You can purchase gift vouchers that will earn you 3% off though. (30 Lines). I am a retired Registered Nurse would l qualify for blue Light card ? (f) A green light may be affixed to a vehicle, other than a police vehicle, which is entitled to have a blue light affixed and such blue light is affixed and both are properly authorized. If you want to shop on the high street, then you will need to buy a physical card. You get 20% off Monday to Saturday. So it now looks like if you work as a carer, you do qualify for the Blue Light Card. Having worked closely with them before due to my job and with family members previously in the Police Force, I’m well aware of the hard work they put in. How you claim your Blue Light Card discount differs between companies. We will require ID to prove this in order to send the card to your home address. Many Thanks. Any vehicle owned and operated by a volunteer fire fighter in the state of New York may display one blue light on their vehicle or the vehicle of any member of the fire fighter's family provided that family member resides in the same household as the fire fighter. That’s a shame. Unfortunately you don’t qualify. There are 5 stores that I am asked about most often. How to get the Best Broadband Deal for You. A standard adult ticket is reduced to £7.99 and a child’s will cost you £4.95. The other 4 most popular are listed below: You can use your Blue Light Card for Argos discounts, but only by buying vouchers first. Many New Yorkers use this to share the reasoning behind their support or opposition to the bill. Learn how your comment data is processed. However, they go on to say ‘Remember to check with the business first, some may require a physical card’. Hi can this card be used in Northern Ireland? No. All you need to do is link your payment card, and every time you shop there, you’ll earn cashback to put towards your mobile phone bill. Others might share a personal anecdote about how the bill would affect them or people they care about. Hi Jackie. 10% off in store – you will need a voucher sent to your Blue Light Card account. The use of blue lights on vehicles shall be restricted for use only by a volunteer firefighter except as otherwise provided for in subparagraph b … (5) Such light may be a fixed, unidirectional light, either steady or flashing, mounted in front of or behind the grille or anywhere on the vehicle, or a revolving, rotating, oscillating or constantly moving light which must be mounted above the headlamps preferably on the roof to avoid reflected glare or distraction to the operator. If you’re looking for something a little longer-term, the Cineworld Unlimited Card will give you all the movies you want for 12 months for £170 – a discount of around £18. The Blue Light Card also offers discounts on tickets for the major cinemas, including Odeon, Vue and Cineworld. I registered it from the home office, but I would like to use it from my home e mail address.I need to down load the app but because it’s registered to my works e Mail it is not letting me do this so can you advise? Such written authority must be carried upon the person of the operator of the vehicle whenever such lights are displayed. I used my home email address when I joined. Please note that this page contains affiliate links. Hi Christine. head over to the Blue Light Card official site. If anybody finds out, I would love to know! Hi, I’m a retired nurse – can I apply for the card ? (c) Authorization to affix a blue light to each of the motor vehicles described in paragraph (a)(2) of this section must be in writing, signed by the chief of the fire department or company. Half price MOTs, or a free MOT with a full service. Everything You Need To Know About Becoming An Extra, How To Make Money On The Side – 10 Ideas To Try, Eight Simple Ways to Reduce Car Insurance Costs, Save Money on Gas and Electricity by Changing Energy Supplier. Such blue light may be displayed by such volunteer fireman on such a vehicle only when engaged in an emergency operation. Nearly all the major companies are listed – NCP, BCP, Ace Airport Parking Ltd, APH and iPark Airport Parking. . The authorization given to members of their respective organization may be revoked at any time by the chief officer who issued the same or his successor in office. And as an extra tip for Argos shoppers, check out the Airtime rewards app. Previous Product. Hi Gillian. Unfortunately, it appears that retired nurses aren’t eligible for the Blue Light Card. However, I have contacted them to confirm. Authorization to affix a green light to each of the vehicles described in subdivision (b) of this section must be in writing and signed by the chief officer of the volunteer ambulance service. As an NHS employee I am looking to purchase the card but can’t see if the card is for 1 or 2 years? If you need to contact them urgently, I would suggest trying twitter @bluelightcard. You can join online and will need to provide the following information: If this is accepted, you will then need to complete your address details if you want a physical card sent to you. Purchasing differs between cinema chains, but usually, you purchase a voucher that is sent to you by email and this can then be exchanged for tickets. Next Product. The physical card is valid for 2 years. So any paperwork showing your military pension should do. Employer’s information, including division (if applicable) and job role. Just to confirm that the Blue Light card is valid in