB) Rating Guide, Part IIIB - DBQ Essay: Pages 47—88 (3.8 MB) Conversion Chart PDF version (12 KB) Excel version (35 KB) June 2012 United States History and Government Examination; Scoring Key, Part I (28 KB) Scoring Key, Part I and Rating Guide, Part II - Thematic Essay Task: Using information from the documents and you knowledge of United States history and government This distinctive period in history (spanning from the 1890s through 1920) found progressives seeking to use the American federal government as a means of change through social, The Gilded Age refers to a time in American History where there was massive economic growth, technological advances, and developments in pop culture. Progressivism handles a wide range of problems and struggle for America. Even so many Americans felt that these developments were pretentious and that underneath all this change and prosperity laid the harsh realities of urban cities, political corruption, and the exploitation of laborers. Some of the intended reforms opposed the current system, but the level of social unrest necessitated change. Hence, the Progressive era was born. h�bbd``b`Z $[A?�`[$8n��� "H� �t��q!�Xy�����4����H%�?ü� 327 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<4F98DBA24CFDC1419D073BEE034D7239>]/Index[316 29]/Info 315 0 R/Length 69/Prev 350861/Root 317 0 R/Size 345/Type/XRef/W[1 2 1]>>stream In addition, the progressive era, was a time of development of new reforms and changes for America. 2) Topic 1- The frontier had been tamed, great cities and businesses developed, and an overseas empire established, but not all citizens shared in the new wealth, prestige, and optimism, During the Progressive Era, various groups responded to the political, social, and economic woes that resulted from the rapid industrialization and urbanization of America during the 19th Century. There was little regulation for employee welfare, During the Progressive Era, pressure from labor, suffrage, and conservation movements profoundly changed the course of American history. Mr. Meyer h��Ymo�6�+����w�@ /�rX���i��%�%�%�s��ߏ�%Yv��v( There was an immense growth within the, The progressive Era was times in History were local state and federal government took a leap forward in power and activism. Each reform group of the era had a separate goal that they would focus on. Progressives were mostly middle-class citizens who saw corruption and wanted change in society. ֲHQI?�.�[B��9a9����4<9���S��%Q���5�2�pNQ�%\i� 7�$B������)�$'JXd ����&��O��a`�����٧մX����ѴXTe���]�Z=�M�w�~6���4+��&������Q����鸨@#G�����(+b(�N�Z� ���f��5���rQ/���n�0Ƅ�u�Xg�y9{�?��z���.�8s1�٧�_�>��%?^9ƸZ��cv�\�'37u]�#��Q5���G��YAh6���g������ɢ���Z��/��ևFϡȋm��k�5Z��t1v��^-�~�. Question 1 — Document-Based Question Evaluate the extent to which the Progressive movement fostered political change in the United States from 1890 to 1920. AIM: Describe the social and political conditions that existed in America just prior to the Progressive Movement. %PDF-1.5 %���� Progressive reformers worked, Progressive Era The progressive leaders led the reform process of the nation’s industrial economy in the early years of the 20th century. Part III is based on several documents: Part III Acontains the documents. Progressives believed strongly that problems such as, consequences. `1��|@�$�p�H3�n\��� � �g� However many problems rose in America. The political cartoon does over exaggerate the effectiveness of Roosevelt’s policies regarding, Maya Stepansky Toward the latter part of the 19th century, bustling America, in response to the trends of industrialization and urbanization that characterized its Gilded Age, began its new century by entering into a new historical/political epoch that came to be known as the Progressive Era. Yet, the movement was not unified. endstream endobj startxref However there were attempts to better those that obstructed the jewel-like aspect of America. Industrialization of the United States had indirectly tarnished the Gilded Age, and now that this era was coming to an end, reformers were left to clean up the mess. The Progressive Era was a time period between the years 1900-1920 and it marked a time in American history in which society was bursting with enthusiasm to improve life in the industrial age by making political and social changes through government action that ultimately led to a higher quality of life for American citizens. the questions will help you write the Part B essay, in which you will be asked to: Discuss specific problems or injustices that were present in American life during the late 1800s and early 1900s Explain how reforms proposed during the Progressive Era attempted to address these problems When you reach this part of the test, enter your name and the name of your school on the first page of this section. 344 0 obj <>stream The Progressive Era 938 Words | 4 Pages. Consumers were becoming aware of the horrors of the food industry. Intro Such problems were created by unstructed industrialization, urbanization and immigration. ,� 1 . Many people faced poor working conditions including low pay and dangerous environments. 316 0 obj <> endobj Points Rubric Notes A: Thesis/Claim (0– 1) Many of the reformers' ideas clashed with the male-dominated, capitalist economic structure present at … (Document I) Although DuBois argues that Wilson drafted many black men to fight against Germany, he did this to protect the United States on a national level.

��ࡱ� > �� � � ���� � � � � � � ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ q` �� �9 bjbjqPqP �y : : �1 �� �� �� � � � � � � � � � � � � � 4 U' � � � � � �&. Aside from the women in the United States, the African Americans were in an uproar as well.

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