Shortly after, Poodles eventually became immensely popular among the nobles of France as well as other parts of Europe. Come join the discussion about breeds, training, puppies, food reviews, grooming, and more. About two days before an important competition, poodles usually undergo a “rough cut” grooming that shapes the hair into an outline of the show style. While we may associate the pompon-bearing Poodles with dog shows and companionship, the graceful breed actually originated from Europe. Not only do these sounds include animal noises, but also the sound of gunfire, running water and especially the game that they’re going to “hunt.”. Poodles came from Germany. Since 1984, when UKC initiated their retriever hunt tests, several standard poodles have earned the highest titles awarded in those tests. This year’s competition had 37 perfectly pruned poodles competing: 17 standards, 13 miniatures, and seven toys. But thanks to the intelligence, Poodles excel at more than just hunting. "During hunting season, the coat should be an inch long, or maybe a bit longer," said Angie Louter. Toy Poodles need daily exercise to maintain a healthy weight and stay fit. The site has the PCA rules for the club's Working Certificate Tests (WC/WCX) and much general information of the breed Finally, teach your Poodle to look for a tame bird in a contained outdoor area. While Standard Poodles have been around for more than five centuries, the smaller Toy and Mini varieties are of recent origin and a product of customer demand.
That is where the crazy hair cuts came from. Keep the dog on a long leash while you’re training so as not to harm the bird (or potentially the dog). Training Poodles to hunt is similar to training Poodles in general. In this article, we’ll take a look at the historical roles and jobs of Poodles, their temperaments and their unique method of hunting. But three factors have long masked the poodle's hunting talents from the general public's view. The coat may be any of several solid colors, most commonly black, gray, brown, apricot and white. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life. POODLE CLUB OF AMERICA (PCA): This is the AKC member club that sponsors the poodle breed in the United States. To begin this search, try contacting any of the three poodle-owning hunters quoted in this story. Surprisingly, Mini Poodles are the most active of the three. When you see certain areas of the poodle’s body are shaved while certain others have tufts of hair, giving it what is now called the “poodle look,” it is a direct result of the breed’s working and sporting heritage. This also makes them good watch dogs, as it’ll take them some time to warm up to unfamiliar people. Here's how to keep your hunting partner from slipping out of range. You can cancel anytime.

It’s better for the dog to get used to the sights and sounds that are associated with hunting. This meant a bigger focus on a hunting dog’s temperament, as opposed to a companion dog’s. When it gets long enough, the fur braids itself into long cords that drag on the floor. You can take your young Poodle puppy on hunting trips where the newbie stays leashed and just observe other, more experienced dogs at work. As a life long outdoorsman and hunter my wife Helen and I have put together this web site to educate other hunters and anyone else who is interested, that in spite of decades of being bred strictly for the show ring, many Standard Poodles still retain the hunting and retrieving instinct for which they were originally bred. VERSATILITY IN POODLES (VIP): This is a national club that encourages poodle participation in hunting tests, PCA WC/WCX tests, obedience trails, agility rally and tracking. This site is in no way affiliated to Manchester United Football Club. Sending in a laid-back or low energy dog breed, such as a Great Pyrenees, may not end well for the dog. Thus, every poodle must be trimmed regularly, which is a time-consuming job, even for a professional groomer, and an expensive job for amateurs who choose not to trim their own poodles. These Dogs Hunt Welcome. Where, legend has it, they were lion-hunters. Poodles had the temperament of a true hunter. Poor Kala has been standing for a long time. Thusly trimmed, the coat protects the dog in all but bone-chilling water. Second, those outlandish dog show coifs that move us to mirth prevent us from visualizing such a dog with all that hair actually hunting anything--except possibly a place on the couch.

As for the origins of the Poodle’s unique hairdo?

Fun fact: his all time favorite breed is the German Shepherd. All of which, can be big obstacles while swimming. However, a hunting Poodle is not as common as you’d think.

