Garlic is assigned to both Hecate and Lilith and is useful in magickal workings involving protection, self-empowerment, passion, and courage. It can be added to protection mojo bags focused on vampiric energy or to guard against baneful magicks. Opium Poppy is an attractive annual, with pale pink to deep red flowers, ruffled leaves and tall stems.

Aconite is a hardy perennial and generally grows in damp and shady places in mountainous and hilly regions, reaching up to 2 metres tall in height. Unlike the rest of the herbs thus far, the Opium Poppy is ruled by the Moon, not Saturn, not altogether surprising in light of the fact that the drug provides hallucinogenic, narcotic and euphoric effects � the moon has always had an association with sleep, madness and dreams, after all! And, I’ve read that chickens seem to like it as do sheep.
Mints are among the most varied herb around.

If this is not the case and you wish an image removed, please do email me. The berries are about the same size as cherries and are highly poisonous. German witches used to carry the herb to Brocken Peak on Walpurgis Night, for their (probably infernal) celebrations. Note: My blog contains affiliate links/ads from advertisers from which I may earn advertising commissions. Unlike many of the rest of the herbs mentioned so far in this article, Wolfsbane is from the ranunculaceae family and is extremely poisonous.

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" + t); Moon is traveling through witty Gemini today.

Carbon, S. Peels and V. Pirenne-Delforge, Collection of Greek Ritual Norms (CGRN), Liège 2015– (, Suidas s.v.

Also known as hag’s taper, mullein is a versatile plant. They are the plants that grow outside the gingerbread cottage, that are often ruled by Saturn and Mercury � chancy planets, which rule plants that can have unpredictable effects. In larger doses it can kill very easily so its best not to use it, and to leave it up to a qualified herbalist to prescribe this plant. In modern day herbal medicine, the plant is used as an antispasmodic for painful, spasmodic conditions of the digestive system, urinary tract and respiratory tract, as well as to treat asthma and as a pain killer and sedative.

Apparently the gods had placed the plant there to grant rest to the frantic Demeter. Many of us will recall the popular fairy tale of Snow White, which was converted into one of the first Disney movies.

Used both in herbal preparations and in ritual, this herb of Venus is magickal and healing.

One of the earliest legends mentioning it mention its use on the isle of Chios, in eastern Aegea, in the Greek era, where it was apparently used as a form of enforced euthanasia for those unfortunates who had become senile in their old age.
The smallest scratch would be enough to make the victim sicken and die. May 2010

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