It’s the first game to implement a social link system, allowing players to develop relationships with each cast member. With smart Persona usage, it’s possible to blast through most encounters with just Yu. Everything else is optional. It takes some interesting turns along the way that end in a realistic, yet eye-opening message about life and loss. Persona 3 laid the groundwork for every mainline entry since its release.

In fact, allowing other characters to not have to waste their turns on utility spells seems to be Yosuke’s main strength in general, aside from providing competent wind damage through the game.
When you’re building your ultimate Loki, the build you’re going to want to go for is this: It should be noted that you can replace Mind Charge with another elemental resistance if you have a support Persona capable of casting Mind Charge for you. Yukiko’s greatest weakness in the vanilla release was a suspicious lack of Mind Charge, but, rightfully gives her the skill– albeit locked as her very last bike skill.

has an incredibly tight knight party where every character shines, but some party members are better than others. Sort by.

Adachi is a new and surprising social link in Persona 4 Golden, and he’s worth your time over Marie, who turns out to be more generic than endearing. 93% Upvoted. I don't care what you say, Generation II sucks. softens its appeal is through its party members. What really separates Persona 4 Golden Personas from the pack are natural resistances and unique skills. RELATED: Persona 5 Royal: The D&D Moral Alignments Of The Main Characters. Where Chie really pulls ahead is toward the end of the game where she can end entire battles on her own with Agneyastra and her utility with Dragon Hustle pulls far ahead of what Kanji is able to provide with Matarukaja. Similarly, because Skill Cards are so easily accessible, most Personas’ natural skills are only convenient. overpowered) skill that he learns at level 83, "Hassou Tobi", which deals 8 hits of physical damage to all enemies. Persona 4 is the series’ biggest departure from the Shin Megami Tensei brand, and also the entry that truly established ‘Persona’ as a proper JRPG franchise on its own. Even Kanji’s new skills in Golden couldn’t save him from his fate. Other than the main character, that is. As Golden gives Naoto access to both Bufudyne and Ziodyne, she makes an excellent elec caster in light of Kanji’s lack of magical aptitude– especially when paired with Mind Charge from her Social Link. On a mechanical level, the game really is more of the same– the fundamental gameplay changes being the addition of party control and more traditional level design. Should players fail to max out a single Social Link with their party members, Teddie’s plot mandated S. Link will ultimately result in his Persona evolving.
Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Hassou Tobi is ridiculously powerful. Best Hades Aspects TIER LIST – ALL Aspects, Best Persona 4 Golden Characters TIER LIST, Persona 4 Golden Best Equipment for Every Character, Top 5 Absolute Best Borderlands 3 Grenades, Borderlands 3 Phasezerker Farm & Location Guide, Best Pillars of Eternity 2 Barbarian Subclass/Multiclass, Best and Worst Wasteland 3 Quirks EXPLAINED, Why You SHOULD Overthrow the Wasteland 3 Bizarre, Persona 5 Royal Ryuji Persona Guide & Best Build, Best DotA Underlords Scrappy Build 2020 Meta. Yosuke, Yukiko, and Kanji is a really solid team. I'd say Yosuke + Kanji + Yukiko/Teddie as well. ’s, which naturally has gameplay consequences.

Despite this major woe, Dancing All Night does a good job remixing some of Persona 4‘s best melodies. Yu Narukami. Each type of combination has its own advantages and disadvantages so I'll just explain to you each character's strength and weakness and let you decide for yourself. With an account you can customize your profile and write blog posts that are seen by all other users, as well as possibly being showcased on the main site. He provides a fair amount of utility with his access to healing, Matarukaja and Marakunda, which generally means you can use Teddie and have no reason to take Kanji or Yukiko for utility purposes. As far as stats go, he’s balanced across the board, albeit prioritizing agility above all else. As Chie does fall out for a bid during the mid-game, this isn’t a bad idea in practice, but it can have unfortunate consequences once Kanji starts to fall off– and does he ever fall off. Surt is the 3rd of the top tier elemental Persona 4 Golden Personas. Helel is the ultimate Persona in a variety of ways.

One such way Persona 4 softens its appeal is through its party members. This could be a good thing for fans who love the franchise’s signature mechanics but want a change of tone.

monitoring_string = "9825918b2b361fb0e003f4935ce18ae6", Nintendo Switch / PC / PS4 / PS5 / Xbox One, PC / PS4 / PS5 / Xbox One / Xbox Series X. Ai’s social link unlocks through the Sports Club social link. ’s main character, Yu can change his Persona at will, giving players quite a bit of gameplay variety.

If nothing else, this ensures the party isn’t totally deprived of Ultimate Personas for the endgame. The special spell that he learns is Panta Rhei, which deals severe wind damage to one enemy. Click here for the Chie Skills & Best Build Guide. He almost has to be considering he’s the only playable character that can never be removed from the party.

"Beyond the beaten path lies the absolute end.

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