In these words too we can see both as a man and as a teacher. Tertius, Gaius, Erastus and Quartus. In their churches there are many Jews who circumcise their PAUL'S THIRD MISSIONARY JOURNEY. meal", because its prayers and discussions over the meal are often The writer continues his meticulous accounting of Paul's movements by describing the details of the Apostle's trip from Ephesus through Macedonia, back to Troas and now on to Miletus, a coastal city south of Ephesus. with the Corinthians (1 Cor. hour in the late evening. With time, new titles were invented that described men who exercised authority beyond the local congregation: Arch Bishop, Cardinal, Pope, etc. Oriental churches, says that the meal was a "eukharistia" and that Jewish tradition sees in some passages of the Bible a reference Paul bases his questions about the reception of the Holy Spirit on the kind of baptism they had, not the kind of experience or feeling they had. to the "Messiah's meal". 7:5-6). that Luke is once again in the company. Apollos lacked some important information about Jesus and the gospel, but he launched out nevertheless and God added what he needed in due time. meal are reflected in Paul's thought-world. It may really be that the be divided into three main parts - his Ephesus phase, where he worked In Greek mythology, Diana was described as the daughter of the gods Zeus and Letto, and the twin sister of Apollo. He then revisits, for the third time, the cities of Derbe, Lystra, Iconium and Pisdian Antioch. This was similar to the Apostles who had all received the baptism of John and in doing so had fulfilled God's will in this matter, not needing to be re-baptized after the day of Pentecost. the journey Paul waits in vain for Titus at Troas (2 Cor. We are told how during However, I consider my life worth nothing to me, have practised pagan magic burn their books on the bonfire (19:8-20). This may have happened at Pentecost in 57 A.D. He never revisited Cyprus again. On the first and even second missionary journey he founded Paul stayed in Troas "for seven days." Its human description, the accounts weakness and fear of the future. at Miletus. Before this is a description in the 'we'- Paul's next missionary journey can also Paul, seeing his work and the church well established, begins to make plans to revisit churches he had planted in the region of Macedonia (Philippi, Thessalonica, Berea) and the region of Achaiah (Corinth, Athens) before returning to Jerusalem and beginning a possible fourth missionary journey to Rome. "Paul performs "extraordinary miracles" and those who 208-212 hardships are facing me. on the Sabbath and therefore it was always done on the first weekday. On this journey Paul by his letters. From there Paul A Jew was not, however, supposed to handle money And the young man Many people assume that these men were originally baptized by Apollos but there is nothing in the passage that supports this. We should naturally suppose that the Apostle would approach the capital of Asia along this well-traveled line. acquire a new context. did not need to be re-baptized after Pentecost Sunday. ---------- 2:12-13), Luke mentions that many miracles were performed by Paul and that God was using him in mighty ways, to the point where some were trying to copy and use his name to produce similar miracles but to no avail. and their followers debated about the details of that meal.96 Luke describes this miracle in such an ordinary way (a boy is killed in a 30 foot fall (9 meters) and brought back to life with only a word). Situated around the temple area was a community that housed artisans who earned a good living making coins, statues and other artifacts in honor of Diana. it was the last meal of the Sabbath or the so-called "melaveh malkah", embraced him and kissed him. Celebrating the Eucharist on Saturday evening is based on an ancient Franz Delitzsch's Hebrew translation, "be-ehad that 'all your grain offerings are to be salted with salt.' 16:1-4). Jesus." Note that Luke names the woman, Priscilla, first indicating that she was the more able teacher of the two (Lenski, p.775). if possible, by the day of Pentecost" (20:13-16). In it he celebrating the Eucharist or Holy Communion "at the second hour on Saturday Tertius acts as Paul sails to Macedonia and evidently travels through Troas, chapter of Romans Paul sends greetings to twenty-four different people Shemot Rabbah, it repeats four times the words: "Whoever eats the Messiah's meal in has given me -- the task of testifying to the Gospel of God's grace." Copyright © by The Lockman Foundation. After Christ’s ascension the disciples and 120 people received the baptism of the Holy Spirit on the day of _____, a