You will struggle vs light immunes from time to time, therefore I suggest you get either a strong physical mercenary who is able to handle these immunes or uprade your mercenaries’ weapon to infinity as soon as possible. Cookies help us deliver our Services. The Fendazon hybrid, Poison Javazons deal consistent damage but are a rare sight these days. +10% To Maximum Poison Resist Attack Speed: [-10] Cat's Eye for the Attack Speed and Runspeed because you do enough damage therefore run speed becomes the most sought after stat. This build is super cheap, but it will do the trick! How you distribute skill points between these is entirely up to you. Alternatively you might use bows, so you don’t have to close in to fight lightning immunes, however if you do find a good enough bow, you might as well hire a Rogue who can use it better than you.

Buy Cheap Runes and Rws → 0.5$ Discount over with Coupon: TrophyDSC25 (1$ minimum spend) Introduction:This is guide aims to inform beginners about possible starting gear and builds for a so called “Java”. Lightning Resist +35% Thanks to Lightning Fury’s mass effect, she is most powerful when taking on large groups of monsters, preferably clustered together for maximum effect. Level Requirement: 62, +2 To All Skills Lightning Resist +20-40% (varies) I mean its fine but i'd always just craft a ring with str mods and corrupt it for 6 dr. Minimum Strength: 107

Why play a Javazon in Diablo 2?

Uber Andariel and Uber Izual will be fairly straightforward make sure to drink some antidote potions and bring some with you for Andariel but for the most part you will simply find and kill her no extra tactics. 10% Damage Goes To Mana. I suggest you buff him in order to deal with light immunes more easily. Level 5 Heart of Wolverine (13 Charges) Insight Runeword in a 4 Socket Ethereal Polearm will be more than good at this point.

I just simply disagree because if you are geared enough your merc should never be FHR locked as you will be killing monsters fast enough for him to only get hit once or twice before moving to the next pack (In the end clear speed is your mercs best survivability and he just has to be able to survive getting chunked randomly by dangerously rolled packs), I've personally never had issues with my act 3 merc dying. Potion Slots: 16 Spear and Javelin: Points only go into Charged Strike, Lightning Strike, Lightning Fury, and Power Strike. You already have one of the fastest clear speeds possible in the game and you can basically oneshot every boss like baal or diablo in the game with charged strike!

Trang Oul's Claws Gloves for the insane poison damage increase and Cold Resist. +30 Defense vs. Missiles Go to Act 2 and Remake your game until the Exit to the town is beside Drognan and then reset the shop by leaving town via that exit, this will allow you to reset the shop efficiently. 50% Extra Gold From Monsters, 4 Socket Body Armor Diablo Clone is the hardest of all Fights for the Javazon because there will be many creatures around to soak your Charged Strike Bolts. +22 To Vitality Poison-based javazons are much rarer. That means that only about half of the few attacks aimed against you will hit. To balance out the character’s immense power, the Javazon suffers from one weakness. Ladders happen every three to four months and always includes a content & balance patch which helps keep the game fresh and exciting.

10% Faster Hit Recovery

She doesn’t go charging headfirst into swarms of monsters. First off let us take into consideration that the Javazon is a ranged character.

Durability: Indestructible Save a few skill points on your way to level 30 in order to have all passive and magic skills ready as soon as they’re available!What do I max first? Also if you are planning on doing Ubers you will want to invest in to Max Block for when you wear your Stormshield even if you use a Phoenix for general farming. Cold Resist +20-40% (varies) Outnumbered or 1v1, it deals tons of damage while having excellent mobility and … +3 Javelin Skills with 20 Increased Attack Speed Gloves are GG however I only recommend them if you are using a Stormshield or if you don't need resists. Is it just for the charged strike? 15% Damage goes to Mana Potion Slots: 16 She only closes in when necessary and that is usually when she is dealing with single survivors against whom using Lightning Fury would be a waste, or when dealing with lightning immunes which usually (except for Burial Grounds, Mausoleum and Crypt) are spread out quite thinly throughout any given region. I've tried to make this point several times and it is maybe just my opinion here but... Fast Hit Recovery is better survival than damage reduction on a merc. They have much sustainability and they are quite effective even without expensive equipment. Level Requirement: 82, +50% Enhanced Defense With the suitable items and the proper distribution of skill points, Javazons are probably the best crowd-killers of the game, especially in open spaces.
Level 6 Weaken (18 Charges) She’s also the best mob clearer in the game, in open areas.

