"zigzagged" in some way. Fujita - The Fujita scale is an attempt to classify damage from a tornado. A cold pool allows for stronger storm forward motion and wind momentum given the other ingredients. Tornado #13 - Rogers Park, IL EF-1 Aug 10, 11 a.m. deep layer wind shear, with values of 40+ kt sufficient for storm organization, and given the unidirectional mid-level wind profile, this also would help support the development of a forward-propagating storm complex. Aug 10, 11 a.m. low-level wind shear with values of 20-25 kt (that likely increased further as the complex strengthened) indicating cold pool organization from rain-cooled air. As a Aviation When they do, paths are drawn from the NCDC data.

Hazardous Weather Outlook The violent tornado killed 29 people and injured 353. This tornado was terrible because it was missed. LASALLE COUNTY. J.B. Pritzker defended his Administration's stance on leaving US flags at half-mast across the State of Illinois on Monday. Tornadoes hit Ottawa, Grant Park and Plainfield Monday afternoon, with the Plainfield tornado lingering nearly 15 miles before eventually lifting. By JERRY NOWICKICapitol News Illinoisjnowicki@capitolnewsillinois.com http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WP9EcNAPGJs, Courtesy of YouTube user Gilbert Sebenste's Trains and Storms. This was a rarely issued Particularly Dangerous Situation Severe Thunderstorm Watch due to the likelihood of widespread significant wind damage. It goes to show how powerful nature can turn when it gets ugly. are given. I could see extensive damage to many homes even from the highway. These are primarily classified as straight-line winds rather than tornadic. *Data within this database has been pulled from the Storm Prediction Center's (SPC) historical tornado data file. Although paths are drawn as uniform thin lines on the map, it is likely that the tornado changed size over its

I'm from Plainfield. Please Contact Us. Outlooks, Local Forecasts

There are several reasons that paths may be inaccurate: Even with the above in mind, the data is the best available.

Please select one of the following: ​Several tornadic circulations developed within the main line of thunderstorms, and these accounted for 13 tornadoes across northern Illinois and northwest Indiana. [33.72, -86.15] vs [33.71689, -86.15463]). tornado started in northwest Lake County, continued into Wisconsin and through Camp Lake, and appeared to dissipate over the lake in NWS Milwaukee's area of responsibility. For interactive maps of storm reports, visit the, Composite radar (highest intensity within the column) of derecho across northern Illinois courtesy of. It then went southeast over DeKalb, producing hail the size of golf balls and bigger at DeKalb around 2:45 PM. coordinates should be considered as estimates only. If you see a path that is depicted incorrectly, please post a comment Stormdata

The 1928 tornado damaged a furnature factory, leveled several other downtown buildings. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WP9EcNAPGJs. I can only speak for myself about this, but if I were living there, I'd keep my fingers crossed. I volunteered with the Red Cross in the following days delivering supplies on foot and saw the most amazing, horrible things. Northern Illinois and northern Indiana have long been known as a corridor of enhanced derecho activity, as shown in this graphic from a published paper by Guastini & Bosart (2016) titled "Analysis of a Progressive Derecho Climatology and Associated Formation Environments".

This brief EF-0 tornado was on the ground for less than 1 minute and produced minor damage to a metal farm building immediately west of State Highway 41. A very brief tornado touched down near the intersection of Seminary Avenue and Scott Street before moving northeast where it knocked a roughly 50 foot steeple around to the north side of the College Church in Wheaton. Aug 10, 9 a.m. surface weather map highlighting the very moist air mass ahead of the maturing thunderstorm complex at that time. The Plainfield tornado lingered nearly 15 miles before eventually lifting.

Northern Joliet and Crest Hill fared far better. Plainfield is probably 4 times bigger now (it was a small town then), but just as vulnerable.

NWS Quad Cities weather balloon launch at 12 p.m. on August 10 that sampled a high amount of instability thanks to exceptionally steep mid-level lapse rates and very high equilibrium levels, ample moisture, and undirectional mid-level flow of sufficient amount for long-lived, organized, forward-propagating storms. Aug 10, 11 a.m. MCS maintenance parameter, which provides probabilistic information combining shear profile data, mid-level lapse rates, instability, and mid and upper level wind flow. Skywarn One was near an Illinois State Police outpost near Pecatonica, IL captured by a news crew in Rockford at around 1:30 PM. The storm that tracked across Plainfield began in southern Yorkville at 3:15 pm lifting in Plainfield. Brought this up with a co-worker in '00, and he remembered seeing a satellite tornado swinging into the other side of his apt bldg in Crest Hill, before his mom tossed him into a cupboard.

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