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However, some people win regularly, but some may not. Although you have enough money you will surely want more. I believe it is God’s will to prosper you, but prosperity doesn’t always mean money or property. There are some of the Islamic wazifas that can help you to win your dream lottery. Please help me out here.”.

I need this money desperately. When I say that, I do not mean in the sense that it is just for the sake of money. I let the Lord know that I really needed to pay what was due to Ceasar. CAFEMOM - Then read the Surah Nisa 35 times. For this, at first, you should make a fresh wuzu. I just need some help. Now you have to drop rose water on it. If your prayer is birthed in sin, it will never happen. If you perform such dua with full devotion and dedication you will surely win the lottery. Also, the process should be continued for 12 days or till the date of the opening of the lottery. Also, remember to donate one-fourth of the income to the poor and needy. My problems with money are never-ending. That question stands in advance of every prayer. “BUY A LOTTERY TICKET!”. Wazifa So, I only want to win the lottery to get out of debt and to have some money to also reinvest in our family business.

The blog was fruitful and helpfull at the same.

People all over the world have been sharing it because of the important reminder it gives us. They want the numbers printed on their lottery should win. With nowhere else to turn, the young man finally decided to do the one thing he hadn’t yet tried – he prayed. 0. I trust my Lord that he answer my prayer to win lottery worth 200 million. If it's not one thing, then it is another problem. This can give you the first prize in the Lottery. I would be very greatfull .thank you. I trust my Lord that he answer my prayer to win lottery worth 200 million. Are you even listening to me?”, What happened next truly shocked the young man. Thank you for spreading the word of Jesus. I request God to help me win a lottery so I can do the god’s work. God can prosper you with a healthy family, or peace at your job. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Wazifa To Win Lottery. Also, you have to wear clean clothes for this — Chant the suitable dua for 100 times for 15 days. Change ). Then read the wazifa 121 times. Please be with dear God, Hi need to prayer for all what is going on in my life please let win the PowerBall tonight for me and family, Please help me to win 17 million euro on lottery . I’ve lost much from this disease. If you want a million dollars so that you can be rich, then I don’t know if He’s going to prosper you in that way. Let us know in the comments. I mean it. These are commonly known as wazifa to God is so awesome and no matter what difficulties we are faced with, God will perform his will within our lives. Then you can do your daily isha. For god to bless me to win the Lotto.. And u hit it to the T…I believe that my god is amazing and he will do wat u ask in prayer only if u believe ..I knw in my heart and spirit he will bless me I’m already a winner .. For me, it is often easier to deal with difficult obstacles in life when I keep a positive outlook. I had many prayers for healing by a pastor and the whole congregation. Allah loves people who work for the betterment of others. I really need to win Lottery, I need to buy a home/financialy free and help family/friends and those in need. I’ll say more on this next time. But yes you can use some of the dua to increase your chances of winning.

Mobile : +91-9950815584 (WhatsApp/Viber Available) He drove his car to his childhood church and found a pew in the back rows of the quiet chapel. He got down on his knees and he prayed. Even my own personal debt, I am basically a quarter million in debt. need to help a friend who is totally down in her financial…. As I was contemplating which numbers to play, I heard 13. I need money to help others in special ways and for a doctor to get me out of this wheelchair. And so it is so…. Wazifa To Win Lucky Draw, The system is a lottery is a good source for people to earn money in a short period. You can also try the namaz of Isha. The system of lottery is always known as the easiest and fastest way to become rich. Thank you for this insight and confirmation. I pray for finances. Why? I would love to have the testimony that I owe no man or woman anything. Thank you. Plsease pray for me, when i die let me make heaven. .now I can’t paid for them..I lost my happiness and my family happiness too…please pray for My financial problems.

God looks at the heart of all people. my lotto number is 5,7,8,14,18,25. in jesus name. REVELIST - ( Log Out /  Amen. This story has been circulating the internet for over a decade, like the story of a rich girl who rejects a poor boy. I have already in me inner peace of faith, love, and sharing.

If you sit there and say, “God, I pray for a million dollars,” I’m going to guess that the first thing God’s going to ask is why you want a million dollars.

