You’re 100% right on the closed throat thing. His head voice did improve in development, it became richer, fuller and resonance has been increased, but he had the least bad habits in his voice. MH Vocalists: Mid-range head voice vocalists, Huge improvement shown from his debut days until now, Resonance can be produced as high as C5/C#5, Head voice is very well connected and often resonant, Vocal runs are often smooth, articulate and accurate, Column of sound throughout instrument is quite even, Mixed voice shows inconsistency often due to questionable stylistic choices, Often improper shoulder posture while singing, Compresses sound of his voice in his upper range. Oh it’s only screechy in the B5 range.

The change in placement and overall technique. i just watch the vocal run & riff video and i still can’t get enough of that wildflower part. Oh his mix is better as well.

They may not experience the same difficulties all of the time. His head voice was also his most agile register when he first debuted.
As such Park Hyoshin is and has always been a tenor who, due to the large size of his voice and its natural thickness, seems more likely to be a spinto tenor or perhaps a full-lyric tenor. A person may have a husky quality to their voice due to stylistic reasons, natural causes or even improper technique. The C5 had a good basis of air, but the larynx raised. I know I tend to sing way too chesty and I’m trying to learn how to consciously mix but I have zero ear for it at all. Also pushing too much air on that head voice B5.

– Now that could be a bad thing or not, but it has to be expanded on. It isn’t a whistle register.

Compression is pressing the vocal cords too hard together in a way that makes you last freedom. The passaggi notes always will be the same in every voice type. Upper register: Always has opted for a head voice over falsetto.

Park Hyoshin’s old singing style is VERY similar to how Yesung sings actually. When he wanted to leave this company (without a contact) the company made him pay back $50.000 they spent on him during his stay. LOL I hope you meant like in the overall analysis section, not the bullet points cause if all you read was the bullet points, you’re not gonna get much out of that.

One very famous song is “야생화 (Wildflower)” where the climax of the song goes from G4 to Bb4 to C5, with a descending run at the end. And I’m really glad that you liked the notes on second vid and put which as a one of his best performance. The result is a much lighter approach which does not take away power from his voice and actually allows for him to sing higher passages with a lot more ease and a lot less strain. Most of the time he doesn’t do this though. Naul’s mix is powerful due to technique. Mixed register: Shown huge improvement since debut. ( Log Out /  I’m so glad it clarified things and that it worked well, I was hoping it would! Although it's very long, I read all because Park Hyo Shin is the only Kpop singer that I love and want to know more about. You clarified that he is not a baritone. Firstly I believe that, even though voice typing isn’t as important in contemporary singing, it is a very interesting subject. Change ). Especially the A2 on 5:07. Vs. Dongha who had two excellent registers and One good to great one. (I hope that this didn’t sound way too informal). He can go from a very light approach in phrasing G#4’s such as in “추억은 사랑을 닮아,” to a much thicker and fuller sound on the same exact note, such as in “Der Letzte Tanz.”, Dynamically he is very much in control of his voice. Same thing for 1:31. Rush Excellence in Dysphonia Care . Park Hyoshin as a vocalist always took the liberty of performing other vocalists’ songs and adding his own musical ideas to them. Dysphonia can significantly impact your day-to-day life and even prevent you from doing your job. I am pretty sure that you are not referring to him. Mixed register: Shown huge improvement since debut. (i think who is the most agile vocalist would be a clearer question) i read some of the idol analysis and found some who has good agility, but i still haven’t read all of your analysis so i can’t be sure.

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