And while we do so, we will bring in a new system of auto-compensation, so that when your train is late you won’t have to waste more time getting your money back. And is comfortable with modern Britain in all its diversity. How it all began October 25, 2019; The deficit is down, but achieving that has been painful. And with the UK’s biggest fishing fleets based in Scotland, let me say this to Nicola Sturgeon.

More new homes were added to our stock last year than in all but one of the last 30 years. This will be a step-change in how we diagnose cancer.

“Let me spell out the medical and moral disaster we face.” The Prime Minister’s statement to MPs. That is what Jeremy Corbyn has done to the Labour Party. A party that believes in the good that government can do, but knows government will never have all the answers. WATCH: “The narrow path we have to tread.” The Prime Minister’s Commons statement. We all saw the sickening pictures of a far-left extremist shouting abuse at Jacob Rees-Mogg’s children. And if we are secure and we are free, then opportunity is opened-up.

But on some routes the service has not been good enough. He says a strong NATO simply provokes Russia.

Our Party has more elected representatives than any other. Unemployment at its lowest since the 1970s.

It will mean that by 2028, 55,000 more people will be alive five years after their diagnosis compared to today. So, when we’ve secured a good Brexit deal for Britain, at the Spending Review next year we will set out our approach for the future. That’s why we toughened up our corporate governance rules.

Our mission as Conservatives must be to show them that we can build an economy that does. I made that my mission when I stood for the leadership. the most optimistic candidate almost always won, so-called “Trump-Biden voter” could be the most vital bloc.

The final challenge is about the future we want for our economy.

And most especially for those in public life – the responsibility to weigh the impact our words and actions have on other people.

We remember the selflessness of a remarkable generation, whose legacy is the freedom we enjoy today. But the British people need to know that the end is in sight.

And investment in them goes down, because when governments are setting budgets, they will always choose schools and hospitals over reservoirs and railways, so people get a worse service. It’s important to note that Reagan’s rebranding of the GOP as the party of optimism and American exceptionalism was an incredible maneuver.

In its place we will introduce a new system. Get rid of Lorem Ipsum forever. You saw in Salzburg that I am standing up for Britain. And ultimately that’s what it’s all about. Bandcamp New & Notable Sep 28, 2020, Tvii Son, from the Ukraine, deliver marvelous blank wave: ice-cold synths and detached, spoken-word vocals. 49. We stand on the threshold of technological changes that will transform how we live and work, travel and communicate. And the difference it makes to have a little bit of money left to put away at the end of each month isn’t measured in pounds and pence.

Recent News. Britain’s leading Conservative blog for news, comment, analysis and campaigns, edited by Paul Goodman. It falls to our party to lead our country through it. The freedom to make decisions for yourself, rather than have them made for you by government. But the truth is that while these measures will help in the short term, we will only fix this broken market by building more homes. Bandcamp New & Notable Sep 19, 2020, The Philadelphia duo make lush synthpop that's consistently upbeat and danceable even when the mood shades dark. And our economy is growing, but some communities have been left behind. In a negotiation, if you can’t accept what the other side proposes, you present an alternative.

It’s the peace of mind that comes with having some savings. A second referendum would be a “politicians’ vote”: politicians telling people they got it wrong the first time and should try again. The same is true of their nationalisation policy. Businesses wouldn’t face costly checks when they export to the EU, so they can invest with confidence.

Or a deal that carves off Northern Ireland, a part of this country, effectively leaving it in the EU’s Custom’s Union. Discussion . Together, we're going to overcome these crises, unite the country, and build a better future for all." Our road-building programme is the largest since the 1970s. Security for communities, upheld by the brave men and women of our police forces. Taking back control of our borders, laws and money. Like the virus itself, and like other restrictions, this shutdown will come down hardest on the deep poor, Our survey. Of course, everyone should pay their fair share. Bandcamp New & Notable Oct 15, 2020, The London producer packs a lot of musical treats in this impressive release. Our allies joined with us in degrading Russia’s intelligence network. Opportunity. We support free markets because we know their strengths. Some told me they wanted to be doctors, others lawyers. We need to show what this Conservative government is doing to address people’s concerns. We will do it by lowering the age at which we screen for bowel cancer from 60 to 50.