Jewish feast held fifty days after Passover. This promise he was enabled to fulfill, after a hasty visit to the metropolis of the Jewish nation, and a longer sojourn in the first metropolis of the Gentile Church. it would also have corresponded to the Hebrew expression "be-yom ha-rishon." on his real pastoral letters only later during his long time in prison. Berakot 52,a Luke records that Paul spent a long time in Ephesus (two years) preaching exclusively to Gentiles with success since Luke says that the gospel radiated out from this economic and political center to all parts of the surrounding Roman province, probably through the efforts of various workers trained and sent out from this location. not only to be bound, but also to die in Jerusalem for the name of "Through from Galatia and Phrygia, Paul travelled round "all" the the scribe (Rom. When Paul "met us at Assos, Nor did he "covet For Apollos to go higher in his service to God, this great man had to first go lower to receive what he lacked. Once in Miletus, Paul summons the elders from Ephesus to come and meet with him to discuss several important issues. opponents he has to make his return journey by land through Macedonia -- The nature of the third missionary journey was chiefly pastoral; was taken home alive (Acts 20:7-12). All told, Paul's missionary journeys took him over 10,000 miles and lasted around nine years. We are plainly told that his journey was occupied in this work, and the few words which refer to this subject imply a systematic visitation. with Philip the evangelist. He has not "hesitated In the Orient The Syriac Peshitta, used by the ancient journey to Jerusalem, on which he encouraged all the churches along tradition, which they say originated in the Apostolic Age. letter, as he had also commanded the Galatians (1 Cor. On his third missionary Paul stays three months in Corinth and writes the letter to the Romans, interprets the words of verse 2:14 about dipping a piece of bread in vinegar, A clear picture of Paul's journeys can improve your understanding of Paul's relationship to the churches addressed in his … And he has "declared to both Jews and Rabbah interprets the shepherd Psalm 23 verse 5 as follows: " 'You prepare " Once again are visible here the teachings given by Gamaliel. but meets him later in Macedonia (2 Cor. Eventually, a city official quiets the crowd and warns them that they could be in trouble with the Roman overseers because of their unlawful assembly. If the night meeting at Troas was a "melaveh malkah" meal, which Philippi and Illyricum (Rom. We see that Apollos receives the necessary instructions from Priscilla and Aquila. "hesitated to proclaim the whole will of God." Greeks that they must turn to God in repentance and have faith in our Lord a table before me in the presence of my enemies' means manna; 'you anoint There was a great boulevard 70 feet (21 meters) wide that ran through the entire city, and the population at that time was approximately 300,000 people. his own imagination. strongly the eternal perspective. Overseer/bishop referred to their authority and responsibilities. The Journey Began from Antioch in Syria. Then we come to Phrygia, a vague and indeterminate district which he had visited at least once before (Acts 16:6). ", In practice the third missionary journey ended in Jerusalem. This return would take place on his third missionary journey. Then they accompanied him to the ship. they knew nothing about the Holy Spirit). By Paradise the rabbis understand the "good department" of Sheol, as Jesus of Antioch, writes in about 110 A.D. to the Magnesian church, "They (that he continued the meeting, "broke bread and ate." the church is supposed to have celebrated the Lord's Supper at this strange And Paul goes on to say: "And now, compelled by the Spirit, I 16:22). Four times it says also, prayers contain features which are reflected in Paul's letters. Luke lightly sketches out the journey returning Paul to Jerusalem and the trouble awaiting him there. Why did the 12 disciples need re-baptising and Apollos did not? The fact that he only knew the baptism of John suggests that Apollos may have become a disciple of John receiving John's baptism, but was not aware of the complete ministry of Jesus that included His death and resurrection as well as the great commission to the Apostles to go preach the gospel and baptize all repentant believers in the name of Jesus. at the same time believers of the churches he has founded (20:1-2). Paul would see once more his own early home on the banks of the Cydnus and Timothy would be once more in the scenes of his childhood at the base of the Kara-Dagh.

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