I interpret four Pages in a Tarot reading as symbolizing education and apprenticeships. The potential to inherit status and be great is there, but for now, they live a life of leisure and luxury. Lisa Boswell is an award-winning Tarot reading teacher who currently resides in Scotland. Children speak unpleasant truths. In other words, go frolic! Traditionally, Pages represent child, youngsters and young adults. Surprisingly, in 1911 Waite (the creator of the Rider Waite Smith Tarot deck) noted that four Pages predicts illness; this may be because diseases are common in places where lots of children or young adults frequent. Each set also contains one Knight and one Page. Pages of any suit in the future position are a small blessing, a glimmer of something to look forward to. The four Pages simply reflect your role as an educator or teacher in your field. Like many lower status officials, they carry clout by association but have limited power.

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For example, if you or your partner have children from a previous relationship the Pages represent them.

The Tarot Teacher, Tarot Student Tarot Spread, Working with Deities, Archetypes and Mythological Figures in Tarot Readings. Page cards in the future position signal this optimistic outlook. Pages of any suit in the future position are a small blessing, a glimmer of something to look forward to. When The High Priestess appears in your reading, your need to seek out a solution to imbalances may isolate you as others feel you are behaving selfishly.

Pages are the lowest members of the court. Born into a Romany Gypsy family of fortune tellers, Lisa has had an active interest in the occult from a young age. So much that some versions actually paint them as Heralds. Below, I am going to explain to you exactly what it means when you get lots of Pages in your Tarot reading! Instead of focusing on long term companionship, you may find … Pages have the power of youth. This negativity may come to ahead in the future, so remain vigilant! Have you got more than one Page in your Tarot card reading? An experienced Tarot reader is usually able to decipher the complex interconnections, but a good insight to keep in mind when it comes to Page cards is this: if things feel new and uncertain, the Page likely represents you. The court cards represent the royal court of each suit, including a King and a Queen. Therefore, I would read four Pages negatively for health readings.

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