A number plate is illegal if it doesn’t follow exactly the specific regulations laid out in the legislation.

Your number plates will be made to order and shipped the same day if purchased before 3pm on a working weekday. As with many things, a private number plate is only worth what someone is prepared to pay for it but get two keen parties in the same room and who knows where the bidding will end up. You've come to the right place! Need replacement number plates fast? There are very precise requirements for font, character sizing and spacing. Get custom number plates made at Premier’s number plate maker online. Buy legal number plates online today with the UK’s premier independent replacement registration plates supplier. Black and silver plates may look fabulous on your 1952 MG Midget but might not be quite the look for your vintage Ford Sierra but you will have the freedom to replicate a plate that is faithful to the age of the vehicle and avoid the stringent DVLA requirements. Common adjustments include not using the required typeface, changing the spacing between the characters or blocks of characters on replacement plates, placing the fixing screws in such a way as to create a different effect – perhaps the appearance of a word, the dot over an ‘i’ – and adding badges, emblems or symbols which are not on the permitted list. This could be useful for business advertising, branding and signage. The spacing between the letters and numbers is also pre-determined. Create Registration Plates on our Number Plate Maker Number Plates, Show Plates and More. Buy Accessories, Get in touch with our sales team and we’ll make it happen! The requirement for registration or number plates to identify individual vehicles has been enshrined in UK law since the Motor Car Act of 1903. A number plate is also illegal if it is obscured by dirt and essentially illegible or cracked or chipped. Failure to clearly display a legal plate can result in a hefty fine of £1,000 and may constitute an MOT failure. Design your custom number plates on our easy to use number plate maker. We are always looking to expand our collection. Our plates are manufactured to an exceptionally high standard and our delivery as well as customer services impeccable. Type your existing number plate registration in the box above to begin the number plate desiging process.

It is also illegal to show a white light to the rear of a vehicle at night which is why the yellow plate goes on the back of a vehicle, the definition of ‘light’ does include reflectors. Plates exactly as advertised. I ordered Inline lettering and they looks great on my RS6!

Learn More. The current format provides the area of registration, the date of registration indicated by two numbers and then finally, three random letters.

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