Gee..I was impressed by the wording of your original post from 18 months ago but I see nothing since then..I won’t bore the Lord with a prayer for finances..I find it to be disengenous..I will ask this; My brother is soon to be homeless and is in failing health and if you can grant me the means to help him I would greatly appreciate it..He has a faith that is far greater than mine and I hope that he still has value on this earth in the Lord’s eyes…. Things should also be taken care of that it is the game of luck. "I prayed for a lottery win. When times are tough, I usually try to do my best to find humor in the situation.

Then recite the Durood Shareef. wow I love reading your stories and your love for God and Jesus….. it really shows!!! This would be financially liberating for me. You can count on it. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

But there are always such cases when you still lose the lottery prize despite all your efforts. I am thankful… These are commonly known as wazifa to win the lottery. Thank You for openning my eyes and heart. I believe God answers prayers that are birthed in the hope of bringing grace and faith and power. ( Log Out /  From now on, whatever you request along the lines of who I am and what I am doing, I’ll do it.

You also have to blow the paper for about 29 times, and then keep the paper safe in your locker. But we all know the consequences of the probability of winning and losing this lottery. Wazifa To Win Lottery or for lottery numbers can be use to win lucky draw. We will receive anything we pray for?

There are some of the Islamic wazifas that can help you to win your dream lottery. I believe the same but still no winnings. Amen. That’s how the Father will be seen for who he is in the Son. At such a young age, the man felt that his future was hopeless and that he would truly need a miracle to help him climb out of this hole. He had lost his job, been forced to take out a second mortgage on his home, and seemed to be spiraling further and further into credit card debt. Please help me out here.” Again, the young man waited several days with no results.

I love a surprise ending, but even more, I love stories like this that have a great message. It is “lottery prayer that works.” That phrase has shown up within the top search terms literally every week of this blog’s existence. “Dear God, I’m not sure if you received my last prayer, but I really need your help to win the lottery.

my lotto number is 5,7,8,14,18,25. in jesus name. The young man waited several days and nothing happened. You can take their advice. The person who trusts me will not only do what I’m doing but even greater things, because I, on my way to the Father, am giving you the same work to do that I’ve been doing.

Following this procedure, you will surely win your dream lottery and fulfill your needs. However, care should be taken that there is no gap in between. If you want the numbers in your lottery to be stronger, you can use these wazifas. You hear people say, “Oh really. Not trying to be rich but I need more than my social security and Medicare. ( Log Out /  I can see all the good that I can do with them. I have bills to pay but .more than that I want to be the lender and not the borrower. For this, you have to recite the DuroodShareef for 11 times. Want to use LittleThings' editorial content? You will see positive results in a few days. …, Help me to ask the Lord to let me win the powerball the 7 July 2017 i need it so please, God as healed me having Pneumonia not once but Twice-I was on Oxogen 24/7 never thought I would ever come off from it with God and his Love to me it’s been over two weeks I have had no Oxogen-I ‘m sure there is a reason why I’m doing so well I have tried all my life to be a good person and I try to treat everybody the same-because God would want me to be the best I could be-If I win the Big Lottery tonight or in the near future, I would help out the real needy and the people have helped me and my family throughout the years when we were done and out on our Luck-and Jesus even if I don’t win I will be ever thankful to you for as long as I’m on this Earth-so please stay with me and keep from falling into the devilish ways.

I pray for them, and I believe I’m going to get them. I need to buy a house and help my family . Following this procedure till the date of the lottery results will give you success. May God bless everyone within this world with his divine grace.

The luck surely depends on success but there is also Islamic prayer to win lotto. Thank you Jeremy I really believe in God I know he can do everything for me but now I’m in a very bad situation would you please help me to pray God so I can win the lottery this month please because I can’t anymore the only thing I wanted to do now is killing myself because I have no body to help me pease my dear Lord help me to win the lottery jackpot, I dont need an entire lottery,just enough that can clear my debts and have enough to cover sickness.Other folks can share the remainder. So when I read this story that was both funny and meaningful, I knew I’d have to share it. If Allah is happy with you and your good deeds, you will surely win a jackpot. Molana Abdul have more then 35 year of Islamic healer experience, thousand of peoples are now living great life by help of molana.

So by reciting theses specific wazifas you can win your lottery. Othello Phillips Jr.

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