He almost never gets a grade above C-. During the Wizard of Oz play, Rodrick is seen trying to tape Greg singing, making Greg nervous. Share Share Tweet Email. He attends Crossland High School. Some of my fondest memories were making those memories. In The Long Haul, he has pasty skin, with brown eyes and a black bob cut. 71 likes. Unlike the book, Rodrick was forced to let Greg out of the basement after locking him because their mom called and wanted to talk to Greg. Most notably acting as the secondary antagonist in the first book/film and both the main antagonist and deuteragonist of the second. It is safe to assume that he has been unemployed and living with his parents ever since he graduated high school. Rodrick did terribly back in elementary and middle school. "It's time [for me] to let go and know there's a new man in town. According to Greg, they are horrible. When Rodrick finds out Greg has been going to a country club behind their parents' back, Rodrick threatens to tell Mr. and Mrs. Heffley unless Greg gets him in the country club. I would not mind waking up to this every morning! New 'Diary of a Wimpy Kid' Cast: New Rodrick Heffley Casting Upsets Fans. The first lie he told Greg was that if your bellybutton got untied, your butt would fall off. Its lead singer is a man whom Rodrick's parents are afraid he will become like: Bill Walter, a 35-year-old high school drop out who is unemployed and still lives with his parents. In the online book, Rodrick gets into a big fight with his dad in seventh grade, so he had to do a history paper himself. He used to be a trouble maker in school and was greatly disliked by some of the teachers there one known person being Mr. Huff. The old rodrick on the left, the new Rodrick on the top right, and Lord Farquaad on the bottom right. | (Photo: YouTube/20th Century FOX) There is a new "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" movie titled "The Long Haul" and it basically recasts the Heffley family as it ushers in a new … Its lead singer is a man whom Rodrick's parents are afraid he will become like: Bill Walter, a 35-year-old high school drop out who is unemployed and still lives with hi… You can help by rewriting and cleaning up a page! A summer later, Rodrick and his friends were going camping overnight looking for concert tickets during that time they meet Bill Walter Rodrick became friends with him and looked up to him because in high school he was voted "Most Likely To Be A Rock Star". You can't call if you're dead.”. They are forced to stay with their grandpa, and after Greg writes in his diary of encountering Holly after she gives positive feelings for him on how to deal with an annoying sibling, Rodrick reads it out loud when Greg was sleeping in the morning. Rodrick clearly isn't the smartest of his family, since he hardly makes an effort at school and constantly asks his parents to do his work for him. Rodrick shows up and threatens to literally kill Greg and chases him into his room. When he first meets Heather, it appears that she is worse then he is. Later Greg and Rowley go into Rodrick's room and find a magazine. SabotageAbuseDriving with expired regestrationDisturbance of peaceTrespassingFraud. Rodrick is the oldest of the Heffley brothers. 0. Greg believes Rodrick is lazy and unintelligent in all other areas, though there are clues that show otherwise. Jul 9, 2020 - aka the love of my life. The Diary of a Wimpy Kid movies are classic films. Rodrick is extremely lazy when it comes to school. He also thinks you can get bacon from pigs the same way eggs come from chickens. Rodrick manages to do so and decides to give him back the tape with Greg running around the retirement center in his underwear. Made up Characters Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. I'm in a band, Loded Diper. 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The first lie he told Greg was that if your belly button got untied, your butt would fall off. The only reason Rodrick is doing slightly better at high school is that he cheats by having his dad do all the work for him, but in Hard Luck, it is said his first quarter didn't go well, meaning that his father might have stopped helping him. Although Bostick seems to be happy about his successor in "Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul," a lot of fans were disappointed about the change, demanding that it affected the franchise as a whole and that it betrayed their childhood. Greg believes that Rodrick is lazy and unintelligent in all other areas, though there are clues that show otherwise.

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