The Leys offers a number of Sixth Form Scholarships for Academic subjects, Music, Art, Drama and Sport. However, all scholarships can be supplemented by a means-tested Bursary, up to 100% in exceptional circumstances. 13+Latin (St Edward’s Scholarship 2016).

current Perse Prep or Upper pupils) will receive an invitation to apply for a music scholarship via PersePost. Candidates will also take two elective papers selected from French, German, Spanish, History, Geography, Divinity, Latin or Greek.

13+Religious Studies (St Edward’s Scholarship 2016). Developing good habits. Candidates who perform well in the tests, and who have a strong supporting recommendation from their current Headmaster/Headmistress, will be invited back for a series of interviews with the Headmaster, the Head of Mathematics and the Head of English in order to be considered for an 11+ Scholarship. Maths Scholarship Specimen Paper A (Dulwich College 2013), 11 Plus Maths Junior Scholarship 2013 (St Paul’s School), Maths Junior Scholarship 2013 (Insert) (St Paul’s School), 11+ Maths Scholarship Specimen Paper A (Dulwich College 2013), Biology Junior Scholarship 2013 (St Paul’s School), 11+ Biology Junior Scholarship 2013 (insert) (St Paul’s School), 11Plus Chemistry Junior Scholarship 2013 (St Paul’s School), French Junior Scholarship 2013 (St Paul’s School)[, 11Plus Geography Junior Scholarship 2013 (St Paul’s School), Greek Junior Scholarship 2013 (St Paul’s School), 11+ History Junior Scholarship 2013 (St Paul’s School), History Junior Scholarship 2013 (Insert) (St Paul’s School)]11+ Latin Junior Scholarship 2013 (St Paul’s School), 11Plus Physics Junior Scholarship 2013 (St Paul’s School), Science Junior Scholarship 2013 (St Paul’s School), 13+ Geography (St Edward’s Scholarship 2016) Geography (St Edward’s Scholarship 2015), 13+ History (St Edward’s Scholarship 2016). All candidates will be interviewed and will be asked to demonstrate excellence in either (a) Dramatic performance OR (b) Technical skills.
All scholars are expected to take a full and active role in school life especially in the area for which they were awarded their scholarship. Candidates will be expected to play two contrasting pieces on any instrument offered (or sing two songs if singing is offered). The paper is in three sections. Scholarship papers are available in certain subjects only - further details may be obtained from the Registrar. Details of the process and deadlines for applications for each of these can be found on the website. Applicants for Sports Scholarships are expected to show a high level of proficiency (County standard or above) and, along with Drama Scholarship candidates, are required to have supporting references.

There will be a substantial Biblical element, some World Religions, and a requirement to reflect on moral issues. As a general guide, candidates would normally be expected to have reached the standard required for Associated Board Grade V. Singing experience may be taken as an equivalent, especially for candidates who are/have been Cathedral Choristers. Please click on the links below to practice for your KS1, KS2, KS3 exams: KS1 SAT Past Papers / KS1 Practice Sites. Those wishing to be considered for an academic award will take FIVE papers. Tests for different scholarships are often on the same day and applying for multiple scholarships can place a heavy burden on the individual.

In addition there may be questions on tectonic processes, economic activities and environmental issues. Examples or photographs of any three-dimensional work should also be included and they are very welcome to bring any other work they feel is relevant. Candidates will be asked to perform a solo piece of their choosing, which may be one with which they are already familiar. 13+Maths (St Edward’s Scholarship Paper 2 2013).

There is normally no need to reapply for a scholarship for entry into Year 9/Sixth Form. Candidates will be interviewed and participate in practical tests, which are designed to test their skills and fitness. All candidates will take papers in English, Mathematics and Science. Please note that it is the Parents’/Guardians’ responsibility to ensure that these references are submitted.
There are no formal applications for the 11+ scholarships. The written paper will contain two sections: a reading comprehension, with questions in English and the relevant language on a text in the relevant language (of current interest); a writing paper. Scholarship Programmes.


They will also be tested on their technical skills in the areas of Mathematics and logical reasoning (coding). Applicants for a Music Scholarship must have reached Grade 5, for example and those applying for a Sixth Form Academic Scholarship should have high GCSE predictions; 7 or higher in most of their subjects.

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