Thalia then said "Thank you my Lady" then she gave Percy a looked then said "Follow me". Why do I have to stop looking for Percy what happened to him? Percy Jackson is once again offered Godhood after the end of The Second Giant War. The hunt is known for being only for girls, but what happens when one Perseus 'Percy' Jackson is found as a child near his mothers body and lady Artemis comes and finds... Percy Jackson Son of Hera 228K 3.8K 1.4K "Now with the power invested in me I now pronounce you wife and husband.

saying the word husband with distaste.

Follow/Fav Triplets of Leto. Then they tried to IM Percy but they can't, every time they tried to IM Percy they always failed. 1 From runaway to Demi-God. Artemis first examine Thalia's expression which was emotionless and then gaze at Percy silently asking him if it was alright with him, Percy then gave Artemis a little nod and then Artemis turn her gaze back at Thalia then said "Yes you may". It was starting to get dark and I am still in these damn woods I had made a wrong turn or two and now I was lost and the only source of light I had was from the moon. I'm worried about him but most of all I'm worried for myself what if the campers found out that I'm the reason why he was missing ugh! Percy then told Thalia everything that had happen starting from his break up with Annabeth. "Just please trust me you do not want to go there" but my curiosity took control I started trudging over to the voices with Artemis trying to stop my 6 foot tall body but I was determined to see what bothered Artemis so badly that she had to flash here to stop me. "I-I do." I'm with Artemis now and I promised her that I would be faithful to her". When he said those words I knew he was lying to me, they are hiding something from me and I have to find that out. One of the hunters said "I knew it! Everyone on Olympus known of her prophecy and was trying to please her. First time writing a story, wish me luck! "Do you Artemis, Goddess of the hunt, childbirth, and the moon, take Percy Jackson to be your husband? Then Percy now asked Thalia about her adventures. When I looked back towards them I saw something that made my blood boil and my sight red with rage. Artemis was clueless on who to ask to marry her. After percy told Thalia everything, Thalia begun to laugh and said "You two got a really amazing way in breaking the news to everybody". ", Then a hunter then asks "My lady is he going to stay here at camp permanently? Damn it Percy! "Do you Percy Jackson, son of Poseidon, and mortal Sally Jackson, take Artemis to be your wife? Artemis is curesd with a prophocy and she asks Percy for help. ", Percy then said "Sh.. she.. she broke up with me.." Thalia interrupted him and yelled "What?" He did not know if he cared for Artemis but he knew he couldn't let her down.

", Another hunter was about to say something "But my lady.." but Artemis held out her hand and said "you all know my father once he had made a decision it can never be change" Phoebe was about to say something but then again Artemis interrupted her and said "Perseus is my own choice, he is one of the man that gain my respect and I was the one who had ask him to marry me so.. it wasn't his fault" she paused looking at her hunters waiting for them to said something but no one had said anything then she said "To tell you the truth he had actually save me again because he accepted my offer of marriage, saving me from the misery that I will get if father was the one who had chosen who I will be married to. 1 From runaway to Demi-God.

Then Artemis then holds my hand and continued "The man with me right now is Perseus Jackson son of Poseidon, the hero of Olympus, the God of time, tides, ice, swordsmanship, bravery and loyalty, he is the fourteenth Olympian and my husband". ", Chiron shift uncomfortably then said "Well uhm.. it's getting late and its already past curfew you should go to bed", I gave him a skeptical look then said "Chiron what's wrong? She would usually out training the newer campers but instead Malcolm was there. "WELL I WAS GOING TO FIND YOU BUT I GOT LOST AND WAS STUCK IN THESE WOODS FOR A TWO HOURS WHEN GEUSS WHAT I HAPPENED TO STUMBLE ACROSS…my GIRLFRIEND MAKING OUT WITH MY COUSIN." Apothrodite tried her best to help her look great and give her advice. Whenever they stood side by side Percy whispered, "You look beautiful." Your review has been posted. Damn it Percy you said it was fine you agree to it and now you run off.

It was the day of their marriage ceremony, Percy's hands were wetter than the ocean, but he played it off cool. Considering Annabeth was dead. She consulted him, Percy being the nice guy he was accepted to be her husband. I am so gonna beat the crap out of him when I see him. The Goddess was unsure and nervous. ", "You are here because you have just shown a feat of power that surpassed even me…" Zeus said. Poseidon and Zeus, both fathers, raised their fist and shouted. It's been 2 years since the second Giant War and life has been great. She waved off the thought whenever Hera started talking again.

I just arrived at camp and was searching for Annabeth but I couldn't find her. I have been king for over a millennium I have gone mad with power so it is time I stepped down and let a new ruler take over and what better person than one that is stronger than me and more loyal and humble than me and before you ask no you do not have a choice you will become a God. Is there something wrong with Percy? Son of the Artemis.

Why do you have to be so emotional ugh… I have to find him before anyone else, before the gods knows where he is, before my mother knows because if I don't my mom would be angry at me even though Percy was a son of her enemy she still respect the guy ugh.. Percy leaned in, Artemis caught on and leaned in as well. I just want it to be different because most of the stories that I had read are just repeating the other stories plots so yeah! But now I'm in my 1969 Chevy Impala [like the car from Supernatural] on my way back from getting my engagement ring for Annabeth, That's right I'm asking her to marry me I just can't wait I love her so much and I want to spend the rest of my life with her. ", Percy then said holding a sob "She.. she didn't told you?

I DO NOT OWN PERCY JACKSON that credit goes straight to Rick. Considering Annabeth was dead. I'll try my to make this story better on the next chapter so Here It is oh and no flamers please I already admit it to myself so there's no need to point it out again and my unforgettable line "DON'T READ IF YOU DON'T LIKE, I AM NOT FORCING YOU TOO READ THIS ANYWAY, AND IF YOU THINK IT SUCKS THEN JUST KEEP IT TO YOUR SELF THANK YOU", What If Percy went missing a week after the Second Titan war what will happen? Books Percy Jackson and the Olympians.

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