Public sector workers had their wages frozen. We have fundamental strengths as a country. Debt as a share of the economy will continue to go down, support for public services will go up. And we will build the homes this country needs. And at last year’s conference I announced an additional £2 billion for affordable housing. To renew our precious National Health Service.

Connect with friends faster than ever with the new Facebook app. To everyone who has done it – we are all in your debt.

It is a truth that the British people instinctively understand.

And it would make the UK an unattractive place to invest, driving away business, destroying jobs.

It would be tough at first, but the resilience and ingenuity of the British people would see us through.

The NHS is a service that is there for everyone; free at the point of use; with care based always on clinical need, never the ability to pay. And when the many have the freedom to choose, they choose freedom. Minimalism at its finest.

Until recently, the most optimistic candidate almost always won the presidency.

Biden’s current slogan, “Our best days still lie ahead,” is right out of the Gipper’s playbook.

And in doing so, they can imagine a better future. The heirs of Hugh Gaitskell and Barbara Castle, Dennis Healy and John Smith. We are driving up research spending– so we can be the ideas factory of the future. The freedom that is still denied to many in our world today. Trump's  "Make America Great Again" slogan, itself borrowed from Reagan, tapped into the hunger for a better future.

To be or place oneself at rest in a flat, horizontal, or recumbent position; recline: He lay under a tree to sleep. A party not for the few, not even for the many, but for everyone who is willing to work hard and do their best. To support our allies, as we would expect them to support us. To do that we need to be a Party for the whole country.

To put the dream of home ownership back within their reach, we scrapped stamp duty for most first-time buyers – and over 120,000 households have already benefited. What has it come to when Jewish families today seriously discuss where they should go if Jeremy Corbyn becomes Prime Minister?

Some markets are still not working in the interests of ordinary people. Once upon a time, conservatism was thought to be an inherently pessimistic—even reactionary—philosophy. But my job as Prime Minister is to do what I believe to be in the national interest. It’s the look on a daughter’s face when her mum says she can have the bike she wants for her birthday.

I passionately believe that our best days lie ahead of us and that our future is full of promise. Brexit Business capitalism Commonwealth Conservative Party Conference Education Jeremy Corbyn MP Nation and patriotism NHS Russia Second EU Referendum Taxation Theresa May MP Trade. We know how hard people work to make ends meet and provide for their families. The key to boosting your chance of surviving cancer is early diagnosis. We, the Conservative Party, are the party of opportunity.

They are our close friends and allies, and we should ensure it stays that way. After all the sacrifices we have made, they would take us back to square one. A generation later, another victory built on shared sacrifice renewed that determination. Trump’s Raving About Carnage. And that is why we are all in this hall today. A party that believes in business, but is not afraid to hold businesses to account. These things matter to you – so they matter to me. We have changed the rules on bonuses, so bosses are rewarded for long-term performance, not short-term profit. English is the global language. By the people of East Berlin, who tore down that wall. For me they can be summed-up in three words: Security.

To dream, and strive, and achieve a better life. Our next challenge is to help working people with the cost of living. The first black woman ever to be elected to the House of Commons receives more racist and misogynist messages today than when she first stood over 30 years ago. We’ve helped half a million people onto the housing ladder through other schemes like Help to Buy.

Back them to create jobs and build prosperity. To be a party not for the few, not even for the many, but for everyone who works hard and plays by the rules. That if your grandparents came to our shores as part of the Windrush generation you could be the next Mayor of London. Woozy, vocal-driven synthwave captures the spirit and feel of the ’80s, with tremendous choruses and neon-hot electronics. He accomplished this by borrowing FDR’s lines (“You and I have a rendezvous with destiny”) and talking about how “our best days are yet to come.” He did it by rejecting the defeatist view that the U.S. had “lost its day in the sun,” and reminding us that we have it in our power to remake the world (Thomas Paine), that America was still “the country of tomorrow” (Emerson), and by aiming to appeal rhetorically to our best hopes, not our worst fears. Please share below.

Some communities have been left behind. They are not acting in the national interest, but their own political interest. Or come up with a clever one of your own.

They are the people this party exists for. Don’t miss our next event.

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