These jobs are currently in very high demand, and the more you learn, the more companies will want you to work for them. Plumbing/electric/HVAC apprentice: $13-19 per hour Best of all – there are NO background checks when you do outsource / freelancing work! Given your criminal background, it may be possible to get a job by negotiating a slightly lower starting salary, if the employer “closes their eyes” on your conviction. Once you figure out what type of degree you want to get, the next step is which college you should attend. And still i’m unable to get any medical job, post office, city bus driver, school bus drive, tearchers aid, and or helper type school board jobs, A mechanic is more of a trade / specialized degree or training, but many community colleges offer these programs. Please dont commit suicide, your life can change for the better with GOD. Really should not be on the grounds of public schools with felon convictions. I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Lien. And to make it so bad it was for a charge for stuff that was found at my house. Similarly jobs in education, finance, as well as law are generally not open to felons. Dr. Lien has been a great ally for me in understanding how to deal with arthritis in my hands. I have reluctantly had to turn people away from being accepted for an apartment because of felony convictions and I hated to because they had a family. Here is top 15 freelance websites list for you to see where you can find freelance jobs. After having a back surgery and dealing with chronic back pain for the last 3 years, I sought out Dr Lien to fix the likely cause of my back issues. If your college application has this question, you should be honest about your past. This creates a vicious cycle and You could be one of the indirect victims of their desperation. There is NO Public Housing such as Section 8 or any other kind of housing. King University. Filippo Cristaldi also advises on corporate law and has extensive experience in the field of international contracts.Before joining Orrick, Filippo Cristaldi has provided consultancy at the Vita Samory, Fabbrini e Associati and, previously, at the Rucellai e Raffaelli, Italian law firms based in Milan. He helped with my son's reconstructive surgery, and his bed side manner is Amazing!!! – Did you steal money or property? As a ex felon a casing not agree more because even with being a certified mechanic I can no longer get a job any where and I was found guilty at 17 1yr after I got my certification. The fact is that you will never get a job working for any kind of big company – ever. Just make sure you have a clear plan for the type of work you want to pursue after you are done with your education. Society generally shuns felons, I have worked for many different places and do not say a word until I feel comfortable, then when I do they are a completely different person. Please help me with a solution. I want to get in to Medical but I know that’s ruled out and I would love to go into Law to possibly work as a detective but again I know that’s ruled out. I wish you the best my friend! Some colleges ask about an applicant’s criminal background on the application, others avoid this question all together. I did not resist arrest and i don’t have to go to prison. The main thing to keep in mind is that you CAN get a degree, if you wish. Developing new apps (including games) for both Android and Apple platforms is a particularly hot field. Unfortunately there are not many resources for us ex felons. He was my reconstruction surgeon due to breast cancer. Your life is precious, even if you don’t notice there is someone out there that looks up to you and belives in you. I have two jobs atm, both small restaurants that meet you in person and don’t actually have applications. The only jobs that are will to hire are paying $7.25-8.00 an hour and with 2 kids and a household to maintain there is absolutely no way to live off of that. National companies will not hire a felon , Sears , J.C. Pennies, any Police force, state hwy way dept of police, coast guard, national guard, any where a guard card is mandatory, most union jobs, all of the airlines except american airlines. As for what I want to try for is something along the lines of Administrative Assistant,Psychiatric Technician,Counseling or something along those lines… What would you suggest? It’s just plain extreme punishment. Giving back inspires us. Yesterday was the first time in my life I came out of surgery with no nausea. Now that Ive been released it feels like Im still paying for it like I can never have a fair chance to do good. I believe there are honest to goodness employers who will give you a chance but now that the general public can pull your court records up guess what? I’m blessed to have my family but I feel so alone. Maybe if you are lucky you can have food stamps. Except it!! I have 7 years of college, and can’t get a job to save my a..!

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