Note: There is a chance to fail the lockpicking and end up without reward. The Pick and Lute, with the entrance to the Rogues' Den, is near the centre of Taverley. Some of the less-visible traps may have been missed in some of the more remote areas of the map, such as barely-visible floor or wall traps. Go to the west and stand still right before the three wall traps, then RUN past them. You will encounter wall traps on the route to the next three rooms. Longer runs will trigger a trap. Before attempting to start the mini-game, you must bank everything including equipment, as you're not allowed to bring anything into the maze. Climb through those. Up ahead there are 2 paths, each with 1 rogue guard patrolling them. The amount of experience gained in both skills depends on how many Thieving and Agility obstacles you traverse. Less-dangerous obstacles are shown in green. Experience drops remain unaffected. A player wearing rogue armour. Just click across it, and your character will jump over it. Here's a room with lots of floor traps again. This game can reward players with Agility, Thieving and Herblore experience, as well as rogue kits, rogue equipment, factory outfit, and the botanist's outfit. Pass through the grills as shown in the screenshot. This is referred to on this page as the "run trick". The Rogue kit will transform into an item of your choice - ether a spade, chisel, rope, or tinderbox. With every trap you disarm, your Thieving level is reduced temporarily, and every obstacle you go through, your Agility will decrease a little. The Rogues' Den's location on the world map. If you make it to the end, you can crack a safe for unique rewards (Rogue's equipment crate or a Rogue kit). You use up a certain amount of Agility points when you pass these obstacles. Then, use the powder on the guard and RUN past him while he is stunned. To get inside the maze the player must speak to Brian O'Richard. Simply run to each safe spot after the blades pass, safe spots are highlighted in picture below. Search and disarm traps marked with an "S", and move on. Players can purchase a stethoscope from Martin Thwait to increase their chances of successfully cracking the safe open. Several gold orerespawns are spread throughout the inside of the castle. Rogue equipment is an untradeable set of armour obtained from a rogue's equipment crate, which are obtained from successfully opening the safes at the end of the Rogues' Den minigame. Be sure to left click on one of the blades otherwise you character will try to walk around them. Players can attempt to crack these open, which on a successful attempt can provide uncut gems up to diamond or 20 or 40 coins. Simply run through the passages until you are met with a room full of square floor traps. Less-dangerous obstacles are shown in green. Many players summon magpies (47 Summoning required) as they will forage gems and rings for you while playing. Unlike many other NPCs found in the Wilderness, rogues are not hostile and will only attack players if provoked or if they try to loot the rogue chest within their … Careful! You can pass this by clicking the other side of the floor trap with run enabled, without having to disarm. The Rogues' Den is an area containing a variety of Thieving- and Agility-related activities. The next room is large with 3 paths take the northern path dodging the 2 pendulums. If either of these reaches 0, you lose and have to go back to start. Players can try to crack the safes. Agility, Thieving and Prayer are restored to their normal level when you leave the maze. Traps can be disarmed by searching them; this uses up Thieving points. Go upwards from there, but BEWARE of the spinning blade! Go east and stand before the traps (see screenshot), then click on the passageway while. Next is a room with dozens of floor traps. You immediately leave the maze if you trigger a trap or touch a dangerous obstacle. The objective is to get to the centre without getting caught in one of the many traps. In Runescape, Brian O’Richard complained about the fact that "his wonderful Rogues’ Den is full of cooks rather than thieves, using the everlasting fire to burn lobsters." The objective is to get to the centre without getting caught in one of the many traps. Before you can enter the maze, you must get a mystic jewel from Brian O'Richard. A player needs to have level 75 Thieving and Agility and level 50 Herblore to access the Flash Powder Factory within the Den. The player may alternatively choose to get a rogue kit from the crate. Now, go a little to the left, and you will see some Contortion Bars. You cannot take any items at all with you into the maze. You immediately leave the maze if you trigger a trap or touch a dangerous obstacle. You will now come into a room with lots of spinning saws. There are four wall safes in the middle of the waiting room. A player wearing rogue armour. Players who finish the maze are rewarded with one of the following items: While wearing pieces of rogue equipment, players have an increased chance of pickpocketing twice the loot from an NPC, with the full set guaranteeing the double loot. Watch your Agility points and make sure you have at least 6 points remaining for the last two obstacles. He often played a harmonica while contestants were doing the puzzles. Failure means they trigger a trap and take a small amount of damage. Pass through it, then cross the spinning saw. Running over all 3 at once to a clear tile past them will not set off any of the traps, so long as you pass over no more than 3. An efficient run with 80 Thieving takes 4 minutes to complete. You can also use the Minigame Group Finder teleport to Burthorpe Games Room, go upstairs, then run south. This is followed by another room with 2 paths, the easiest route is run tricking the floor traps straight through the middle of the western path. Old School RuneScape Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. The bottom right tile is the correct one. Avoid the traps by staying on the stairs and go through the north-west gate. Stop before the first floor