Was bei den Völkern und Klassen hervor sticht, ist das Design der ersten Seite der jeweiligen Einträge. On a success, you reduce your sickened value by 1 (or by 2 on a critical success). Dabei werden die Werte jeweils in zweier Schritten verändert (Boosts +2, Flaws -2). Der Regelteil wiederum findet sich am Rand der Seite. Conditions don't stack, they use the highest value, The exception is some poisons do progress on a fail iirc, This is a really good point, and I think you are correct that frightened lowers your AC. Stunned usually includes a value, which indicates how many total actions you lose, possibly over multiple turns, from being stunned. Check out our other SRD sites! Umfassendes Regelsystem, dessen Teile alle sauber ineinander greifen, Klassensystem mit vielen Anpassungsmöglichkeiten, Guter Support durch Verlag und Fangemeinde, Aufteilung der Informationen ist nicht immer ideal, Beispielabenteuer oder Gegner sind nicht enthalten, Sehr wenige Informationen über das Setting Golarion. The wounded condition ends if someone successfully restores Hit Points to you with Treat Wounds, or if you are restored to full Hit Points and rest for 10 minutes. You’re gripped by fear and struggle to control your nerves.

When a creature successfully drains you of blood or life force, you become less healthy. Other conditions simply say you can’t act. Dazu kommen eine erste Übersicht über die Regeln sowie ein Spielbeispiel. save hide report. Zaubernde Klassen dürfen sich zusätzlich mit einer gigantischen Liste von Zaubern auseinander setzen. Außerdem muss sie dem Tier, das sie nachahmt, Respekt zollen. Diese Veränderung bedeutet mehr Vielfalt aber auch, dass es immer schwieriger wird, den Überblick zu behalten. Broken armor still grants its item bonus to AC, but it also imparts a status penalty to AC depending on its category: –1 for broken light armor, –2 for broken medium armor, or –3 for broken heavy armor. Close • Posted by. When you die, you’re no longer doomed. | 5th Edition SRD You take a status penalty equal to this value to all your checks and DCs.

Orange: OK options, or useful options that only apply in rare circumstances 3. You have the flat-footed condition and can’t act except to Recall Knowledge and use actions that require only the use of your mind (as determined by the GM). Each time you regain actions (such as at the start of your turn), reduce the number you regain by your stunned value, then reduce your stunned value by the number of actions you lost. You take a status penalty equal to this value to all your checks and DCs. Actual Play. Diese verändern die Rage-Fähigkeit des Charakters. It appears as “X persistent [type] damage,” where “X” is the amount of damage dealt and “[type]” is the damage type. You are compelled to focus your attention on something, distracting you from whatever else is going on around you.

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