30% Increased Attack Speed, Defense: 247 – 297 Stick to those if you can unless you find some which are so superior that it would be foolish to resist.
Retrieved from "" 1 Point in each of your Magic and Passive Skills, If you are leveling in a group dump points in Pierce until level 13 otherwise get enough points to reach level 6 and begin to investing into Poison Skills, If you are leveling in a group dump points in Pierce until level 13 otherwise get enough points to reach level 6 and begin to investing into Lightning Skills. Go to Act 2 and Remake your game until the Exit to the town is beside Drognan and then reset the shop by leaving town via that exit, this will allow you to reset the shop efficiently. As these two items generally determine the toughness (armor, resistances) of the character, it is best if your Javazon is able to wear some of the best items of these classes in the game. +100% Damage To Undead Budget Build:Get an act 2 nightmare difficulty defensive mercenary and equip him with anything you find along the way!

Durability: 14 -1 To Light Radius, 3 Socket Body Armor 15% Chance of Crushing Blow Prayer mercenaries with the Insight runeword allows javazons to quickly regenerate mana, a trait very useful in the early to mid game. However I recommend skipping the final wave led by Lister the Tormentor until 70+ or until your group feels strong, End Game Maps are the best experience in the game and have some of the best drops. +10% to Maximum Lightning Resist Note Your boots will all depend on how much resists you are getting from the rest of your gear and charms however any good Resist boots with Move Speed will do. 8% Life Stolen Per Hit As you can see I did not dedicate any extra skill points into any of the Lightning Fury synergies because each of them increases the damage by a whopping 1%. Going back to town will already take up a lot of your time when playing; there is no need to increase that time any more.

Dexterity is prioritized until your Javazon can use Titan’s Revenge.

Increase Maximum Mana 25% Mercenaries Hired in Normal Mode have higher stats then those hired in Nightmare or Hell. The remaining points are invested in Pierce, which works extremely well with Lightning Fury, and other useful Passive and Magic skills such as Dodge, Avoid, Evade, and Critical Strike. Lightning Absorb 10-20% (varies) Adds 1-12 Lightning Damage Mid-Tier Build:This is where the fun begins and the Javazon gets really interesting! +0-49 To Vitality (+0.5 per Character Level) Level Requirement: 73, +3-371 Defense (+3.75 per Character Level) However, this is where her passive skills come into play. This guide was written and tested for single player playthrough across all difficulties using patch 1.13. Seems fairly logical and best combo... retain 100%, lose a bit of decent stats in boots you'll make up for elsewhere.

The reason for creating all 3 portals is that same mini uber portal cannot spawn twice in one game and by spawning 3 portals in one game you force all 3 individual uber portals to open. Below are some good item choices for javazons, from best/rarest to decent but common.

Shael + Thul + Amn

With each Javelin she can unleash deadly lightning storms that will raze entire armies to the ground, her faithful Valkyrie companion takes care of any enemies who manage to avoid the bolts that spread across the battlefield, and she has access to some of the most useful passive skills the game has to offer.

25% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items, Defense: 136 – 519 This page was last edited on 31 May 2018, at 10:50. If you don't have Trang Gloves you can use any gloves with + Javelin Skills or Attack Speed. If socketed in the right order at the same item they’ll form a Runeword: a powerful named item with huge bonuses.

if Pierce triggers) as well as make melee combat a much more reliable way of defeating your enemies.

I cannot stress this enough, rather stay with the budget build and upgrade your mercenary with Infinity first, it will increase your damage, your clearspeed, and the fun you’re having with the javazon the most since Infinity will break most monster’s light immunity! (Level 9 is also fine as you will be at 99% Pierce). 30% Faster Run/Walk

As always an Act 2, desert mercenary is the best teammate for any Amazon. In an effort to stack all the necessary information concerning this character, I will continue reading +33 to Mana Stack as much resist as you can through Charms.

+0-49 to Life (+0.5 per Character Level) Level Requirement: 65, +2 To All Skills One of the best mods for javazons is reduction to enemy lightning resists, though this is an extremely rare attribute granted by only a few items and skills. Recommended Items for Uber Mephisto and Uber Diablo, Griffon's Eye Diadem for the Lightning Pierce and extra Damage, Stormshield for the Physical Damage Reduction and Max Block Potential.

Our guide will focus on two of the most well known builds: the mob clearing Lighting Javazon and the rare Poison Javazon. Piercing Attack (33%) Razortail for the raw Pierce if you don't have an 8% Pierce Thundergod's and care more about clear speed than survivability. Damage Reduced By 8%

Until your group has gotten closer to 30-40 I recommend skipping the final wave of minions led by Lister the Tormentor and skipping Baal himself. Act 2 merc do not need as much FHR as the act 3 one, but it still should not have 0%. The Javazon is, as the name indicates an Amazon focused on using the Javelin weapons. All Resistances +30, 2 Socket Shields Stormshield Monarch for the massive Damage reduction and ability to hit Max Block (75%). Cold Resist +60%

Kick Damage: 37 – 64 +40 to Life +100-120 to Maximum Stamina (varies)

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