Also bus trailer. General Information: Intended to honor the Oregon National Guard. The plate features a painting by northwest artist Kelly Kievit, selected in open competition. Mark Hash reports that graphic plates for RVs are no longer being issued, but they are still being renewed. Registration on or use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement, Privacy Policy and Cookie Statement, and Your California Privacy Rights (each updated 1/1/20). Own a car that's registered in Oregon? Issued to “camper” which is a structure with a floor designed to be mounted upon a motor vehicle but not permanently attached. Fees for these plates vary, and are paid IN ADDITION to regular registration fees and renewal fees. In the current serial format.

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Additional Fees: $10 for two-year registration period, $20 for four-year registration period (new vehicles). Issued to four-wheeled vehicles with a maximum speed of between 20 and 25 miles per hour. Replacement Fee: $5 at renewal; $10 between renewals (charged when changing to this plate type or replacing the plate). To obtain this form or for more information, contact your unit commander.

Irwin-Hodson will be making future Oregon plates, but existing Waldale plates will be used until exhausted. Meets the age requirements to be an antique. The registration fee for Disabled Veteran Plates is $15 regardless of vehicle type. Be 1 to 6 characters long, plus a space or hyphen if desired.

"Oregon Trail license plates going fast". Proceeds Benefit: Additional fees go to Willamette University Who Qualifies: Anyone Available For: Passenger Vehicles. Black-on-aluminum Old Timer plates were revalidated with tabs until 1955, while gold-on-blue versions were revalidated with tabs until 1960, then with stickers until 1964. The registration is valid for as long as the person who qualified for Disabled Veteran Plates remains an owner. Available For: Motorcycles and Mopeds (custom motorcycle and moped plates are available on yellow background plates only). Issued to individuals who tow vehicles not owned by them in tow and recovery operations for direct or indirect compensation. Who Qualifies: Those who can show proof of military service under honorable conditions (DD214 or DD215). Embossed serials. The surcharge is $60 when a four-year registration period is required (new vehicles). Replacement Fee: $5 at renewal; $10 between renewals (charged when changing to this plate type or replacing the plate). Need help figuring out fees or requirements? Surcharge Supports: Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board and Oregon Parks and Recreation Department.

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