The woman introduces herself as Ini Miney, a college student who is studying "parapsychology". It appears that you will have to look at this from a different angle. She accuses Gumshoe of damaging her perfect logic. It's hopeless! Suddenly, the room darkens, and a few chains appear around Ini along with what looks like a lock. Otherwise, Move to the Hotel Lobby.Also, you can move to the Detention Center to talk to Engarde. Mimi Miney's breakdown is altered: she rips her hat by driving her head through it, screams, and explodes in a firey blaze when her identity is revealed. When presenting Maya's profile to Lotta Hart, Lotta comments that Maya should be taught some manners seeing as how this was the second time Maya was being accused of murder. You can see the wooden box for the first time. You get a choice: Lotta Hair or I don't know you will make you feel silly and anger this woman, but you will get the Um, Lotta Hair, Was It? The Folding Screen will be added to the Court Record. Finish the court case first if you want to talk to him again. There is a hole in it about 8 inches off the ground. Pearl says she has never been outside the village before, and decides to stay.

Just Present Maya's Magatama when you see the PRESENT option on the main screen, and you'll begin: Ini wants to know if she has a connection to Dr. Grey.

She takes Gumshoe away (after some physically humorous moments). You are given the menu again. Can you find a contradiction at this stage? Just what were the two talking about? Why would Maya be squatting near the folding screen when she should be preparing to attack? Maya says she doesn't recall ever leaving the room and she doesn't recall a third person either.

Powers says he may know Andrews. Edgeworth scolds von Karma for being so enraged about her lost perfect record. Things are going downhill, and fast. You can Talk to Edgeworth. Present Juan Corrida's Profile to Andrews. Well, von Karma's whip seems to help in this case. Note: On the 3DS/Steam Trilogy version, "co-dependency" has been replaced with "Dependant nature". There is only one key like this, and Maya had the key when she entered the room.

Andrews blames Engarde and Corrida's rivalry for the murder. Von Karma then explains the defendant pushed the victim before the latter fired. But the conversation is mostly the same as yesterday or "Part 1" of the investigation (check the previous page on the last part about taking Engarde's case).

This page was last edited on 1 August 2020, at 07:31. Present the Suicide Report. Thus, Morgan does not have her own monologue in Solitary Cell 13, and the reunion between Mia and Maya would be brought over to the end of the. Who's the scarier one? You suddenly see 3 Psyche-Locks! The more the person wants to hide their secret, the more Psyche-Locks you'll see. Therefore, you have yet to prove anything.
But I still managed to point my camera at Maya and take a shot!

It looks like there's nothing in it, but you see that it's wet on the top of the lid... and nothing else. Wright then sarcastically thinks "Well, excuuuse me, Princess." Talk to Mia: Speaking of Maya, let's see how she is doing. Wright uses the lack of this ornament in one of the photographs to prove that Maya could not have committed the murder.

Newspaper Clipping #1 will be added to the Court Record. von Karma thus uses the photo showing the supposed channeling of Mimi Miney getting bloodstains on Maya's outfit to prove the existence of the Kurain Channeling Technique.

Von Karma has Gumshoe testify further about the evidence. Talk to Lotta: You can now Move to Engarde's Hotel Room. The Guidemap (Fey Manor) will be added to the Court Record. Is she hiding something? You are given a choice to present further evidence. After you are done with both Engarde and Corria's rooms, Move to the Viola Hall. Gumshoe presents Dr. Grey's Autopsy Report, which will be added to the Court Record. You'll see why. Here it is, the crime scene.

Yesterday, you told her Lotta took two shots! Time to start investigating. You can't see Maya's face, however. How is that important? But the conversation is mostly the same as yesterday or "Part 1" of the investigation (check the previous page on the last part about taking Engarde's case).

Move to the Side Room. ... your friend and rival, who you faced in a couple of cases one year ago - for a moment. Pearl says that with this, you have the ability to see people's secrets in their hearts. Talk to Mia. You call the police outside. You can Talk to Powers if you want for some comedic conversations, but you won't learn anything to help your case. 2. Morgan tells you that Maya is unconscious after the "spirit severing technique", but she will be fine. Speaking of von Karma, she herself appears in the room. Examine the door. It looks like an autograph for a certain "Wendy". The shot was fired from point-blank range. To do that is the second reason.

Ini recognizes it as her sister's name. Your goal in each case is to find all of your clients not guilty. Her name was Celeste Inpax. Maya is in a panic now. Maya does not reunite with Mia after the end of the final trial. It looks like there is a picture of a shell on it. However, if you annoy the Judge too much, your client will be found guilty and a GAME OVER will occur. You see Grey, who is given a map to the Fey Manor. "Riddle me this, The vehicle involved in the car crash is actually an American car, a. With Maya's Magatama, you have the power to see when someone's hiding something from you. But the conversation is mostly the same as yesterday or "Part 1" of the investigation (check the previous page on the last part about taking Engarde's case). Present the Attempted Suicide Report. You don't need to learn about the real-life court system to get any ideas of what to expect, as it is self-explanatory. Pearl decides to accompany you. On a rainy day, you get a visit from Turner Grey, who is a surgeon at the Grey Surgical Clinic. Choose Can't present anything yet, as doing so would get you nowhere. If the person gives in, the Psyche-Lock will break.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Justice For All | Table of Contents | Walkthrough. This page has been accessed 549,094 times. This page has been accessed 467,224 times. Pearl is now willing to help you. However, if you annoy the Judge too much, your client will be found guilty and a GAME OVER will occur. By the way, when you examine a big room, press on the DS/3DS to switch sides. She will then start talking after she finishes crying. When asked whether you agree or not, choose Something doesn't make sense. Talk to Pearl if you want. There are two bedspreads and it looks like someone is sleeping in one of them. Why didn't Lotta mention this in her testimony? Mia tells you Maya could be innocent. You are given a choice of whether to insist or not. The Channeling Chamber has no windows and the door was locked shut. After updating Maya's Costume, Present it on Gumshoe's fourth statement.

Present Newspaper Clipping 2. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Justice For All/Episode 2: Reunion, and Turnabout/Part 2-2: Trial

Present the Suicide Report to Edgeworth. The attempted suicide note said something about Andrews' "co-dependency". When given the chance, Present the Autograph... and that's it. The murderer used the pistol to finish the victim off after the stabbing. If the sleeve was shot at point-blank range, there should be gunpowder burn around it! The defendant attacked and killed a person who, without doubt, was not fighting back. The anime had Phoenix needing Lotta's help to open it.

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