He'd traveled to the Jardines Hospital in Guadalajara, Mexico to have the procedure done—thousands of miles away from his home. I work on Nullo with my partner Salvia, and our departure point was how our gender identities affect our sexuality and sexual role. "For writers, be original, spell things correctly (I have better things to do than watch your back), be on time, be nice to work with and don’t be a dick.". I like the sound of transgressor, and it is transgressors I like to keep company with.

Being nullo is not comparable to being transgender and having sexual reassignment surgery, as nullos desire being completely gender neutral and without genitals. (Published in DAZED & CONFUSED, 13/12/17) MoMA's recent exhibition, Items: Is Fashion Modern? I combine that with my vision of night life where I want to incorporate all the creative disciplines - fashion, music, art, performance under the guise of a transgressive and hedonistic nightclub; and create a hub for collaboration and bringing worlds together. London based tattooist Eli and Polish-born tattooist Adam Curly share their respective heavy blackwork journeys: “I’ll never be same again after this—tattooing solid black is a very spiritual thing, for me anyway.

The Nullo project is a form of augmentation, the digital dream that has become reality; it’s a bit like having an avatar, but then altering and adorning our real time body to match it, because that too is an avatar as the digital and organic worlds merge.

You never know what you’re gonna get.”, (abridged version published in VICE, 19/03/18) JILF, a self-described nihilist and practicing dominatrix, orchestrates painful and subversive acts with her partners with the aim of eliciting trauma and embracing disgust; her partners regularly refrain, “today, I will suffer for your art.”, “One of the things I love the most is I’ll play with my partner and do things to her that evoke disgust.

(First Published in Skin Deep UK) Why do the media insist on repeatedly asking if tattoos have become uncool or too mainstream? It is a vision where unbridled body modification can render the human form quaint and where fantasies will completely efface corporeal selves. I think night clubs are very focused on music, and the context of galleries is often stale, but since our community and subculture has a wealth of multidisciplinary artists amongst us, it seems only right we should work on these things together. I thought it was suitable as it’s a show about our bodies and how our imagination affects how we see them, and how we treat them.

We reference historical rituals like the crucifixion and that’s where visually we might share visceral similarities to Nitsch; but the context of queer kids doing it in a London nightclub in 2020 while making industrial techno goth has a whole host of different references compared to an old Austrian man doing it in a field in the 1970s, so yes quite different! I’m fortunate with social media that I’ve gained a large and more mainstream audience where I have exposure to people outside of my immediate context. They then come together, consult over the fragmented parts, and proceed to evolve the concept and aesthetic of the final fluid mosaic.

He attempted to show off his lack of genitals on social media, however, Instagram was quick to take down the original post. message Fred …

(Abridged version first Published in The Guardian, 23/11/16) Lying in a satin-lined coffin or wearing a bondage hood may help you face up to your inevitable demise. It was two shops but it was the same. What we find interesting is the way our digital experience impacts our bodies and particularly the way we view and understand them. So I ask three male friends to share their teenage sexual encounters with older men. There have been instances of women within the nullo community, in which a female will have her clitoris removed and her labia stitched up. (Published in Skin Deep UK) Love Shakthi Om, to be launched in the first week of May, will produce limited works of art to be sold with profits donated to charity. Festival of Dying: Is Your 'Death Literacy' Lacking? To go beyond these simple but fundamental sex binaries pushes us into transhuman territory.

In their design project, Nullo (a term describing an individual that voluntarily removes their genitals), Ham and Salvia manufacture a haunting alien aesthetic that encourages nebulous boundaries between physical and digital realities to create and accommodate an updated augmented sexuality.

All profits from the sale of these works went to SafeSteps and WIRE, two Melbourne based organisations dedicated to providing support to women and children experiencing domestic violence. We make and produce work for ourselves and for our immediate subculture / community.

I never understood why writers, artists or musicians put work out that ultimately wasn’t anything new or doesn’t challenge or compete against what else is already out there.

The Forensic Analysis of Tattoos and Ink is a pioneering work detailing the methodology of this process. The title is a lyric from the song Flesh by The Invincible Limit. However, body mods often take their individuality to an entirely different level—investing in extreme surgeries that make them "beyond human." Nullo is a subculture within the extreme body modification community where men with phalluses surgically remove their genitals. I think I’ve taken on a similar DIY aspect, mixed with experimentation and willingness to try different collaborations and styles, and have a reluctance to be pinned down. I think at a time when so much of the world is pushing back to imaginary pastiches of the past—politically, socially, and even artistically, it takes bold people to do the direct opposite of that and challenge expectations and conventions in order to move forward and progress. The New Zealand based artist talks about her psychedelic erotic art, tattoos, and what an orgasm can do for the mind. No Scruples.

I take a look at two moments in tattoo history that help to shed light on this question: the artification and commodification of tattoo.

(VICE online 25/04/17) This is one of the most brutal experiences one can imagine in the field of tattooing, where wills are either broken or solidified. (Published in VICE 12/06/2019) With the brutal chaos of blackwork tattooist, 3Kreuze, and meticulous manipulation of pioneering body modifier, Yann Brenyak, Feris Tergo sessions are designed to explore the murky and macabre space between what unites tattoo, body modification, and BDSM. (First published in Forever More: The New Tattoo) 'Tattooing is my best friend and my worst enemy.

A form of leadership that is self-appointed and not the right fit for me.

Photojournalist Luke Daniels used his friendship with one high-ranking insider to photograph members and their tattoos. @parma.ham and I have been working on a project together, we have named it Nullo after the body modification of removing your genitalia We are presenting a collection of our strap ons and other accessories we have made at Ham’s new night @wraithclub at elektrowerkz on the 18th of October. But, that doesn't mean that the newly nullo body mod won't end up on Reddit and we can truly see how his former package healed.

Henry was a soldier, court-martialled in Burma, so presumably he got some pretty wild tatts during service."

Or has it already been done, but better?”, if the answer is yes, I disregard and move on. Republished in INKED, issue 45) Ahead of VICELAND’s 2017 series, Needles and Pins, Grace talks about her experiences in front of the lens, riding around LA on quad bikes with Venice Bad Boys, and what it’s like to be an ambassador for contemporary tattoo culture.

My own desire is to make things that push the boundaries of my own experience; and I make the assumption that the audience around me might appreciate the same things as me, so I share it.

parma.ham [ANNOUNCEMENT] I’m super excited to show everyone Nullo ( @nulloes ) which I have been working on with @salvjiia . The groundwork and desire to do this has always been around.

Purchase discounted copies of Forever More here.

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