1: 96-99. Naturkde.

The environment we have provided to it will have certain chemical-physical characteristics that must be kept as constant as possible. The studbook of Neurergus crocatus currently contains less than 30 *, KÖHLER, G. (1997): Fünf Jahre Alfred-A.-Schmidt-Preis für herausragende in the vicinity of Aqra in Iraq. After about 5 months you will see the dark colors on their body turn black. With the more grown larvae they can be used, but always sparingly. The range of the species therefore lies in a politically unstable zone. At that point I would be delighted to be able to start keeping some Anura amphibians.”. Sci. that lay their eggs on the ground. slightly bloodshot spots on the undersides of the feet. [link], Najafi-Majd, E, Kaya, U. If they have not been prepared previously, rocks, plants and/or pieces of floating cork or other suitable devices to create emerged areas must be distributed throughout the breeding tank, simultaneously with a lowering of the water level to about 2-3cm and the provision of a suitable cover.

The hibernation phase involves keeping the animals at temperatures, if possible, constantly below 5°C, or in any case always below 10°C for a period of at least 1-2 months.

Sexual maturity is generally reached at an age of 4 years, but sometimes it is made possible even at an age of only 2 years and in any case at an average minimum length of 12cm. A low UVB lighting should be provided but no basking area is required as they prefer lower temperatures. If all goes well within 10-28 days, the first larvae will begin to emerge from the eggs. Care of larvae: Unlike many other species, the larvae of Neurergus crocatus usually come out of the egg with the front legs already perfectly formed and the yolk sack largely reabsorbed. Thus the land-dwelling stage is missing or drastically abbreviated. Once the metamorphosis is complete, the juveniles will present themselves as miniature versions of the adults. Some species such as Pachytriton sp. Be careful though, some species, especially of colder microclimates (high mountains or high latitude), will not be able to complete the development with excessive temperatures, for example if the water reaches (and exceeds) about 19°C. During this time the newts don’t eat. The infections have not been known to spread to other salamanders. Depending on the species, these can be deposited in the most disparate places: on trunks, stones, glass, substrate, aquatic plants (here they can also be packed in the leaves), even in very humid places but above the surface of the water. It is usually too late to initiate treatment for the remaining animals. and Artemia sp. He is currently pursuing a degree in Medicine and Surgery at the University of Florence. Fac. [340-347]. In other cases, especially for earlier hatching, nutrition may begin after the classic 1-10 days, upon completion of organogenesis and complete reabsorption of the yolk sac. quarters, but one must consider that the animals need to move around remarkably

marked in [ ].

Anz., Ser., Chicago, 24 (7): 49-92. The Yellow Spotted or Lake Urmia Newt can be found in montane areas in the middle east. The animals will

Accessed 3 Nov 2020. It can take about 5 years for a newt to reach sexual maturity, so breeders can have a pretty long wait.

This willingness

The hatching of the egg always involves a change of environment for the unborn larva since the larvae suddenly goes from being in a relatively protected environment to much different conditions. At this point what you have to do is to periodically check the eggs, quickly removing those that gradually become moldy to prevent hyphae from spreading even to healthy ones. Hist., London, (10) 18: 257 - 281. Terrar.- Z., Stuttgart,14: 225, 246-248. [279]. Neurergus crocatus, N. derjugini (formerly N. microspilotus), and N. strauchii are all similar looking species with bright yellow spots occurring on a grey-black ground color. Given the size of the juveniles, in fact, dehydration occurs much faster than for an adult animal, with a consequent increase in the danger of death. At this point we will start thinking about a modification of the setup in anticipation of the subsequent phase of completion of the metamorphosis. In for the newts.

The mating and subsequent UVB for these newts is a highly debated topic, and does not as of yet have any concrete evidence for or against. Neurergus newts require a humidity range of 70-100%. Half the vivarium should be water and half should be land, so the newt can choose which to utilize at it’s will.

After this phase, approximately mid-October, temperatures permitting, the animals should be placed outdoors in a place sheltered from the sun and bad weather for about 1 month/a month and a half. http://www.ag-urodela.de/molchregister_neurergus_crocatus/neurergus%20crocatus.htm. Other passions include Photography, Fishing, Herping, Trekking and Hiking more generally. 2020. *, MERTENS, R. (1952): Amphibien und Reptilien aus der Türkei.- Rev. the Zagros mountains of Iran up to Urmia Lake. VILLWOCK, F. (1961): Notizen über Neurergus crocatus Cope 1862.- Aquar.- Kl., 111: 1057-1121. animals to be poisonous and will kill them on sight. Steinfartz, S. (1995): Zur Fortpfl anzungsbiologie von Neurergus crocatus und Neurergus strauchii barani. Andrea Aiello, born in Florence in 1988, immediately gained a deep interest and fascination for nature and scientific-medical subjects. Their ventral side, including underside of legs and tails, is uniformly orange, reddish-orange in males and more yellowish-orange in females. Water temperature doesn’t require any additional heating; this should stay between 12-16C (53.6-61F). // end hiding --->

[link], Dubois, A., Raffaelli, J. It is best to feed them without excess every 7-14 days, depending on the temperatures.

Acad. 2002). *, SCHMIDTLER, J. F. (1994): Eine Übersicht neuerer Untersuchungen und

In the winter, on the other hand, there are large amounts of snow [91-99]. HERRMANN, H. J. climatic conditions, it can be inferred that any water body once lost for the captivity. *. One imagines, Alternatively, they have also been found in pools fed by these streams and creeks. In this case, care should be taken to ensure the terrarium is not too humidity, while also ensuring adequate ventilation, possibly by arranging at least two large air intakes on two different levels. Although these newts are quite resistant to drying, it is (RADSPIELER, 1990). Anyone else, on the other hand, will have to adopt other systems, such as a refrigerator. [link], Schneider, C. Schneider, W. (2010). Crocatus thrive at temperatures near 22°C (71°F) but can survive a range of 18°C-25°C (65°F-70°F). *, THORN, R. & J. RAFFAELLI (2001): Les Salamandres de l´ancien Generally the “good” eggs, the fertile ones, have in the very beginning a half white and half black coloring, while the infertile eggs quickly become opaque and white. Vermehrung von Terrarientieren.- *, BODENHEIMER, F. S. (1944): Introduction into the knowledge of the

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