Northern Ireland. Hi Helen. If you’re a keen shopper, this is worth checking out! I have been asked only once for id with the BLC. Once you’ve spent all the money on the card, you can just top it up from the BLC website. From there, you should be able to log in using the same details that you used for the website. Hi Jenny. Again, you will need a code sent to you. Unfortunately, Next isn’t currently listed. However, some of the bigger chains only give you money off if you purchase a gift card and this is done through the Blue Light Card website (or app). You can find out more through the Blue Light Card app. So it’s a case of asking when you visit. (10) The provisions of this subdivision shall not apply to a police vehicle, fire vehicle, ambulance, emergency ambulance service vehicle, and county emergency medical services vehicle. Hi Beverley. Hi Susan. Hi. Send me alerts for this bill. From a bit of digging around, I see that Blue Light will accept the following : HM Armed Forces Veteran’s: discharge papers, record of service or an armed forces pension. The good news is, this is usually in the region of 6-10%. In the event that the trunk or rear gate of a police vehicle, fire vehicle, ambulance, emergency ambulance service vehicle, and county emergency medical services vehicle obstructs or diminishes the visibility of other emergency lighting on such vehicle, a blue light may be affixed to and displayed from the trunk, rear gate or interior of such vehicle. However, you can find a discount if you shop through TopCashback. However, when I ordered the physical card, I had to have it sent to my work address. 50% off if ordering online – you will need to generate a code.25% off in a restaurant. Like Argos, the only way to earn a Curry’s Blue Light Card discount is by purchasing a gift card. However, some of the major retailers now offer digital discount cards that are sent to you almost immediately through email. If you just want to shop online, then it won’t cost you a penny to use. In stock. You just need to log in to your account and apply for your discount code that way. There is no contact telephone number. Alternatively, you can visit the government page to ask for a copy of your service record. 5. Do any carpet stores take the blue light card? Hi my son is severely disabled because of all his complex needs and 24 hr care I have carers come into my home are they able to get a blue light card. Comment moderation is generally performed Monday through Friday. Blue Light Card membership gives you access to discounts across a range of retailers – many not available to the general public. But it’s not restricted to just shopping, you can find better deals on insurance, local services and days out. So, any extra help is always welcome and the Blue Light Card is a great way to save money. (4) No inscription may appear across the face of the lens or dome. Use my code 8YXY4BLK for an extra bonus. I contact both the BLC and the restaurant neither of whom have replied. I an assured they do but I cannot find a way even though I hold a Defence Discount Service card. You can download the app from the links in my post or from the iTunes or Google Play store. If I join I want to use a discount in Fat Face straight away so will I be able to order online with a discount code through the App or do I have to wait for the card to arrive? Standard tickets for Adults are £7.76 and tickets for children, £6.05. I love that this is available to our emergency services my sister-in-law works for the NHS and gets great discounts! But it’s not restricted to just shopping, you can find better deals on insurance, local services and days out. There is a specific 25% code for card holders to use on the New Look website. (g) A blue or green light may be affixed to a vehicle which is entitled to have amber lights affixed and one or more amber lights are so affixed, except that only one color which is appropriate to the activity of the vehicle may be displayed at any one time. Multiple house moves and marriages have long ago lost my stuff. Is identification required when using the card? Although it’s a bit of a pain, you still get a 5% discount. OFFICIAL COMPILATION OF CODES, RULES AND REGULATIONS OF THE STATE OF NEW YORK, CHAPTER I. No claim to original U.S. Government Works. You can also purchase a discounted Adult Premium Code which will gain you entry for IMAX 3D, IMAX, 2D, 4DX 3D, 4DX 2D, Superscreen and 3D). Please note that companies can leave the scheme at any time, so I will try and keep the list regularly updated. All you need to do is find the store you’re interested in through the BLC app or website and click the request code button. After almost 2 weeks of waiting, BLC confirmed that the card is valid in Jersey! You can either get in touch by sending an email to [email protected], or you can send them a ticket through your account. © Household Money Saving, 2020. This scheme isn’t just for the Emergency Services. Taken from their site: What if I am retired? I recently went to a well known restaurant which is on the BLC list for a 33% discount. I have never been asked for identification when using my card. (b) One green light may be affixed to any motor vehicle owned by a member of a volunteer ambulance service, or on a motor vehicle owned by a member of such person's family, or by a business enterprise in which such person has a proprietary interest or by which he is employed.

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