But, if you keep the goats in a pen or small space, they will require ramps, stumps, and other climbing structures and tunnels to entertain themselves. Your email address will not be published. fence. Simply because Nigerian dwarf goats are easy keepers on a small homestead, that does not mean homesteaders on large acreage could not benefit from these miniature goats as well. The United States Department of Agriculture has classified the Nigerian dwarf goat as a certified livestock dairy goat breed. Some goats are genetically predisposed to hoof rot. Their small faces can fit through gaps easily and then their horns prevent them from pulling their heads back out. Fast Growing Shade Trees For Your Homestead, How To Harvest And Transplant Wild Asparagus, Homestead Stories: The Day I Butchered My First Duck. If you want a polled herd, choose polled breeding animals. They have run up my fence and over or on an angle across to get over the 4-foot stock fence. Nigerian dwarf goats are becoming increasingly popular with small farmers. Most goat breeds come into heat during fall and winter months, when the days are shorter. Dwarf bucks can be fertile very soon, sometimes as early as 7 weeks. Horned animals can have either kids that are horned or polled. The breed herd book was established in the 1980s. You can purchase unregistered pet quality goats for as little as $50. Required fields are marked *. The small, dwarf goats were used mainly as exhibition animals and were later used to develop the Pygmy goat breed and the Nigerian dwarf … Only have five all nigerian dwarfs. The DE sticks to the bugs or worms and dries them out and kills them externally or has the same deadly inpact if they are ingested but parasites and insect pests like flies. A small stature or “mini goat” of this type can even be kept on a suburban homestead, using a dog box as a shelter and the fenced in backyard as its home. The American Livestock Breeds Conservancy has designated Nigerian dwarf goats to be rare. Over time, breeders leaned towards a more refined dairy appearance. her homesteading skills are unmatched, she raises chickens, goats, horses, a wide variety of vegetables, not to mention she’s an expert is all sorts of homesteading skills such as hide tanning, doll making, tree tapping and many, many more. And when I finally did move to those Ozark hills, it wasn’t long before two beautiful little Nigerian Dwarf goats were housed in our barn. You’re probably familiar with pygmy goats, which are another small-sized goat. It can be used to make cheese, butter and soap. Do any of you have your own Nigerian Dwarf goats? Caring for Nigerian Dwarf goats can easily become a part of your daily routine, but it will take a little getting used to at the outset. A single kid will usually weigh more than multiple kids. Copyright ©2020, Farminence. The more kids the doe has, the less they will weigh on average. The prices noted below are the average for my Appalachian region where Nigerian dwarf and pygmy goats, and crosses are common. Whether your goats are given the four-hooved version of the Taj Mahal or more rustic housing, there are certain things that should always be in place. Keeping baking soda as a constant free choice snack in a goat feeder may also help prevent and treat bloat. • Thanks @stumpygoats for the invite! Some of the reviews on this site may be compensated by the companies whose products were reviewed. Unlike sheep, goats don’t like being in the wind and the rain and can suffer if left in the elements unprotected. Nigerian dwarf goats produce up to a half gallon of milk per day and are easy to handle. Cull animals usually have something wrong with them. In contrast to the 2% to 6% content of other breeds, these generous little does produce insanely creamy milk with a 6% to 10% butterfat content. However, they can breed year-round where many other breeds are short-day, seasonal breeders. 4. Goat yoga has even become a thing in recent years as it is the Nigerian dwarf and Pygmy breed of goat kids that are most often used in the classes. Goats that don’t have access to dry shelter are more susceptible to developing hoof rot. They are often found eating the leaves off of small shrubby plants. In fact, goats can be quite picky when it comes to what they will eat. Even the youngest of 4-H club members are typically able to raise, control, and show these goats. If you don’t want to use hand breeding, you can put does and bucks in the same pen. Due to their small stature, easy to control demeanor, and kind nature, Nigerian dwarf goats are common sights at county fairs around the United States. You can always supplement with bottle feedings if you need to, but you may be surprised at your doe’s ability to feed all of those hungry mouths. When this mini goat breed is properly fed, houses, and wormed, they will not only be far more unlikely to contract a potentially severe disease but produce healthier kids, as well. The best type of fencing to put Nigerian dwarf goats behind is V-mesh fencing. Nigerian Dwarf Goat Cost. Most does are content to eat feed while you milk them. Goats get many of the minerals that their bodies need from the soil. You may have heard that goats will eat anything. While the price varies by geographic area, it typically costs between $10 to $25 for a farrier to trim all of a single goat’s hooves. Read on to see what it takes to care for and enjoy these sprightly and personable little creatures. Goats can be co-grazed with sheep, cattle or horses. Ideally, the hay should be off of the ground, held in an accessible feeder. Waterers should also be either enclosed or hung on a board or gate – or both. They are also much more likely to get their heads caught in field fencing if they are horned. First off, you should always plan on having more than one goat. Hoof rot can be treated easily, but a bad case takes a long time to heal. Goats often need help when kidding (delivering), but Nigerian goats tend to have less issues than others and often complete the process entirely on their own. Make sure that you purchase goat mineral blends, not minerals for general livestock use. Being in a state such as this all different types debris can enter the teats and allow potentially deadly bacteria to grow. Nigerian dwarf goats have coats that come in a variety of colors, although black or brown hair tends to be the most common. . © 2020 New Life On A Homestead | Homesteading Blog, Nigerian Goat Advantages and Disadvantages, 200+ Ingenious Uses for Paper Clips in and Around the Homestead. A poor quality, sickly, or deformed kid can also result when a nanny is bred too often or a doeling is bred at too young of an age. Looking for a buck now. Careful preparation and thoughtful infrastructure will ensure that both you and your new goats will have a smooth transition and a happy, healthy life together. Want more information about how to raise goats? I always keep at least one bottle of livestock penicillan in my refrigerator to treat emergency situations – like a predator attack. If so, how have his kids turned out? My handsome babies goofing around ❤️ . Remember, they produce large amounts of milk for their little bodies, and usually produce enough to nurse multiple kids. insanely creamy milk with a 6% to 10% butterfat content, DAVID GOEHRING / FLICKR (CREATIVE COMMONS), thick, fuzzy coat that can protect them sufficiently from the cold, 17 Effective DIY Dishwasher Detergent Recipes, Personal Happiness and the Economy: A Sustainability Link, Marking The Way Naturally – Rustic Garden Edging, Learning By Doing: 3 Sharing Sites That Offer Unforgettable Experiences, 5 Things You Absolutely Need To Know About GMOs, Meet the 9-Year-Old With a Thriving Mushroom Business [Video], LEGO Upcycling Ideas: What to Do with those Extra LEGO Bricks, Celebrity Endorsements Sling Unhealthy Food to Consumers, Broken Coffee Mug Planter (and How to Propagate Rosemary).

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