trap and RUN past all of them. Stethoscopes, which Martin Thwait sells, help with cracking the safes. Pass any one of them. Don't stand still on any traps or next to any wall traps. If you trigger a trap, you can right-click the floor and press "Search Floor". Keep going up, then pass through a second passage. Most, if not all, have been found. If you stand stationary on the tile immediately adjacent to a trap and then run over to the tile on the other side, you will pass over the trap without setting it off. Taking the recommended route above should only cost about 15 Thieving levels, so keep that in mind before attempting. With every trap you disarm, your Thieving level is reduced temporarily, and every obstacle you go through, your Agility will decrease a little. Passageways, however, are two-way. You use up Agility points when you pass these obstacles. If you have 80 Thieving or higher you can now use a significant shortcut, right up to the spinning blades room by picklocking the door on your right. Go north through the passageway, over the blade, and through another passageway. You can purchase a stethoscope from Martin Thwait to increase your chances of successfully cracking the safe open (note: you do not need to use the stethoscope on the wall safes). Climb on the ledges. You will gain experience depending on how far you got in the maze. Walk to the right, avoiding the traps, keep going straight, then click on the grill, entering the next room. Passageways, however, are two-way. After the update that allowed players to choose which rogue equipment piece they receive from a crate, there is a rare chance for the chat dialogue to have " convenient." It takes 20 minutes to get one full inventory at this level. You will actually not need to disarm any in this room if you do it correctly. Rogues are human monsters that can also be pickpocketed, with level 32 Thieving. Watch out as there is a floor trap right after the pendulum which you can use the run trick to pass without disarming. They are not dangerous unless you run out of Agility points, in which case you will fail them and immediately leave the maze. Longer runs will trigger a trap. Enter the next room, stop right before the traps and, Go to the left and again stop right before the first floor trap, then, The quickest way to get there is by using a, If not, enter the passageway as indicated by the black arrow and follow the. You will see spinning saws, make sure to click on the saw otherwise your character will begin to run to the other side automatically using the left route. When there's a choice between passing traps or obstacles, many players prefer to pass the obstacles. The set of clothing can be stored in an armour case within the costume room of a player-owned house. Once you have cracked the safe, you are sent back to the start, and Brian will give you some experience in Thieving and Agility. Now, take the path to the right, as it is not recommended to go to the left because it is much more annoying. Some traps can be run past or over without triggering them, without using up Thieving points. Traps and dangerous obstacles are shown in yellow on the map. You will gain experience depending on how far you got in the maze. Before you enter the maze it is suggested that you drink a stamina potion(1) and drop the empty vial. You also get rewards, which will be explained at the end of the guide. Go forward, you'll see 4 pendulums. This is an easy way of getting uncut gems. All doors in the maze are one-way: you can only pass them in one direction. Pictured is a typical inventory that you might get with 50 Thieving and 50 Agility. Follow the line as shown to the side using the "run trick" where possible. In that time, run up the path. You will automatically receive a Mystic jewel to leave the Den whenever you want. The Rogues' Den is located in south-west Taverley. Previously, players were required to obtain a mystic jewel from Brian O'Richard prior to entering the maze. There is a trapdoor inside The Pick and Lute bar at the north-east corner that gives access to the den. Walk over the floor traps at the start and go west through the contortion bars and pendulum. When you have used your flash powder on the guard, your character will run out and throw it, and the guard will be dazed for a short time. Stop when you see some floor traps. Then climb the ledge behind them. After the spinning blade puzzle you will be met with 2 paths; both are similar, however the western route through the passages seems to be more reliable. You also get rewards, which will be explained at the end of the guid… Without using the 80 Thieving shortcuts, a single run can take about 7 minutes to complete. With every trap you disarm, your Thieving level is reduced temporarily, and with every obstacle you go through, your Agility will decrease a little. Enter the Rogues Den without any items in your inventory or equipped. When you reach the final room there will be wall safes similar to the ones found outside. There is a trapdoor inside The Pick and Lute bar at the north-east corner that gives access to the den. Each time you successfully crack it open, you can randomly get gems up to diamond, as well as 10, 20 or 40 gold coins. The main attraction of the Rogues' Den is the Thieving and Agility maze. A perpetual fire is located near Emerald Benedict. If you are going to be traversing the maze it is recommended to buy some energy potions to restore your run energy between attempts. Pickpocketing a rogue grants 36.5 Thieving experience. The objective of this minigame is to get to the center without getting caught in any of the many traps. After you pass the guards there will be a set of pendulums and you will finally make it to the chest room. It will disarm the trap for a few seconds but will drain 1 thieving point. You will then reach a room with 2 sets of floor traps stay in a straight line and disarm them. You will eventually see "Walk Here / 2 more options". The Rogues' Den is located in south-west Taverley.

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