And then it’s linking up with the other movements, and so forth. The, you know, so-called respectable whites. He had also been a prominent voice in protests against apartheid during the mid-1980s in South Africa.

And Sanders drew from King; he could have drawn from Julian Bond as well when he said that America is a country where we have socialism, but for the rich; we have capitalism for the poor. And don’t hold them to, you know, the people who haven’t been consumers and now are trying to be consumers. And I believe the time was January 1966 — do I have that correctly? In 1945, Bond's father accepted the position of president of Lincoln University—becoming its first African-American president—and the family moved North. , and, later in life, a champion for gay rights. [38] Bond was on the Board of Selectors of Jefferson Awards for Public Service. It was unseemly, it was horrible. So there’s no question of that.

I kept staying out of the way, because Julian’s papers are at the University of Virginia; there are a few that are copyrighted, and I control the copyrights. It’s a picture of Paul Robeson — Paul Robeson, for people who don’t know was one of the great national figures, a black person who stood up for civil rights, and then he got red-baited, he got attacked. [55] He authored the nationally syndicated newspaper column Viewpoint,[35] and narrated the critically acclaimed PBS series Eyes on the Prize in 1987 and 1990. Even though he had, you know, an elite education, his father was a major figure, and so forth and so on. Yet, because we’re in it, we have to support it. By ending the disfranchisement of blacks through discriminatory voter registration, African Americans regained the ability to vote and entered the political process. You know, he’s not like many of the other civil rights leaders. PAMELA HOROWITZ: Yes, but let me say first that, you know, this is Mike’s book; he is the editor. Because they really decided it on the basis of the U.N.’s constituents having a right to elect him, whatever his fellow legislators may have thought about that judgment. I mean, the horror that they faced on a daily basis was really the seed of that Voting Rights Act of 1965. And Julian came out and campaigned for me, so I had a lot of personal contact with him and with John Lewis at that time. So, Emmett Till is really foremost, front and center, in Julian’s thoughts in 1960. Because you know, one reason to have this book and get people to read it is I do think he’s one of the great exemplary leaders, role models, that we’ve had.

I’m very fond of City Lights, because I was a book clerk there for three years when I left graduate school, and I got a great education, and they do publish terrific books. And he documented more than a few cases of blacks who had been viciously beaten, killed. And I just never have gotten over the idea that religion could divide people in the name of the same God, the same scripture, the way in the South the white Baptist religion became a justification, was a justification for slavery, for deep segregation. Because it seemed to be saying, the wrong people are having children, and that has to be discouraged. And he wasn’t a big fan, he said openly, about being on the front line of the movement; he felt much more comfortable behind a typewriter. I only say I was too young, but the real thing, the real reason I wasn’t in the movement per se is that I was too unaware. And if you think of the lasting impact of SNCC, it said to the traditional — it’s ironic, because Julian Bond ends his life being head of the NAACP, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. And then he ran again, when he had to, and he won his seat again, then he ran again and he won his seat again. “And that would be what he would want us to be doing.”.

And that was the impetus for SNCC to issue its anti-war statement, which was very strong, and criticized the United States for its treatment of black people around the world, but including the United States of America. I mean, why would they even care about Palestinians or Vietnamese or anything? He called Tea Party members "a group of people who are admittedly racist, who are overtly political, who've tried as best as they can to harm President Obama in every way they can". So work with me a little bit. I learned — and I’m going to get to what I learned, because some of it I knew quite well. ML: Yes, right. But [she] has really played, she played it down before, but has been a major figure — I’m going to say it — in the civil rights movement as an attorney.

Some go to right-wing populism, some go to left-wing populism. That’s it for this edition. And that’s really what pushed the civil rights movement and pushed every single movement that has met it. ... his wife Pamela Sue Horowitz told The New York Times. And yet this was a man who advanced the civil rights movement, in my mind, more than anybody else. RS: OK. Let me just get to the religion part. And he entered a very sophisticated notion about the environment that is actually important to read for today. And I think — I love that picture, because that just sums up, for me that sums up the radical dimension of his life. And he decided to really be involved, and I think it’s a sign of his courage. ML: Robert, what’s interesting about the book is that it ends with Doug Brinkley’s afterword, a great historian. Bond refused, saying the drug test was akin to McCarthyism and trivializes the issue of drugs. “If Julian were here, he would say, ‘Don’t agonize, organize,’” says the SPLC attorney. He was very clear about that. I don’t want to lose this point here.

But what impressed me — I’ll go a little longer. Pam, can you talk about that? Alexander Street Press, 2013. Let me just move it a little faster. And that is what Martin Luther King was saying at the end of his life, before he was assassinated. I mean, one of the depressing things about this book — I’ll give the depressing part at the end — is right with us now, is the failure to have the economic advances that would make the civil rights technically legal advances more meaningful. The then House Majority Leader Dick Armey responded to Bond's statement with a letter in which he accused NAACP leaders of "racial McCarthyism". [47] On October 11, 2009, Bond appeared at the National Equality March in Washington, D.C., and spoke about the rights of the LGBT community, a speech which was aired live on C-SPAN. Horowitz practiced law for 30 years with a Washington, D.C., firm. You know, how are you going to get people in India and China to be more concerned about non-renewable resources, more concerned about sacrificing because of climate change and so forth, when we’ve already been these people who were the very small percentage of the world’s population have consumed an outside amount of these resources. Just send us your name and phone number to They had a universalist concern.

But the people in Greensboro were being very, very brave. And it was the organization that really gave a lot of emphasis and push and guts to what was a traditional civil rights movement. And here you had in the South, you had a black and white Baptist movement.

Here’s Julian Bond, this young guy who gets elected to the House, and from this organization SNCC, a year later, and they say there’s no justification for this war, and it should be criticized, and people should have alternatives, community service or something instead of going and everything. And so the book is a great — I don’t want to say romp, but a great journey through the civil rights movement, really, during its most important period. [41], Among 25 honorary degrees, he was awarded:[63]. RS: Don’t agonize, organize. [13] Bond served as its president from 1971 until 1979. 2012 New York, USA. And you mentioned the Voting Rights Act, and so that first section of your book goes to the origins of SNCC, and it’s a very important, indispensable history, actually. And it’s a quite controversial view of Jimmy Carter, who is, you know, not in good health now, and people are thinking about him. But one example had to do with the anti-war movement, the anti-Vietnam War movement. In 1978, Bond played himself in the miniseries King. [15] Bond also advocated for Africans in Europe. "[51], On May 14, 2013, while appearing on MSNBC, Bond called the Tea Party the "Taliban wing of American politics". So we’re actually up on the 60th anniversary of SNCC. He was 75. It’s — and this is, I’m quoting from your book — he said, it’s not the art of the deal. So set the stage, the origin of SNCC. Well, I don’t think Julian Bond liked Carter at all.

“So yeah, he was a race man to his core,” the editor concludes, “but he was also a lot more than that, too—he was a human rights man.”. I just found that interesting. You know, but nonetheless, that traditional organization under Julian Bond came to be informed by the spirit of SNCC, that certain radical energy, a certain ”we’ve got to push this harder and faster, or it’s going to die” spirit. You’ve got to up the ante.

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