evrything is true holy xD, Thank you for such insightful information . You need to realize that real friends will accept you for who you are. Learning to trust ourselves and respecting our own emotions as alarms to alert us, to feel, to sense, and to communicate only love. Meditation and drumming are two optional methods. They are also adept at examining their life experiences. Any and all donations will be used to help animals in need on Go Fund Me. Hi and thank you very much for my dream interpretation! This is usually towards themselves. It was considered a hoax, and is an animal of paradoxical behaviours.

It’s so sensitive that the platypus can hunt with its eyes, ears, and nose all closed, relying entirely on the bill’s electrolocation system. The Dream Platypus interpretation was helpful. It is reassuring you that no matter what others may think of you, don’t be afraid to show who you really are. Platypus asks you to embrace all of who you are, not to shy away from any part of you. This can be considered that you will be in a situation that will feel very unusual and uncomfortable, for example, you might go on a trip with your wife and step-children.

The only way in which you will be able to make progress in life is to search for the easiest path for your own self and sticking to it wherever possible.

If we are tuned in to all things around us we feel them first before seeing them.

Just like the beaver spirit animal, the platypus symbolism teaches you the importance of solitude and finding peace and calm in isolation. Platypus Meaning, and Messages. This is usually towards themselves. Will sometimes have the platypus as a spiritual guide to show them that there is something they are not seeing clearly. Required fields are marked *.

The platypus meaning encourages you to embrace your flaws because they make you uniquely you! If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Thankyou for the clarity, I received a lot from your wisdom,It added to my oracle card reading this morning just clarifying what I had been given but in a very ispectacular way. If the platypus spirit animal does indeed venture into your life, then it is viewed as representing you effectively having wisdom on tap. The ability to persevere and to be determined at being able to achieve this is going to then allow you to move onto better things in the future. Take some time to be away from the noise and the bustle so that you can focus completely. Also, this spirit animal reminds you … Platypus symbolism is also closely connected to the idea of you having absolute peace in everything that you do. The platypus meaning symbolizes being at peace even when you are isolated.

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