[Gage throws food at Church's box]  I'll bite Jud. Ellie

Ellie During Thanksgiving while the family is gone, Ellie's cat, Church, is run down on the highway.

Pascow is an even more interesting character when you realize that he comes back from the dead (though not in the same way as the resurrected) and doesn’t mean the family harm, but rather wants to help. Additionally, the music of The Ramones can be heard at an early point in Pet Sematary. In 1984, Romero bought the film rights to Stephen King’s novel after King initially turned down several other offers. : Mostly, the concept of the plot comes from the heartbreak the family felt when King’s daughter’s cat Smuckey was killed on the highway near their Maine home. Additionally, King had a neighbor at the time who heavily resembled Jud Crandall and also had a pet cemetery in the woods nearby his home. As nice as it is that the movie tries to keep true to the book (Timmy Baterman looks to be chewing on a human bone at one point, and while Rachel’s corpse doesn’t look bitten, Gage does finish Jud off by tearing out his throat with his teeth), without the Wendigo and other talk of the Micmacs burying victims of cannibalism (which is what might have caused the ground to go sour and attracted the Wendigo to the area in the first place), the biting and chewing of not-brains seems a little odd in this over-glorified zombie movie. Is Missy in heaven, do you think?

: Louis Creed Why, for God's sake? The ground beyond... is sour. And perhaps like an abusive partner, it lures people in with promises and manipulates situations in its own favor.

She just died a little while ago. Even now, I wake up and think, "Is Zelda dead, yet? [Louis then looks at Ellie and smiles]  Is she? Shh! Won't be much longer now. [Flashback shows Zelda choking, with a young Rachel trying to assist]  :

Well, that sometimes, death is better. I want to wake up. : Fans of the band will recognize the driver of the truck playing the Ramones song “Sheena Is a Punk Rocker” on the radio. : Ultimately, whether Campbell was in consideration or not, the role of Louis Creed would go to Dale Midkiff.

: [Louis looks down at the growling Church]  Much of the film was shot in Maine, including the Creeds home on Point Road in Hancock and the funeral at Mount Hope Cemetery on State Street in Bangor. But when he spoke, his voice was steady enough. : I don't want Church to get his nuts cut, daddy. Louis Creed She's choking. Louis Creed : : Louis Creed You promise, daddy?

Ellie This is especially strong if you consider Pascow, not Jud, as the true catalyst of the bad events; because, while Jud is the one to reveal the Pet Sematary to Louis, it is Pascow who tells him that something mysterious lies beyond, which could have peaked his curiosity and quieted some of his misgivings when Jud tries to lead him over the deadfall. Christ on his throne, no. Today is thanksgiving day for cats, but only if they came back from the dead.

[14] The film features two songs by the Ramones, one of Stephen King's favorite bands: "Sheena Is a Punk Rocker" appears in a scene, and "Pet Sematary", a new track written specially for the picture, plays over the credits. [the two remain silent for a moment as they hear what sounds like a scream] 

: They don't have to know. : "[25], Richard Harrington of The Washington Post called it "bland, clichéd, cheap". "[28] At Dread Central, Steve Barton rated it 4/5 stars and called it one of the best King adaptations;[29] Jason Jenkins rated it 3.5/5 stars and called it "one of the better King adaptations of the period". A group of men including Jud tried destroying Timmy by lighting the Baterman house on fire, only for Bill to perish with his son. : :
Don't. : He now stinks, moves sluggishly, and is vicious toward Louis.

Ellie The interiors of the Creed house were recreated on a soundstage in Ellsworth, while the interiors of Jud's house were built inside the Bangor Arsenal. Louis Creed And, kiss him good night for me. Gage?

She impressed him with her enthusiasm for his novels and her commitment to stay faithful to his source material, which secured her the job. But regardless, the fact that Louis would continue to follow Jud all the way up there, despite some obvious danger, all to bury the cat where Jud thinks would be best, speaks to how much they have bonded and how much respect Louis has for Jud.

Louis Creed

'Cause... whatever lives in the ground beyond the Pet Sematary ain't human at all. To get you a valium.

Jud Crandall [Jud shows Louis how to climb the hill of branches at the Pet Sematary]  [Jud tells Louis the truth about the ground beyond the Pet Sematary].

Rachel returns home and is lured into Jud's house by the voice and specter of her dead sister Zelda, only to discover that she is actually seeing Gage, holding a scalpel. I'm at Jud's daddy. (And if you’re scared of clowns, it’s even worse.) Gage Why you did what you did doesn’t ultimately matter. Louis Creed rushes out and grabs his son just in time, saving Gage’s life. Where you going? : :

Jud Crandall :

Louis awakens, assuming it was a dream, but notices his feet are covered in dirt. What trouble? I have faith in that. You're telling me that place knew Gage was going to die?

Jud Crandall The dialogue is very corny and sappy at times, and the music can add to this. Just down here a little ways. Do you believe that? : An initial 1989 adaptation of the same name, also produced by Paramount, "buried" the competition at the box office, earning $12 million in its opening weekend and grossing more than $57 million overall domestically, according to Box Office Mojo. And then she died.

I'll have to mull that over for a while. She started to... she started to convulse.

In fact, “Sematary” is a child’s spelling.

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