[7] He had the lead in his final British films, The Brown Wallet (1936), directed by Powell; Fair Exchange (1936),directed by Ralph Ince; and Crown v. Stevens (1936), directed by Powell.[8].

Along with one or two movies a year, he worked in this pioneering small screen theater starting in 1951. Knowles preferred freelancing to the confinement of long contract associations--one means of dodging the pitfall of being typecast. [12], In 1940 Knowles left Hollywood and travelled to Canada to enlist in the Royal Canadian Air Force. Official Sites.

(1942) and Hit the Ice (1943), Ilona Massey in Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man (1943), Rosemary Lane in All by Myself (1943), The Andrews Sisters in Always a Bridesmaid (1943), Olsen and Johnson in Crazy House (1943), Donald O'Connor and Peggy Ryan in Chip Off the Old Block (1944) and This Is the Life (1944), and Gloria Jean in Pardon My Rhythm (1944). Born on the 11 November 1911, or 11/11/11. There were other films with Flynn, most notably the classic The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938) in which he played Will Scarlett (in bright red jerkin).

Patric Knowles, Actor: The Adventures of Robin Hood.

From the late 1950s Knowles became an almost exclusively television actor appearing in Star Stage, The 20th Century-Fox Hour, Tales of the 77th Bengal Lancers , Ethel Barrymore Theatre, Lux Video Theatre, Matinee Theatre, Schlitz Playhouse, The Millionaire, Lux Playhouse, Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color, Wagon Train, General Electric Theater, 77 Sunset Strip, Tightrope, Maverick in episodes "The Wrecker" with Jack Kelly and "Guatemala City" with James Garner, The Barbara Stanwyck Show, Klondike, The Jim Backus Show, Death Valley Days, The Islanders, Checkmate, Peter Gunn, Whispering Smith, Hawaiian Eye, Have Gun – Will Travel (as Phileas Fogg in the episode "Foggbound"), Gunsmoke, The Rogues, Mickey, and Jericho. Publicity Listings Enid Percival (1935–1995; his death) 2 children: Michael Knowles (born 5/11/1938), Antonia Knowles (12/7/1942) Knowles played his younger brother in this well received bit of revisionist historical drama.Through the remainder of the 1930s Knowles had a few leads with second-tier featured stars, but more often he was second lead as strait-laced but engaging in comedies as well as dramas.

Knowles began appearing on TV shows such as The Bigelow Theatre, Studio One in Hollywood, Lights Out, Hollywood Opening Night, Robert Montgomery Presents, The Revlon Mirror Theater, The United States Steel Hour, The Whistler, Studio 57, The Ford Television Theatre, and Jane Wyman Presents The Fireside Theatre. His first American effort was the big-screen soap opera Give Me Your Heart (1936) with notable Warner players, in which he played a noble cad. [16], He went to Warners for Of Human Bondage (1946) and Universal borrowed him to play Joan Fontaine's leading man in the thriller Ivy (1947). [14], More than two decades after Flynn's death, biographer, Learn how and when to remove this template message. He ran away again in later years, which proved to be more successful. Fourteen-year-old Reginald Lawrence Knowles was being readied to take his place with other relatives in the family bookbinding business (in Leeds) when he ran off to become an actor.
He supported Irene Dunne in Lady in a Jam (1942), Constance Bennett in Sin Town (1942), Abbott and Costello in Who Done It? He made his film debut in Men of Tomorrow (1932), produced by Alexander Korda.
He still appeared in features such as Quebec (1951), Mutiny (1952), Tarzan's Savage Fury (1952) (as the villain), Jamaica Run (1953), Flame of Calcutta (1953) for Sam Katzman (second billed to Denise Darcel), World for Ransom (1954), Khyber Patrol (1954) and No Man's Woman (1955).[20]. Knowles' later appearances included The Way West (1967) for director Andrew McLaglen Family Affair, Garrison's Gorillas, The Devil's Brigade (1968) for McLaglen, In Enemy Country (1968), D.A.

He was reteamed with Flynn and De Havilland in The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938), playing Will Scarlett, and Four's a Crowd (1938). Born in Horsforth, West Riding of Yorkshire, he made his film debut in 1932, and played either first or second film leads throughout his career. [6], After a few tours Knowles went to London and appeared in "By Appointment" in 1936, where he was spotted by Irving Asher of Warner Bros. and got a Hollywood contract for more than 2 years. [5], During the same time, Knowles met Gladys Enid Percival, an actress and homemaker, and married the 23 year old on 3 October 1935. |  Deep, commanding baritone voice; easily confused for John Carradine. In 1939 and at the age of 27, Knowles moved to his new residence with his wife in Tarzana, Los Angeles, California, USA.

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