An extra pompom, just for brags, is trimmed above the hind leg near the tail. But--and for hunters this is a most important but--no law, rule or directive requires a hunter to keep his poodle in those outlandish dog show trims that make the dog look like a sissified male lion. The nearest i can find on google says they were used as "lion hunters" but im sure they were used to fight them as well. And according to the AKC, Poodles are one of the 15 most active dog breeds! However, the French breed name, caniche, comes from chien canard, or "duck dog," so they have also classified it a retriever. By joining Slate Plus you support our work and get exclusive content. Even the origin of the word "Poodle" emphasizes this. Third, poodles have a reputation as circus dogs, trick dogs, great entertainers--dogs that do humiliating things no self-respecting retriever would even consider. They’re able to retrieve in water with more ease, thus making them efficient at retrieving. "My wife's Callie is only 22 inches tall and 45 pounds," Scovel said. I am still trying to decide what to do with Kala's hair. On the other hand, Toy Poodles can be just 7 pounds and Miniatures range around 20 pounds. He wants to please, so if the boss 'splains what he wants well enough, the pooch will need few corrections. From general topics to more of what you would expect to find here, has it all. See more ideas about Poodle, Standard poodle, Poodle dog. He is so cute!

"His hunting ability will depend greatly on his close bonding with you. And finally, the Poodle made its way to England after years of exhibiting highly capable retrieving abilities. Like most retriever breeds, the poodle produces many good duck dogs and a few good goose dogs.
Neither has any problem body-slamming an irate, crippled Canada goose and bringing it back alive.". If you are wondering if there is any variation in temperament between Standard Poodles, Toy Poodles and Miniature Poodles, the answer is “yes.” The reasons for this is fairly obvious. According to Stanley Coren, a pHD and canine psychologist, Poodles are the 2nd smartest dog for work & obedience IQ. Take advantage of these several little drills each day to keep the bad habits away. Poodles are no exception. Swimming can be tiring, especially because they had to swim through marshes where waterfowl hunters often hunted. Not only is it hypoallergenic (rarely sheds), but also provides the dog with protection against water. Poodles are highly intelligent dogs. - They will plow through the snow, hunting for pheasants hiding underneath. Owners eventually tied these knots with brightly colored ribbons to help them identify their dogs from afar. There are many hunters who will attest to how good their Poodles have been on their hunting trips. I have an 8 month old red Standard Poodle. Faith in the owner is large why Poodles are so responsive on their hunting trips.

"A poodle may take a little longer to enjoy water retrieving," Louter said. When protecting their owners, poodles seem to have good judgment, applying no more force than necessary. It’s just that Poodles serve a different purpose than the Beagle (tracking) or the Ridgebacks (attack game). As such, this provides better insulation when swimming in freezing cold water. For this reason, the trainer must be more creative than his dog. Like the other retriever breeds, the poodle is an all-rounder, both a waterfowl retriever and an upland bird flusher/retriever.

While Standard Poodles are great hunting companions, the Mini and Toy variations are mostly lap dogs.

"His coat keeps him warm, and it shakes dry very quickly.". ", "My Jethro took to water right away," Dietz said. LOL, Roxy I just love the pic of the mixed breed "Lion." Such males weigh 45 to 60 pounds; such females weigh 40 to 50 pounds. Many of them work for the sake of working, which reduced challenges for hunters. These dogs just need the proper experience and training to thrive on the field. Poodles, especially the smaller varieties, were popular with the nobility, who would mold the little dogs’ hair into extravagant styles, sometimes mimicking the ornate pompadours that French men and women wore themselves at the time. However, they may not automatically make it to a list of greatest hunting dogs. Clearly, the standard poodle has excellent credentials as a working retriever. However, most hunting poodles stand much taller, with males 24 to 26 inches and females 22 to 24 inches. Cynologists agree that poodles in that era had these unusual clips out of occupational necessity: An unshorn poodle’s thick coat could weigh it down in the water.

It’s always good to start training your dog early, no matter what breed and no matter to what end. You can also get super realistic like this hahaha. "Kids and adults love him, and he loves the attention.". Out of 138 dog breeds, only the Border Collie scored better than the Poodle. Lion Cut is the most extravagant cut you can have on a poodle. Surrey Spice Girl  in 2002. Poodles tend to be very playful, bouncy, and fun. While many Poodles dominated in Europe during the hunting glory days, this may not be the case anymore. And due to their size, Mini and Toy Poodles are not suitable for hunting and retrieving. "watching two dogs breed in kansas, does not mean you are a breeder " John G, "You have enemies? We hope you find what you are searching for! Many centuries ago, Poodles began their journey as retrieving water dogs in Germany. In fact, the Poodle’s coat is unique. Play fetch with your Poodle using a tennis ball to ensure that the dog learns to release the object (ball or bird) on command. Such a disservice to the breed. Plus, Poodles will protect their owners or at least attempt to.

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